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Soulstorm Race Unlocker

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    Does this work with DC as well i am trying to unlock IG but i can't find the DC unlocker. Does The SS unlocker also unlock DC races??

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    Not sure but either way you won't get IG from DC.

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    sorry didn't add to much detail i have a WA cd key but i don't have the dics that is why i need the race unlocker!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by juland70
    sorry didn't add to much detail i have a WA cd key but i don't have the dics that is why i need the race unlocker!!!
    Although you really could stick with Soulstorm now...
    I will make you a Unlocker for Dark Crusade IF you promise to send me a god damned picture postcard. I am a little pissed, because no one has honored my request for some beer although some people promised :-(

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    Can anyone make a mirror of unlocker please?

    I cannot dload from this german sever, 24h to manny connections, and filed MySQL whne login in.

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    No problem downloading from it now.
    Want to zoom out further? Try this camera mod.
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    i don't have any troubles either.

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    Uh I dload from second link where source is.

    Where I should send beer?

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    I can someone please explain what does this file do? I know it's to "unlock a race" but what does that mean?

    thank you very much!

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    You have all versions of Dawn of War aka:
    Dawn of War
    Dawn of War: Winter Assault
    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
    Dawn of War: Soulstorm

    So, if you would like to play Soulstorm in multiplayer with let's say Imperial Guards, you would have to install Dawn of War and Dawn of War: Winter Assault, although not a single game file is needed by Soulstorm meaning you are wasting a LOT of disk space if you install every version of DoW just to be able to play all the races you want. I don't have exact figures, but i think you save something close to 10gb of disk space.
    The Unlocker simply circumvents this by providing the "are there any older versions of DoW installed"-check of soulstorm what it needs:the necessary registry entries and valid exe files with the names of the old files.

    The Unlocker does NOT allow you to play online with all races, if you don't own a legal copy of the game (you need a valid cd-key to be precise).

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    thank you for the explanation!

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    If I'm not wrong, you cannot unlock IG if you only have the Winter Assault CD-key - you need to have both DoW and DoW: WA CD-keys. I could be wrong though, just a warning.
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    hey man
    thanks a million for this aye
    saved me ~10GB hdd space and ~an hour of install time
    your a legend

    ps id send you beer but you didnt give an address

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    passing through
    Before I use this, there is something I would like to know. When I look in the registery under hkey_localmachine > Software > THQ and when I select the games, I see no entry for CDKeys. I would like to know before using this that I will be able to edit the registry if need be.

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    you will be able to.

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    passing through
    they'll show up after I use the unlocker?

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    What's stopping you from editing the registry before and after using the program?

    Edit: All the entries would be there if you used the unlocker correctly.

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    passing through
    There isn't actually and cdkey entries in the registry that I can see to edit. Not even for Soulstorm.

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    no, they play hide and seek with you >.<
    of course they show up.

    if you don't have entries for Soulstorm at all, it isn't installed (correctly).

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    If there are no such entries, the unlocker will create them, I believe. I believe the entry is missing, not the Soulstorm folder entry in the registry that's missing, right?

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    passing through
    The folders ar ethere, yea. There's just no cdkey for soulstorm :P

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    passing through
    Peh, I get a "unable to cast object of type 'microsoft.win32/registryvaluekind' to type 'system.string' error

    If someone can just give me a screenshot of what the registry is supposed to look like with the keys in on Vista business, I could do it myself D:

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    have you startet the unlocker with admin rights? i guess not...

    registry (extracted) looks like this (after the unlock, only difference is the InstallLocation value). this is for the 32bit version of windows.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    "CDKEY"="classic key"
    "InstallLocation"="D:\\Programme\\THQ\\Dawn of War - Soulstorm\\"
    "CDKEY_WXP"="winter assault key"
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade]
    "CDKEY"="dc key"
    "InstallLocation"="D:\\Programme\\THQ\\Dawn of War - Soulstorm"
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\THQ\Dawn of War - Soulstorm]
    "CDKEY"="soulstorm key"
    "InstallLocation"="D:\\Programme\\THQ\\Dawn of War - Soulstorm"
    "W40KCDKEY"="classic key"
    "WXPCDKEY"="winter assault key"
    "DXP2CDKEY"="dc key"
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\THQ\Dawn of War - Soulstorm\1.00.0000]

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    Worked fine, minus a small wrinkle I had to work out. (Been awhile, and my DoW and DC keys were written down under each other's headings, when I did a roundabout cut-paste job to shuffle them, I pasted and cut from the WA box, and it ended up creating a blank reg-key that SS then asked me for a key for.)

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    GJ ! I don't see why anybody would insist on making a fairly simple program closed source.

    If anybodys interested in writing things to the registery(future unlockers ?). Heres a c++ class I wrote. It should point you in the right direction. Down with .NET ! even if it is easier

    #include <windows.h>
    class registery{
    int write(HKEY key,char *,DWORD,char *,char *);//key,subkey,type,name,data
    int del(HKEY,char *);//key,subkey
    int read(HKEY key,char *,char *,DWORD *,DWORD *);
    /*key,subkey,name of key,reference to store the data,reference to store the size.*/
    #include "registery.h"
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    int registery::write(HKEY key,char * subkey,DWORD type,char *name,char *data){
    HKEY hKey;
    PHKEY phandle = NULL;
    LPDWORD disp = NULL;
    if(RegCreateKeyEx(key,subkey,0,NULL,REG_OPTION_NON_VOLATILE,KEY_WRITE,NULL,&hKey,disp) != ERROR_SUCCESS)
    	return 0;
    if(RegSetValueEx(hKey,name,0,type,(const unsigned char *)data,strlen(data))!= ERROR_SUCCESS)
    	return 0;
    return 1;
    int registery::del(HKEY key,char *subkey)
    if(RegDeleteKey(key,subkey) !=ERROR_SUCCESS)
    	return 0;
    return 1;
    int registery::read(HKEY key, char *subkey,char *name,DWORD * data,DWORD * size)
    	HKEY handle;
    		 return 0;//failed to open
    	if(RegQueryValueEx(handle, name, NULL,NULL, (LPBYTE)data,size) !=ERROR_SUCCESS)
    		return 0;
    	return 1;
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    my app is and always was open source since not even 2 days after initial release in march 2008 >.<

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    I was congratulating you and talking about the guy who made the original unlocker. What do I get ? a misinterpretation and a childish response.

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    sry that i got a little itchy, but you stated nowhere, that you talked about Bilge not me
    No offense meant, none taken, peace? :-)

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    Is there anyway to uninstall this or reverse its effects? I've decided that I want to play vanilla DoW again, but my computer won't let me install it because it thinks its already installed and I only get the option to play (not install) when I put the CD in. I've already uninstalled SS.

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    you have to go into the registryand delete the "InstallLocation" for DoW. After that, you can install classic again.

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    um this comes up
    Download-Ticket abgelaufen.

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    still works for me, i just tried. you may try the link to the sources, you will find the apps there too.

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    Edit: This is a great thing to use, thanks OP
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    For the greater LOL

    This is simply too good to be answered privately (received via PM with title: "Help pls"):
    Quote Originally Posted by cenwei87
    Hi bro,

    After i open the SS race unlocker v1.1, there are 3 empty box that we need to put the cd-key.

    If i only have Dark crusade cd-key.. so is it that i only need to put the DC cd-key into that DC empty box?

    Would you kindly gave me the Classic and Winter Assault CD-Key, as i don't have the key with me?

    Please help me..I need your help..

    Thanks in advance
    well, sry non-bro, my keys are my keys and not to be shared with some random weirdo who obviously does not even own Classic and Winter Assault.
    Feel yourself kicked in the ass for so much stupidity.

    But to answer your first question: yes, fill in the DC key in the textbox for DC and leave the rest blank.

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    this program is awesome..i did it in my laptop lol...but then now i cant unlock races on my desktop >.> running vista 64-bit...when i start SS, it will ask for CD keys >.> ... i entered them all correctly...but then it says DarkCrusade is no properly installed...also i didnt get any W40k.exe my friend sent me that file and i renamed it to DarkCrusade.exe ... but then it didnt work...any solutions? i tried reinstalling SS...and when i reinstalled SS, i didnt use the unlocker but it still asks for the CD keys >.> its annoying me lol...any solutions? btw i want to unlock the races for multiplayer O_O...ok i just reinstalled...again and i got the message of an access denied to the i reinstalled...but no luck D: any solutions?
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    from the first post:
    4) If you are running any version of Vista, you have to run the app with admin-rights (right-click on app -> run as admin)
    and you also have to use v1.1 >.<

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    sweet it worked O_O ty belial u are awesome XD...i would send u a beer but no address..and also..i dont know how to send beers XD

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    Hi just wondering if this app has timed out or something as I cant seem to run it anymore. I originally used it at the time of release and it worked perfectly. But since then I have unistalled and reinstalled SS several times. Now for some reason it isnt opening/running with anything. Suggestions?
    lol n00b

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    get WinRAR oder 7zip to unpack the app. At the time of release i packed it as a zip iirc now it's a rar-file.

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    Yes thanks I got it working.

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    Hey, i just upgraded to the windows 7 SP or what ever it is, an before i used the unlocker to unlock all the races without needing the installations (I have the games, just with a 40 gig hard drive i cant blow it all on dow =( ) now with windows 7, it wont let the unlocker mess with the registry, i tried manually putting in the keys in the registry but to no avail, can anyone help me out?

    ok, i figured out how ot make it work, i make it run as administrator =D im an idiot lol,

    still got one problem, everytime I enter the keys and it comes up as it should work, then when i start the game it tells me that the cd keys are invalid... These are ligit keys that ive been using for years and its worked before but its not working now, anyone know what im doing wrong?
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    Soulstorm needs access to the registry as well (it also needs admin rights).

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    alright, ill try that

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    ok thanks! it worked =)

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    Ive downloaded it
    but where do i need to extract it to???

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    Anywhere you'd like.

    It'll work from where ever you extract it to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maktaka

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    Thanks Its just i didnt know if it had to be in the soulstorm file

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    Awesome! Big help to a guy in the desert with a damaged Gold edition pack.

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    yes works great, real relief for lan partys!
    Colder than a wych's tit

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    I get the error "/GraphicsConfig.exe could not be found..." with both versions!
    I have only soulstorm installed, but I have the Dawn Of war and the Dark Crusade CD keys (I bought that games). And now, when I start Soulstorm, it says "If you want to play with space marines, orks, eldar, chaos space marines in the multiplayer, enter your code...". When I enter my code, it says that dawn of war isn't installed, beacuse it is NOT installed! I can't install them because I've lost the CDs, I've only got the CDcases and the codes!

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