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Rules of Conduct in Technical Assistance

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    Read This Rules of Conduct in Technical Assistance

    While this section is here to bring forth and remedy any technical issues you may be experiencing with the game, we must remind you that the majority of replies to your problem(s) will be from other members of this forum who are using their own free time to assist you, free of charge. Therefore, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines:

    1) Please take a moment to go over the Posting Guidelines.

    2) Keep your attitude in check

    We understand that it can be extremely aggravating to have a program not run properly. However, this section is not here for you to vent about it. So, please, keep your frustrations off the forum.

    3) Be respectful and polite

    As previously stated, the majority of people who respond to your thread are regular forum members who are using their free time to help you. So we ask that you be respectful and appreciative of their efforts to provide assistance. If you do happen to get a response from an actual Relic Entertainment employee (identified by the Relic logo as their avatar), this rule applies to them, as well.

    4) Read the stickies

    "Stickies" are threads that are locked in place on the forum. These threads contain a number of helpful solutions to help diagnose and remedy whatever problems you may be experiencing. If all else fails, feel free to create a thread explaining your problem.

    We cannot guarantee that we'll solve every and all technical issues, nor can we promise that anyone will reply to your thread in a timely fashion. However, we will do our best to provide you with a quick solution. So please, be patient, be polite, and be calm.

    If at any time you choose to ignore these guidelines, particularly #2 and #3, your post stands a good chance of being deleted and you may be denied any assistance.

    Thank you.
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