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Help me install Custom mods and maps on COH Steam

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    Help me install Custom mods and maps on COH Steam

    Sorry i recently got Coh off of steam and i havent been able to play custom maps or mods please give me detailed instructions as i know nothing about -dev mode and all that

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    I have the same problem I know nothing and could use lots of help in loading maps,

    My game works perfectly -now I would like some new skirmish matches. Did you dind any help - if you did where did you get it - I am also new to this forum.


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    To use -dev, simply right click on your game shortcut, select properties, and on the "target" line add -dev to the end of command line. Should look a bit like this:

    "(Your Install Drive)\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev

    Then create a Scenarios folder in the game data directory, looks like this:

    (Your Install Drive)\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios

    and inside that Scenarios directory create an mp directory, will look like this:

    (Your Install Drive)\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios\MP

    Then you can place custom maps into folders in the MP directory, one folder for each map is a nice way to manage them. Say you had a map called BigFun, put it into a diectory called BigFun in the MP directory. It's pretty simple. (This is for .sgb files, .sga files need a different location and third party loader right now, and someone else would need to help you with that, as I use archive.exe to extract any .sga maps I want to play inot .sgb versions.)

    Good luck.

    P.S. - Check this post for ideas on trouble shooting the -dev install.

    Also, you can create a copy of your shortcut so that you have one with -dev and one without, that way you can play either easily, as you cannot conncet to non -dev games with the -dev in place, only other -dev games.

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    Thanks, Chuckwagon, This was termendously helpful. I seem to be having trouble downloading maps in the .rar extension - What gives with these maps that are downloaded in Adobe.

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    Okay couple of further questions on this please:

    1) For my CoH shortcut i have the Vsync turned off so my shortcut addess looks like:
    "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -novsync

    A) So do i add the -dev on to the end of this ( .exe"-novsync -dev),
    B) Or would it just be best to add another Shortcut onto my desktop specifically for the -dev.

    2) Where to unzip or save the Mod files once i've downloaded them?


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    shifty_powers: I'm not sure about other modifications, however for my mod, Europe In Ruins, I've posted a brief 'How-To' here. I don't require '-dev' in the command line parameter like most mods though...

    If they require, -dev, simply add it...
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    Won't work!!!

    Okay so i followed the steps to add a new Map to my COH OF and they didn't work.

    Created the folder, download a map from filefront (Gustav Line which is a .sga file) and unzipped it to the MP folder, added -dev to my shortcut on the desktop and opened COH.

    No new map in the skirmish option. Boooo.

    Read the readme file with the Map i downloaded, it claimed that .sga file don't require the -dev command. So i removed thatand still no joy!

    Any suggestions fellas, please!

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    .sga files must go to a different folder, I recommend you download Mannerheims COH Launcher, makes stuff easier.

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    Thanks for that, looks like it just about fool proof but that may well be cursing it.

    Think i'll try it out on some of your maps.

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