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CoH Clan Recruiting Thread

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    CoH Clan Recruiting Thread

    For those wishing to recruit members for clans here is the place. Please post in the listed format; do not respond to this thread other than to post a clan advertisement, any other talk will result in a post deletion. Nazi, racist, etc. clans will have their posts deleted.
    Post in this format only:
    Clan Name:
    Current and Intended Size:
    The description and requirements must be less than 100 words apiece.

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    Clan Name:

    Current and Intended Size:
    actually 6

    -a multigaming-clan since 1998
    -main-game: Dawn of War
    -homepage & ts-server for free

    -able to speak & write german
    -headset & teamspeak
    -ability to play in teams
    -wish to learn from us & with us

    ICQ - 322129214
    X-Fire - DanteOne
    Em@il -

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    Clan Name:Soldiers of Darkness
    Current and Intended Size: Current: 0 Intended: 8
    Description: This clan is intended for comp stomping and private tournaments
    Requirements: Rank 3 or lower in any faction
    other: my OF tag is Tyler4170, add me if you wish to join

    Back To Basics Forum:

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    Clan Name: Online-Assault

    Current and Intended Size:
    - Currently 109 members (of around which 20 are CoH/OF players)

    - OA is a community of online gamers since 1999
    - In the main, our members are from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, though we also have members in France, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Iceland
    - We play Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2 primarily, but want to increase our Company of Heroes/Opposing Fronts contingent
    - TeamSpeak2 server available (no charge)
    - We are more interested in having fun than playing in tournaments. We mainly play unranked games at present but are interested in the forthcoming Team Automatch ranked games.

    - You need to be mature and fun -loving gamer (21 or older ideally, though younger applicants will be considered)
    - Have a decent PC with at least 2GB RAM
    - Be a competent player who understand the respective tech trees and is familiar with the existing 2v2 maps
    - Ideally, you need to be an English speaker

    - If you are interested, then visit our forum at or contact me at
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    Clan Name: Black Sheeps
    Current and Intended Size: 9
    Description: A clan created to benefit gamers by creating friends in our community
    Requirements: Xfire; everyone is welcome!
    Other: heres the site:

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    Clan Name: TotalCoH xfire clan,

    Current and Intended Size: 17, no intended size.

    Description: A just for fun clan, with mini-tournaments and friendly games.

    Requirements: Total Gaming Network membership, xfire, CoH. To have a sense of humour, be able to work with others and to be friendly.


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    Clan Name: Easy Company (EC)

    Current and Intended Size: Currently 60+ members.

    Description: Easy Company is a clan for adults who are about having fun. We are not about ego players and a bad attitude. We're about teamwork and having some fun while we play a game.

    Requirements: Be over 18 and love COH. :-)


    We also like our members to communicate via Teamspeak and participate in our forums. If you would like to find out more information, register on our site and post on our message board that you'd like to join. Website is at
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    Clan Name:SF (Sovereign-forces)
    Current and Intended Size:4 Members only want 8 members for competitions
    Description: We are a multi gaming gaming clan, we have 5 bf2 server 5 css server 2 cod4 server and we are looking to expand onto coh, we are wanting to participate in competitions and serious tournaments, we have small in clan competitions were you can win free games .
    Requirements: Only a 5 dollar month clan fee (paying that fee will get you admin on every server)
    Other:, or, xfire me: Rightangle


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    Clan Name: SUPER
    Current and Intended Size: 25 COH members (60+ in clan)
    Description: Aussie gaming community who like to have fun and play at a high level.
    Requirements: Mature attitude, Teamspeak/headphones,
    Other: For all other info feel free to check out our website


    Shot at 2007-07-21

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    Clan Name:
    Pink Panzer Party
    Current and Intended Size:
    2 players currently, no size goal set, but it will stay small.
    A small selection of people playing for fun. With the upcomming team automatch, we plan on marauding the arranged 2on2 ladder.
    - Invitation only, you dont contact us, we contact you
    - You play at least one of the Axis factions
    - I have played with you before and found you to be a good teammate
    This clan was not active untill aranged Automatch, but now that it is comming, we will hopefully get to play in a somewhat regular pattern.
    1885 | Maps: DoW1: 1 2 3 4 5 - L4D1: 1 | Infinity - Gallery - My Work[/size]

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    Clan Name: Risen From Ashes [RFA]

    Current and Intended Size: Current size is around 15 active members. Intended size currently has no limits.

    Description: We are a small, diverse clan mainly made up of mature adults with families. We are extremely loyal to our own and have a great time playing different games together.

    Currently we are involved in Company of Heroes, Day of Defeat Source, and Call of Duty 4. We are a multi-gaming clan and try to stay involved with leagues and tournaments when we can.

    Requirements: Maturity, good teammate, no flaming/trolling. Must also have a mic for VOIP communication via TS2.

    Other: Contact me through any of the following 3 methods.
    Xfire: Search for "hillhome21", send me a friend request and we can chat.
    Official site: Our official site is Right Here!
    Gamereplays Clan Forums: This can be found Right Here

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    Clan Name: Elite WaffleGrenadier Division (EWGD)

    Current and intended size: Current size: 2. Intended size: 20

    Edit: Current size: 7 intended size: 20

    Description: we are a new clan who play CoH OF for fun.
    our site is

    Requirements: teamwork, have a sense of humour, have an Xfire account, some skill in CoH and able to speak/type English.

    others: contact us through:
    msn: /
    Forum: leave me a private message
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    Clan info:
    Name: Portuguese Empire
    Tag: PtE

    Current and Intended Size:
    Playing CoH/OF: 6 players currently, no limit size set for CoH/OF but trying to recruit at least 10 active members for competitions purpose

    We are a multi-gaming clan that exists since 2001 and have about 30 members playing several RTS games.
    ATM our main game is Age of Empires III and hopefully CoH/OF will become the new main game (mainly will depend on the upcomming team automatch)

    For more information visit our site at Portuguese Empire or our foruns at Joguitos (both in portuguese).

    We only accept portuguese players.
    Mostly we are about having fun, but if possible we also get into competitions.

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    Clan Name:
    - Dark Motives Company of Heroes Clan (

    Current and Intended Size:
    - Currently: 4
    - Intended: 5~10

    - A friendly, mature and competitive clan that enters various ladders/leagues and wars against other clans.
    - Concentrated on Company of Heroes but members do play various other games. If Dark Motives decide to turn multi-gaming, existing members will be guaranteed with a spot.

    - Able to speak/write English
    - Ventrilo Mix 0.5 (only few megabites. can be found on our MEDIA page of home site.)
    - Xfire (optional)
    - Microphone (optional)
    - Respect to other members and have fun with them
    - Stay Committed to the clan (i.e. don't double clan or leave clan straight away without word etc.)
    - Help clan spread and represent clan in wars

    - To join, go to and click on 'COMMUNITY' to go to our forums. Register on our forums, read the recruitment page and post a form.
    - If you want to contact us, email '' or add us on xfire 'sanclemente'. You can also apply by doing that.

    Thanks for your interest and hope to see you with us.

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    Rogue Squadron

    Clan Name: Rogue Squadron (
    Current and Intended Size: 34 (Multi-gamers) I want to increase CoH players to 5-6
    Description: RogueSquadron is a multigaming clan we compete competitively in TF2, DODS, CSS and we also play COD4, Battlefield 2142 and GW.
    Other: If you wanna play CoH and become part of something bigger, apply on the forums - we're a laid back group of people lookin' for some fun, usually everyone that applies is recruited no matter what game you're applying for we're a big and welcoming community, so apply.

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    Company of Heroes Zone Clan

    Clan Name: Company of Heroes Zone

    Current and Intended Size: Currently around 15 people, but are always looking for more people to play with.

    Description: We are a Company of Heroes community. We are a mature group of gamers that enjoy competitive game play in a laid back environment. Our main purpose of this clan is to have a place where members can play and discuss Company of Heroes. We are always open to meet new people who would like to join us and participate within our website. We all enjoy the game, and like to discuss strategy and play team games. We are all pretty easy going and enjoy teaching new players as well as playing with more experienced players. Hope to see you soon!

    Requirements: Headset and microphone for our Teamspeak server, and a fun and friendly attitude.

    Other: Xfire:

    If you are interested please visit our website and register for more information.
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    Hello From NATO Warriors

    Thank you for taking your time to have a look at our clan we are a very intresting clan to be with we have lots of fun but do take it seriouse enough to win, we currently have three members ages between 23 and well i will put 60 and under he would kill me if i told anyone lol however im sure after some time our name and numbers will increase you could be that extra number who knows.
    We mainly play FPS, however RTS is what we are playing at the moment.
    We are currently playing Company of heroes opposing forces (RTS) however we do play BF2142, BFVietnam, BF2 & BF2142 now and again. We love the battlefield series and look forward to heroes (We did play CoD4, but sadly the game lost its appeal too quickly)

    please visit our site take a look around read some of the posts and any questions just ask our emails are there.

    I look forward to talking to you

    NATO Warriors
    If you are interested in joining us then please take time to look over our rules

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    Clan Name: War Force Clan
    Current and intended size: 1000+ worldwide and looking to start in COH
    Description: War Force Clan is a worldwide gaming clan With over 1000 members and are in over 15 games. COD4, DOW, WOW, America's Army and many more games are apart of the clan.
    Requirements: 14+
    Other: To send in an application go to or send me an xfire- jlewk

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    Clan Name: Republic Of Singapore

    Current and intended size Currently we have 5players in our clan , and intent to expand our clan to 100players( people from asia is prefered. )

    Description Republic Of Singapore ( ROS ) is a Company of Heroes community based in Singapore , and we do mostly basic matches and at times Ranked match too . We're mature and have a good attitude too . And we're interested in war games . We do play other games too such as Race Driver Grid , Faces Of War , Battlefield 2 . etc

    RequirementsAge between 14-22 years old. ( People outside singapore interested in joining our clan , please PM me and we'll do the necessary arrangements .
    (We've a website going up soon .)

    ( Those in Singapore kindly contact/email to : )

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    Clan Name: Mortal Combat Australia [MCA]
    Current and Intended Size: 27, somewhere around 50
    Description: Multi-gaming clan playing many different online games.
    Requirements: Over 17yrs of age. Living in AUS/NZ area.
    Other: We're a group of gamer's who just luv getting together and having some great times while online gaming. for more info.

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    Clan name: Tactical Responce Unit.

    Current/intended size: 1/15-20.

    Description: A clan that welcomes all skill levels. A clan that can have a laugh.

    Requirements: Skype (watto12322) or Xfire (watto1000). Be able to take losing and low quality players if there is any in game. Speak good English and clear- So a microphone might be a good idea.

    Please add me on either. Or send me a mail in-game
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    Nordic Vikings

    Clan name: Nordic Vikings

    Current/intented size: 4/10-12

    Description: A Danish CoH clan, our site is in english and we mainly speak/write in english both in-game and on our site

    Requirements: legal copy of Company of Heroes AND Opposing Fronts, be able to read and write in english, and if you have an microfone: speak english


    Clan site:

    Other: we have TS

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    Clan Name: Special Ops

    Current Size: 2

    Intended Size: Uncapped

    Description: Special Ops was created as a Day of Defeat squad, but as I got more into CoH, it's leaning towards CoH only. We value friendship, teamwork and fun.

    Requirements: Must have Xfire or Steam Friends account, able to have some fun and work as a team.

    Xfire - vowlev
    Email -
    Web - Special Ops Official Site

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    Clan Name: AI/CoBros Pro
    Current and Intended Size:4, Infinite
    Description: Get together and make movies (we are making Etavaux, and finished Hell's Hill, original creators of Armed Face Off)
    Requirements: TeamSpeak, Company of Heroes, be active!
    Other: Speak English

    Password: (ask us for password)

    Xfire: unsullied

    In-Game Names

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    Clan Name: The Art of Warfare (TAW)

    Current Size:
    - Currently 1200+ members (around of which 30-35 are CoH/OF players)

    - TAW is a multi gaming community of online gamers since 2001
    - We currently have a NA (North America) an EU (Europe) section and are also working to establish an Asian section as well. Our CoH members are currently from Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Poland.
    - In TAW we play Age of Conan, Americas Army 3, ARMA, Bad Company 2, Call of Duty, Central Command, Combat Arms, FarCry, Ghost Recon, League of Legends, Operations Support, Quake Wars, Sentinel, StarCraft, Team Fortress, World of WarCraft, World of Tanks and of course Company of Heroes/Opposing Fronts
    - TeamSpeak3 server available (no charge)
    - We are at least as interested in having fun as playing in our own Tournaments and Campaigns.

    - You need to be mature and fun -loving gamer (15 or older ideally, though younger applicants will be considered)
    - Either be a n00b or a competent player, we welcome every player levels
    - You need to be an English speaker to be able to communicate with all nationalities

    - Xfire Client (

    - If you are interested, then join us by going to and pull your mouse over the Join TAW menu on top of the page and then click on Become a member of TAW. Fill in the form and say that you've been contacted by Vorwaerts (vorwaerts (at) From there you will receive a welcome letter automatically and we’ll take you through a bootcamp asap.

    Welcome one welcome all!

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