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HW2 Mission 8

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    HW2 Mission 8

    M08 - Dreadnaught Berth

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    If you had listened to my advice on level 7, you will have 2-3 Fire Control Towers. This is VERY useful.

    Command suggests you send a scout to investigate the largest piece of debri where the Dreadnought is located. Ignore that advice. Instead, you should move your Mothership toward the hulk along with your entire fleet.

    Do not bother resourcing, you shouldn't need to after last mission, not to mention the fact that the pickings are rather slim in these parts.

    Put all of your frigates and Destroyers in one group and select a group for them before putting them in a Strikeforce formation. I suggest a frigate line, but to be honest it doesn't matter. Move your carriers up (maybe set them to guard one of the Destroyers). You'll want to have 2 Defense Field frigates, though to be honest I didn't need it. Also, you'll want at least 8 Torpedo frigates, if not more.

    Don't bother with Platforms.

    When you get close enough to the Dreadnought, the Keeper awakens. It knows what you are here for. And it's going to do its best to destroy you. Unfortunately, it has the capability to do just that. You see... while you can damage that puppy, you can't destroy it. Once it goes below 50% health, it warps away.

    You'll also want lots of Pulsar corvettes. The Keeper launches drones that are vulnerable to corvette-destroying weapons. These drones are nasty, look a bit like the Kadeshi drones to be honest... which makes me wonder if the Kadeshi may have gotten some of their technology from a Progenitor wreck. Well, except for the fact that Swarmers run out of gas quickly.

    Keep your Frigate/Destroyer group in the fields from the Fire Control Towers. When the Keeper teleports/hyperspaces to your location, your ships will (assuming you put them on aggressive tactics) start firing at it immediately, and to be honest, I never had the Keeper manage to fire on my ships because I did so much damage so quickly to it. That puppy just kept fleeing. The drones were more dangerous than the Keeper.

    Send all 10 Movers to pull the Dreadnought to the Mothership. Be SURE there is no debris by the MS's side, or the Dread will be unable to dock! Just move the MS until there is no debris to the sides, it's the easiest way.

    You will then have to send out probes to several locations. By some odd quirk of the game, the probes came with me despite being launched to the next level. But you will have to send them to six locations. One of those locations will have the bits you need to set the Keeper Trap, and you send Movers to pull the batteries over to the trap (easiest way to describe it). Keep the Drones off the Movers! They will go after the poor little Movers rather than other ships. 8 Torpedo Frigates can eliminate a Keeper Drone in one volley - and yes, they're tough enough that you might very well need all 8, though you could probably get away with 5 or 6.

    All in all, this is an easier mission than many. Yes, the Keeper is an annoying foe... but you can prevail against it without too much difficulty. I suspect the Fire Control Towers made a significant difference, as did my preference of using Torpedo Frigates over Ion frigates (being able to fire at things to the side is SOOO useful at times. )

    Good luck.

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    when the game tells you to send probes, do so. as other ships other than probes won't be able to detect the "battery".

    the keeper's primary target will be any super cap ship, the moma ship being the last.

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    When it says 'Probe' it means probe. Don't waste RUs on a prox detector. It won't work.

    I sent out 2 waves of prox detectors and wasted 20K RUs flying around defending against the keepers looking for the triggers. I could see 'em but I couldn't grab 'em.

    Send out Probes!!!

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    so easy

    This mission might be the easiest one in the game.

    All you have to do is send a single squad of corvettes out to bait the drones. Once you get close enough to them to get them to follow you, just waypoint that group around the top of the map. The drones will follow you and never catch up. There is a cap on the number of drones that are out at any given time.

    So you get that going and when you get halfway back to the MS, they will disappear and start attacking your movers. Big deal if you have a bunch of pulsars waiting there. The keeper is as easy to deal with if you focus a full compliment of ion frigs, torp frigs and destoryers at it.

    Same tactic as before for the drones in the power matrix/surrounding the power modules. I think that I might have loast one frigate on this mission... maybe 2 gunships. Leaves you well stocked for mission 9.

    Before this mission ends, make sure that you have at least 3 minelayers ready. You will need them to IMMEDIATELY deploy mines at the beginning of 9... trust me.

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    I had two destroyers on this level; the Keeper went after one but I managed to keep the damage to a minimum (went down to yellow) by guarding it with both field frigates and keeping the resource collectors on repair duty. I had both destroyers, 8 torpedo frigates, 6 pulsar squadrons, and 6 bombers set at aggressive tactics and focus fire. The Keeper didn't want to play for long and winked out before it was down to 50% health. :haha:

    As for the power triggers, there is really no need to build/deploy six probes to locate them. I did that the first time around and yes I found them, but I was curious so I replayed the mission and built just one probe. I sent it to the roughly 3 o'clock position (relative to my fleet); the three triggers are sitting right there by the power module. Once they are found, you can deploy your Movers to the location. Guard them with torpedo frigates (I used all eight) and a backup squadron of pulsar 'vettes.

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    In my case I never saw the keeper. Must be a bug.

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    Build 20 ion Plafforms at beginning.After that,scatter them around Mothership.

    Also make sure that you got all 5 Destroyers,and tons of Trop Frigs.Flaks are opitonal.

    Then,send all Interceptors,Bombers,Pulsars and Movers to the Dread.

    Then,"The Keeper is aware.The Keeper understands.The Keeper has seen the enemy."Not a good sign huh?

    Pound the Keeper and its drones with all but Movers.Dock Movers to Dread and use remaining Movers pounding the enemies.

    When Keeper appears next to your fleet,kick its ass away with all your ships' and Plaf's firepower.

    Soon it will overload and left(after doing enough damage).The Dread must have docked with Mothership.

    When the computer asks you to place probes in all those locations,do it.

    Then you must have find 3 pieces of trigger device.Use Movers to move them to the power core.

    Enemy Drones must attack your movers,so use Interceptors,Bombers and Pulsars to handle them.

    Soon you'll trap a Keeper after you placed all 3 Trigger and you escaped.Mission Complete.
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    A. Val'Navat
    I liked this one for the background and the Progenitor music.

    Has anyone ever tried to blow mines on the Berth? I tried it, the thing....... just disappeared, w/out leaving a trace of what it once was! Believe that!

    If you sent a strike team to the Berth, you could've damaged the Keeper b4 the cutscene ended.

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    Main problem: when I try to send the probes out to the gizmoes, they just sit there and refuse to move. What am I doing wrong?


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    This mission was pretty much a cakewalk. I did every thing fleet intel said to the first timeso I could see what would happen- I noticed that the keeper drones simply stayed circling around the Berth after launch. So here’s what I did-
    I followed the sage advice of some people here, and built a fire control tower on the M-ship, and maxed out as much as possible in the previous mission. When I came into this mission, I did NOTHING. I left my fleet where it was, and sent probes to the RU patch behind me, and a little ways beyond the one in front of me, and sent collectors there to completely strip them. After I had gotten all the RU, an built everything up, I set my carrier to produce more Ion frigs, and my M-ship to produce fighters and corvettes, plus I had maxed out on Destroyers in the previous mission. I also built 2 defense field frigs. I moved all my destroyers, torp frigs, and ion frigs forward in a tight group, and flanked by the defense frigs so that their shield would cover the whole group as far as the fire control radius if the M-ship extended. Then I moved the m-ship and carrier up right behind the destroyer group, and repeated the procedure. Since I already knew where the drones where gonna be, I sent my whole maxed force of bombers and pulsar toward the Berth, but not to close. After every thing was in position, I finally sent in the probe. The keeper showed up, launched the drones, yadda yadda. My destroyer group, covered by the defense frigs and still within the Fire Control radius did an admirable job of chasing the keeper off pretty quick, and kept it up, although I eventually lost about half my frigs, and one defense field frig. My Fighters ripped through the drones, :rip: although I lost a few. I sent all 10 mover to the Dread- the drones will NOT attack the movers if they’re occupied with your fighters. So I got the dread back, sent probes to find the power nodes, and was rebuilding my fighters while my destroyer group pounded the keeper. As soon as I found the nodes, I sent all my movers there. What a dummy- I should have known that keeper would have put more drones to guard the nodes. So I lost all my movers- just a temporary set back though. After I rebuilt my movers and reinforced my Frigs, I sent the movers up high and to the left (if you’re facing them) of the power node, while my whole force of fighters went straight toward them. I engaged the drones, while my movers swooped in and grabbed the nodes. Again they hauled them to the trap with no loss, set it, then I sent them to aid my fighters in mopping up the few drones left. Before I had destroyed all the drones though, the keeper flew into the trap, which = mission end. No sweat, and was able to start next mission with a pretty full fleet. :anime:

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