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Unable to play via hamachi or direct connect

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    Unable to play via hamachi or direct connect

    Hello,i`ve been trying for a day or so to play ss with a friend,by direct connect or vpn(i was using hamachi and wippien,none worked.)
    When we try to use vpn software,none of the games we create show up in the lan list(we both hosted).
    When i host a direct connect game,my friend says he gets an "unable to reach host" error.
    When he hosts,i get an "You have a different verison" error.
    We both have the same version of ss.
    I have a router and i guess that may be part of the problem.
    Could you please help me and tell me what i could do to fix this?I really want to be able to play this...

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    Please run the network tester linked in docked thread at the top of the forum and post the results here. I don't know about Soulstorm, but from personal experience I do know that DC does work ok via Hamachi and/or direct connect.

    "You have a different verison" error.
    That is an indication that some of the game's files do in fact differ from each other.

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    "Sending udp packet from 6112 to 6112
    Received from / to 6112 "NAT detected"
    Received from / to 6500 "udp pass"
    Received from / to 27900 "udp pass"
    Received from / to 27901 "udp pass"
    Received from / to 29910 "udp pass"

    That`s the result of the network tester.I have forwarded the posts.
    We both get the version error,and we both have the same versions of the game.Our folders are pretty much identical(except for some logs and replays).

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    Received from / to 6112 "NAT detected"
    Im affraid thats your problem.
    Most of the time it is a problem that cannot be solved. Most people have resolved this issue by buyng a new router, or setting their current one into DMZ mode.

    What router do you have?

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