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Dark Crusade won't install

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    Dark Crusade won't install

    I've just built my new PC. Its running Vista Ultimate 64bit fully updated.
    When I try to install DC it starts running the setup then before I get any 'Next' buttons or anything it displays this error message:
    Error Code:	-5006 : 0x800700b7
    Error Information:
    >SetupNew\SetupDLL.cpp (841)
    PAPP:Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
    PVENDOR:THQ (dawnofwarhomepage)
    @Windows   (6000) IE 7.0.6000.16609
    I have tried copying the files from the Disc and pasting it into a folder on my HDD and that doesn't work either. The disc is fine and works on my old XP machine.

    Also, Dawn of War, and Dawn of War: Winter Assualt have installed fine.

    I Have attached my DXDiag file as its rather large.
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    A friend of mine is still having the same problems...

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    Lets keep the threads separate please.

    matthew: in your thread you say that your friend gets the error message "operating system not recognized" - that is not the same problem as is described here.

    Cerberus: I'm not sure what to suggest, everything looks ok in your dxdiag and Ive never seen that error before. DC does work fine in vista so the issue is likely a problem with your vista installation.

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    But why would DoW and WA work but not DC when DC is the newer one?

    Might it be the Disc? Might it be worth downloading an image of DC then installing from that and use my CD key?

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    No you must NOT download an image.
    Have a look at your other DoW games and see if they are cd-rom or dvd-rom. Post back with the games and their disk type.

    It could be the disk aswell

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    DoW and WA are CD but Dark Crusade is DVD.

    Why must I NOT download an image. Images are totally legal in my understanding, its the illegal key gens/illegla keys that are the no no.

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    In that case, i think the error lies the disk's format. DoW and WA work fine for you and they are both CD. DC is DVD so i think is your DvD reader. If you have two in your computer (i think you do according to the dxdiag) try installing on a different drive.

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    Tried using the other DVD drive and its done the exact same thing.

    In the last line of the error message it has the IE7 bit, could it be something to do with IE7 causing a problem? Or is that just something for the link that it gives?
    I don't have IE open when installing it though and never use it.

    I don't understand why it won't work.

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