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HW2 Mission 15

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    HW2 Mission 15

    M15 - Return to Hiigara

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    This mission was kind of easy if you deploy your forces correctly. First you'll want to be maxed out on fighters and bombers(gunships and pulsar gunships too if possible) preferably before you start this mission. Divide your fighters, bombers and corvettes into three equal groups and control group them so that you can access them quickly. Place Sajuuk in a control group for the same reason.

    There is an asteriod/debris field in front of your fleet. Take your three strike groups and place one on the far left end of the debris field, one in the middle and one at the far right.

    Have Sajuuk move forward towards the main battle and put it on aggressive. Sajuuk can take care of itself and will crush most resistance.

    You'll get a warning of multiple hyperspace signatures and the three planet killers arrive. Immediately hyperspace Sajuuk to either the left or right planet killer and attack it. Ignore Sajuuk until the planet killer is dead and concentrate on using the strike groups to destroy the planet killer missiles. You have to destroy the missiles before they reach the debris field.

    Once the first planet killer dies, hyperspace Sajuuk to the middle planet killer and attack. Concentrate again on shooting down missiles with your strike groups. Repeat with the last planet killer and you win.

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    It works better for me to do this: as soon as you've been told where the Vaygr forces to be defeated are, hyperspace the Sajuuk to the left or right one and destroy the shipyard you'll find there. It'll be virtually undefended, or at least have nothing that'll give you any problems. You should be done before the planetkillers arrive.

    Hyperspace the Sajuuk toward the fleet in the center. Because of the first move, the Sajuuk will now be in an ideal position-- to the side, while the battlecruisers are all pointing forward. Crush them. The planetkillers should arrive around this time, so scramble your interceptors, bombers, and corvettes to intercepting positions.

    Leave the middle planetkiller for last, because the missiles from that one have the longest distance to go, and as planetkillers die, the remaining planetkillers will start spamming more and more missiles.

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    This is a mission that dosn't require any sort of 'holding back', since you really don't have much to lose. Max out on gunships and interceptors, and keep them near Sajuuk. You can send your remaining fleet to target any strike-craft capable production facilites, or you can have them duke it out with some nearby Battlecruisers. The only thing that matters here is your interceptors/gunships and Sajuuk.

    Basically your sitting it out, waiting for the PlanetKillers to arive. Once they do, map the optimal course from each planet killer to the 'deadzone' (a pile of astroids and debris where command warns you the missiles cannot get past), and put your gunships (split them up evenly) right in-between that path. Send your interceptors between your gunships and the deadzone to intercept any missiles that get away.

    Now jump Sajuuk right beside the nearest planetkiller (keep the center one till last), and give it a friendly blast from your main cannon). Once its destroyed and the missiles are mopped up, reprioritize your gunships and interceptors to join your other squadrons and jump Sajuuk to the next target.

    Remember that its ok to kill as many Hiigarians as you want, just as long as a handful are still alive.
    As an extra note, don't bother chasing missiles past the deadzone, it is futile.

    edit: spelling is teh supar!
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    LOL ok...what the hell did I do wrong. When the last mission started I had the gatekeeper, sajuuk, and a resource collector. That's it. It tells me to build interceptors? With What?? LOL.

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    Originally posted by slain
    LOL ok...what the hell did I do wrong. When the last mission started I had the gatekeeper, sajuuk, and a resource collector. That's it. It tells me to build interceptors? With What?? LOL.
    lol, that's messed up. You atleast need a carrier...looks like you'll have to do atleast part of Mission 14 again.

    This was really easy
    I hypered Sajuuk off to the far left Vaygr position and killed the Shipyard
    All you need to build is 14 Interceptors
    Places them in 3 groups (of 5, 5, and 4)
    Send first group off to the left
    Send second group off to the right
    When Platforms come, attack left one with Sajuuk (won't be far from where you hypered her)
    Use interceptors to take out the missiles
    Move left inceptors to help with middle
    Then hyper Sajuuk to the right Platform and kill it
    Then hyper Sajuuk to the middle Platform and kill it

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    I *believe* Sajuuk is invulnerable, he at least appears to be [I let bombers attack him for some time and the health bar didnt go down at all]. This said, use him liberally.

    AT the start of the mission destroy the right shipyard. Sajuuks Pulsars alone seem to have the firepower of a Heavy Ion Cannon so the first will die quick. Once done hyperspace to the left shipyard and start blasting it. The left planet killer hyperspaces right on top of that spot so you'll be right where you need to be to engage that.

    Here you'll need other ships... ANY other ships, battlecruisers will even do, and you need them in a direct line between the asteroid belt and the planet killers. Ignore other ships, they wont kill you fast enough to make a difference.

    Then simply have sajuuk blast the planet killers while your fleet takes out the atmosphere deprivation devices. I find it takes about 5 minutes to kill each planet killer, so 15 minutes later Hiigara will be saved [despite the fact that there is still a massive Vagyr Fleet there, they seem to realise Sajuuk is invulnerable]

    The key is killing the planetary bombardment missiles. If the enemy fleet DOES start giving you too much trouble, just have Sajuuk deal with them while knocking off missiles... you can in theory knock out the missiles for all eternity so there's no rush.

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    Sajuk can hyperspace? Bugger, I've just done this the Hard way!

    And Sajuk isnt invunrible. I wandered it on move orders into the battlecruisers and their trinity cannon started riping it up. Was half way to dead before I noticed. I recon they would have killed it if I hadn't lost the mission to to losing Higara..

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    Ion plats ROCK at taking out atmosphereic missiles. Build and place them in-line with your carriers' plane (or just slightly below) over the debris field where the missiles will go. You won't have to worry about any getting thru.

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    Dawn Falcon
    I used a destroyer with 2 pulsar gunships escorts on each side. Made mincemeat of the Vagur fighters two tried to attack em, and made sure I got all the missiles when they started.

    I didn't jump Saajuk because I wanted to keep my other heavy ships arround it. I engaged the Vaygr fleet with my other bombers and gunships, rebuilding to keep em very busy.

    Took out one platform, the got Saajuk to pound some enemy BC's. After that, I got the other platforms without too much trouble.

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    Easier method to kill missiles. Use the movers. U will need the following.

    Other Ships can hyperspace as well if you capture one of the Vagyr BC with hyperspace module in Mission 13. Those BCs guarding the Gate all have hyperspace module, they are hyperspacing around to hint you to capture them.

    In mission 14, you will need to build 6 movers, build them before mothership is destroyed.

    Mission 15, move your movers to your vagyr BC, hyperspace movers to missile path. Set mode to aggressive. It takes one shot from the movers to down on missiles. This should prevent any missiles from escape. If you can set a patrol route, it will be better.

    With this, you will have freedom for all your other ships to destroy the vagyr fleet.

    Bombers and Cov against the centre task forces. They last surprising long.(No assult frig)
    Hyperspaces Destoryers against the two carriers. Attack and destory carriers then run away from BCs.
    Hyperspaces Frig to left shipyard,
    Hyperspaces Saajuk to right shipyard
    Hyperspaces one BC against the left two destroyers

    The rest of the fleet is up to you.

    In fact, you can ignore all those Vaygr fleet.
    All you need is 6 bombers and saajuk.

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    Other than mission one, this one was the easiest of the entire game. 3 of any strike craft, and 1 sajuuk = you win.

    I of course used more than three but even if I hadn't it would have been a cake walk.

    First thing. Disregard the battle with the Vaygr. I send in my capital ships just to distract them really, but my main focus was on sajuuk and my strike craft. You can use whatever you want, interceptors, bombers, vettes, movers, whatever. It all works well. Break them into three groups and put them between debris field and where the Vaygr "mission circles" are, a little bit above the plane. Once you've done that, just hyper in Sajuuk to the "circles" which are shipyards, and watch Sajuuk annhilate them. The right and left planet killers convienently hyper in right where the shipyards where, and since you already have strike craft there to take out the missles, not a single one will get through. My strike craft were so effective at missle destruction that they ended up working their way right back to the planet killer and smashed each missle as it came out. From there it's just hyper sajuuk to each one, finish it off, on to the next one. I did left, right, center. You could do them in any order though, as the missles are so easy to stop.

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    Use interceptors to get the planetkiller missles. Remember to put them on Agressive tactics or they just let the missles go past them (doh!) or micromanage them constantly. These interceptor groups should be 3-4 interceptor squadrons. The only opposition they will face will come from a few Vagyr strike craft.

    Set a group of gunships to guard the Sajuuk and set some resourcers to repair it. Some people have said that Sajuuk is invincible but i found that Vagyr BCs can strip health from it. Any other ships (destroyer, frigates) that come near Sajuuk will be toast in no time. Any strike craft can be dealt with by the Gunships.

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    aaaaah...he can hyperspace? and here i was fighting an hours long battel only to have my last fighters chewed up and them killin higaar seconds before the third plat went down.

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    Also, I have found a glitch in Mission 15 where your Sajuuk is not able to harm the Planet Killers. If that happens try restarting the level. There is also a good glitch where the planet killers do not fire.

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    Hot Soup
    I must admit being disapointed at this level... it's pretty darned simple. All of the above is correct all you need to do is have some ships handy to intercept missiles from al 3 platforms and hyper sajuuk around the place destroying them ... game over :/

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    if you are quick you can take out the 2 shipyards with sajuuk before the planetkillers even arrive...its so nice to see the cutscene of the planetkiller setting up with sajuuk already waiting in the background :howdy:

    strangely the enemy fleet never rushes me if I dont move any of my big ships, so I just leave them be.

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    Candy Andy
    :jaw: Holy **** I thought this mission would actually be HARD
    Why doesn't any1 change it so each plan. kil. is guarded by oh mayb 4 bc's
    and there's some hiigaraan defence fleet base or something and if it's destroyed you lose
    Sajuuk 's too powerful!!!!!
    it would be cool if his atk was degraded but he launched keepers

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    I dont' know...

    It would have been A LOT cooler had their been some co-op action between Hiigaran defense forces and your fleet.

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    Candy Andy
    yah if like some cowards retreated and their engines got blasted away or somethin

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    Hot Soup
    I even tried repairing one of the downed battlecruisers and it just sat there at full health ;(

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    Candy Andy
    I repaired both but they didn't even atack when they were attacked by bombies
    ah wut the ****

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    Ok, I'm lost. I'm jumping Sajuuk out to the shipyards (which die VERY quickly) and yet it cannot fire on the planet-killers. I've played the level through seven times now, and not once did the 'main cannon' fire. It fired with the smaller guns that didn't do any damage, but it never fired the main gun. Ever.


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    did you tell him specifically to attack the planetkillers? (setting him on F4 is not enough I think). Also check if you aren't too close to the planetkillers. I have had the effect that the main cannon would not fire in that instance.

    Other than that. try restaring the level from the main menu (I remember there was a report on some bug that kept reappearing in one of the missions if you just dropped back to the mission selection menu and reloaded it)

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    Yah, when I first saw this mission I thought I should repair the Hiigaran BCs, so I sent my BCs and the Sajuuk and the Dreadnaught to cover the closest one, destroyed all the enemy BCs easy enough (I reckon the Hiigaran BCs are quite a bit superior to the Vaygr ones given their turreted beams) However, I left my carrier and shipyard behind with no fighter squadrons, just corvettes. They weren't fast enough to get the first missile
    Then I realised the Hiigrana Navy BC was repaired and doing absolutely nothing!

    That is what I got for taking the quick and obvious initiative!

    Russki Bear

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    You can't even order the BC to move using the bug. However I noticed they fired their pulsar turret point defense when I was battling some strikecraft near the middle one.

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    You should note that Sajuuk's big gun has a very long range. For instance, there's a spot that you can hyper to from which Sajuuk can hit two of the PKs and the blockade fleet BCs. I took out two SY's, all three PKs and all of the blockade BCs with only two hyper jumps and no moving.

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    has anyone tried to harvst the level before completing it? there seem to be a shitload of resources distributed around this level (not counting the debris of the attacking vag fleet after a little visit from sajuuk )

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    if you feel like harvesting the level prepare to bring some time. there is stuff in excess of 250000 RUs worth. When you do this leave the middle planetkiller for last. The other two block certain asteroids from being harvested (their legs are so close to asteroids that harvesters get stuck to them trying to get there or back)

    if you do not want to mess about with micro then park some gun platforms above the planetkiller. about 6 should be enough to kill everything it has to offer

    you can finish the missions with more than half a million RU's worth :wow:
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    Just one note, Sajuuk is not invincible, he died the first time I tried this mission. Used him as a meat shield against the enemy BC's. They seemed to chew him up pretty quickly.

    BTW -totally offtopic but i thought on mission 14 when Karan S'jet says 'The Mothership is standing down' and the MS powered down, with the door blowing off, it was really sad.

    I seem to have grown to be quite attached to my MS. Hmmm....


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    Originally posted by rocksk

    Bombers and Cov against the centre task forces. They last surprising long.(No assult frig)
    Hyperspaces Destoryers against the two carriers. Attack and destory carriers then run away from BCs.
    Hyperspaces Frig to left shipyard,
    Hyperspaces Saajuk to right shipyard
    Hyperspaces one BC against the left two destroyers
    How are you hyperspacing all that stuff? I can only hyperspace the Sajuuk.

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    omfg mission 15 was the easiest, too freaking easy, just dock sajuuk full of corvys any some interceptors, and voila! hyperspace to the planet killers!

    but remember to rush your friggys and bcs to help the hiig defence fleet!disable the vaygr bcs missiles.

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    Very easy mission,comparing last 3.

    Before this stage,you MUST (recommended) build 14 Interceptors before destroying Makkan in mission 14.Forget Bombers.

    Gunships,Movers and Pulsars may also help.

    At first,build tons of Ion Plafforms,together with all your ships,push them to the map's center and clash with Vaygr fleet.

    Hyper Sajuuk to far left,with ping's place.There's a Vaygr Shipyard,toast it with Sajuuk.

    Place 14 Interceptors and Gunships(any type) into 2 groups and put them at 090 and 270 bearing.(Note:I divided them into 2 groups,each with 7 Ints and 6 Gunships.I placed group 1 at left,and group 2 at right,for convinence)

    Soon Planet Killas will jump in.Use Sajuuk to waste the left one(because it is nearer to Sajuuk than other 2.If not,Hyper Sajuuk beside it).

    Keep pumping lost ships and Plafforms from Carriers and Shipyard.


    After left PK was gone,hyper Sajuuk to the right one.

    If missiles fly out of PK,use Ints,Gunships and Ships to waste them.(When left PK was gone,place group 1 to centre)

    After wasting right PK,send group 2 to centre,and gather all suriving ships,because centre PK will shoot a lot of missiles!

    Hyper Sajuuk to centre PK and waste it.

    KA-Boom it go,you win.
    Arise, my Iron Legionnaires!!
    Only argue with me about 40K gaming after reading this, about Tau after this, this and this, and about Space Marines after that.Remember!

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    With a little thinking, and one mission restart...EASY.
    Where are the difficulty settings buttons???
    I wanna play the missions again, this time on a higher difficulty level...PLZE??

    Well, I´ll throw in the PDS mod and restart all over again..

    Kaboom. GameOver. Next.... Ground Control 2 Coming up!!!

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    Too super easy. Sajuuk can take out most of everything above the strike craft by itself. And once most of the forward enemy cap ships have been toasted, move a DD up and in-line with each line of incoming missiles, set them on Aggressive, and you can now take your time cleaning up the rest of the map then destroying the planet killers.
    I also tried harvesting everything possible both during and before finishing off the mission, and ended up with almost 500,000 RUs. :bandit:

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOMEAgain!
    With a little thinking, and one mission restart...EASY.
    Where are the difficulty settings buttons???
    I wanna play the missions again, this time on a higher difficulty level...PLZE??
    This game has a dynamic difficulty setting. If you come into a mission with a big fleet, the opponent will be even bigger.

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    Funny everyone here says that this mission is super easy and that the previous 2 were really hard, for me I find its the complete opposite. Missions 13 and 14 were a cakewalk for me. Got them both from the first shot. I guess my main problem is when I enter this mission I have no Interceptors and no platforms researched . So I guess I'll try it a few times and hopefully get it. Although I'm sure it won't come close to being as hard as frigging
    mission 12 :wow: I mustave done that one like 5 times and on my 6th shot it took me 2 hours to complete it.

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    On recent replay, very, very easy; the challenge is to crack the 500k resource barrier at end-game.

    Use the two hyper BCs you snatched in M13 to send a group with some torps, flaks and a carrier to each of the shipyard locations, kill everything, and put 6 ion plats a little way in front of the planet killers, not close enough for them to target it, but able to kill any bombs. Jump Sajuuk forward to kill all the BCs in front. Everything else can guard Sajuuk and eventually move forward towards the center planet killer. As antialias says, kill the left and right killers with sajuuk first, then the center one after a fews hours of harvesting.

    I've gotten to 497500 resources, but haven't crossed 500k, sigh.


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    my sajuk didn't fire main weapons
    ....and was killed by the vagyr bcs

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    He doesn't. He uses his main cannon only against the planet killers (though the 'lance beams' it has are quite powerfull, jump him next to a shipyard and he will make short work of it in seconds)

    But wading him unprotected into battle against a group of vaygr BCs is definitely not a good idea. He may be able to regenerate at a good clip, but not enough to turn away multiple trinity shots.

    I've gotten to 497500 resources, but haven't crossed 500k, sigh.
    just replayed the SP for kicks last to 550000 :bandit: (could have gotten more if I hadn't wanted a fully maxxed out fleet in the end)

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    Ok, My toughts on Misstion 15.

    if you do not know how to do this misstion it is a hell hole of dispair. However when you know the right stratagy it is not immpossable just mearly so.

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    you need a strategy for this? How can this mission be made difficult? It is by far the easiest of all the missions.

    either you just hyperjump sajuuk all over the place to kill the sipyards and platforms one-two-three (takes about 5 minutes and follow intels advice about building interceptors - or you wade through the vaygr fleet with everything you have.

    for the first variant you don't even need interceptors. any other craft will do (even platforms or mobile refineries)

    neither approach requires any skill or strategy. the only 'dumb' strategy is lumbering sajuuk through to his target without any escort.

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    A. Val'Navat
    I'll tell you what I did to save Hiigara w/out losing a fraction of her pop.

    If you know where those T-Mat Starfishes are going to be placed, then place plats in front of those areas(the debris fields.). The left side is the easiest to defend; there are 2 allied destroyers standing there. Therefore you can kill the Vaygr Blockade and those damned Planet Annihilators w/o much problems.

    Go for the Planetkiller in the middle and no one on the face of Hiigara will die a fire-mounted death. Follow my strategy and you'll find out why.

    And I'm Pinoy.

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    I used 6 Gun platforms at each of the locations, being made from one of my 4 carriers (platform module) and my shipyard, spread them evenly abit a fighter squadron apart and set them on aggressive tactics, they shoot them all down as they come past without a problem....then use ur fleet to wipe out all the enemy craft, sajuuk i used to hyper to each of the 3 "Rally" points, killing the ship yards and carriers, then the Planet killers themselves.

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    Oh reallly??? Do tell us of this "glitch" Planet killers have "safties, eh"??

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    DAMN AND DAMN! LIke many i never realised about hyperspace... [sigh]

    But, after stumbling my though for a an hour only 2 missiles got thru while I was badly unprepared and in all the wrong spots. But I passed and now I feel a great loss as now there are no more missions! :*(

    [Sigh] I feel a great void. Might have to replay some of the badder missions again for the scenery!



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    Now theres a whole player vs cpu world waiting for you which is the real thing (SP mission is just the training lessons for this).

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    anyone just let them destroy hiigara?just watch when a missile hitsits awesome.i felt alot better once i got to destroy a planet
    "You just can't help but notice the irony when someone says "Get a life" in a online message board."

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    That tips are reely help for me, thanks.

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    anyone just let them destroy hiigara?just watch when a missile hitsits awesome.i felt alot better once i got to destroy a planet

    I was curious to see what happens when everyone dies. Don't you think that the increments of death are a though? First you have 100 million, and that drops to 87 or something, until finally you have 5999 or something?

    Here's my strategy though. Personally, I pay VERY LITTLE ATTENTION to the central Vaygr Blockade fleet. All I really do is send my main battle fleet to the center of the map and tell it to bandbox attack. Very little micromanagement is needed, and this keeps the Vaygr occupied. Now, in the mean time I split up my interceptor wing into 3 subgroups of about 3-4 squadrons each. I tell these subgroups to loiter around the left, center, and right parts of the map in reference to the starting position. When the T-Mat Planetkillers arrive, I hyperspace Sajuuk about 10 kilometers away from any planetkiller, no preferences. Start firing away. Now you have to be vigilent when those missiles start coming your way, and you might even want your inties to attack the missiles as soon as they come out of the Planetkiller. Jump Sajuuk when needed, and it'll soon be over. Enjoy the ending cinematic.

    A fun mission, overall.
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