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Best Coh mods

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    Best Coh mods

    Not tried any mods but fancy giving something different a go, any suggestions for any decently balanced/fun mods out there with a fairly mature crowd? Interseted in Multiplayer. not really sp.

    my biggest concern is that installing a mod will corrupt my game files, ive had enough of re-installing due to the vannila patches etc

    any advise appreciated.


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    If your interested in Realism im currently creating a mod called' Realism 1939-1945' Mod, it will be released within the month.

    There are also the likes of Normady 44 which is the most viewed out of all the Coh mods on this site, it focuses on ... well... Normandy in 1944 very nice skins and gameplay and a mature crowd, not so much sure wether the multiplayer is played much though.

    There is also a fairly new for OF CoH mod called Battle of the Bulge mod, very well balanced focusing on the ardenne offensive 1944-1945. Basically changes the game into winter. Great skins by the skinner, halftrack, himself. Nice custom maps too. Has a fairly widespread multiplayer community with dedicated hamachi servers for Lan and online.

    Hope this helped.

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    To be honest this thread will go no where. Since people will be biased and say about their mods or others. Why not try out all the mods and see whats the best in your eyes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solja
    Why not try out all the mods and see whats the best in your eyes?
    Time , which i havent got

    just after maybe the 2 most poplular ones to try was all, not looked into mods much, was hoping some peeps may have some advise..ta

    google then i suppose

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    I've been playing the Battle of the Bulge mod. Its not quite done and they are still putting the finishing touches on it, but as long as it stays pretty much the way it is, I won't be going back to the original game very often. I'd say this one is worth trying. I don't know how good it is for multiplayer though as I seldom venture online to play any game anymore.

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    Right now I am playing with four mods now. I prefer realism over gamplay so the ones I play are as follows.

    Shattering of Countries: This mod uses the incresed camera range to it's fullest, battles are drawn out and brutal.

    Destination Reichstag: This mod offers new single/multiplayer campaign maps to CoH. It also comes with it's own updater so you don't have to hunt for new releases.

    The Kompendium Mod: As it's name infers this mod offers a culmintion of community minimods in a nice package.

    Normandy 44: As stated above this mod offers a unique style of gameplay that can only best be described by experiencing it. You essetialy choose your doctrine first and all buildings become available. The only thing that stops you from building any unit is it's initial cost.

    All these mods are still being updated and have decent fanbases. The idea is to find out what type of player you are and play a mod that suits that style best. I would highly recommend using the "custom maps/mods launcher" as it will make your life alot easier and keeps everything in one nice format.

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    Europe in Ruins: Most inventive mod ever, tons of work done on it with a big fanbase. Great for mass-scale CoH gameplay, taken to a whole new level.

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    Well, there's two I love.

    "Battle of The Bulge" as a skin revised mod where your playing in the ardennes with Halftrack's fancy skins with realistic values in weaponary.

    "Europe In Ruins" (as said above) Brings a whole new system on how to play as into a MMORTS, where you create you army online at the europeinruins site and combat against your foe's army.

    and who could forget: "Destination Reichstag" where it is a scar powered mod full of defensive goodness. In other words: A "Survival" mod for CoH.

    But I say that: there are well to damn many "Realism Mods" lately, maybe some innovative will pop-up sometime.
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    Not trying to badmouth europe in ruins but when I tried it, it took me about 5-6 hours to get in a single game. It's also not playable in skirmishes so if you're looking for offline fun then I suggest Battle of the Bulge.

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    id agree with colonel temp, BotB is good for offline fun.
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    Shattering of Countries
    Can someone post a link to this? I've done a search, but to no avail.

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    You won't find it here, Its creator was banned for no real good reason
    You can use google, or...
    Its in Beta 9 currently for 1.66 version, which Pilla said has many changes, but the latest version to you guys is 1.33;86368

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    Battle of the Bulge definitely, I love the idea of europe in ruins gameplay, but my schedule doesn't really allow for online play (usually 20-30 minutes of gameplay here and there)
    Although I haven't tried it yet (its only in the alpha stage) I look forward to trying fortress europe because of its more "close combat" style of deployment, kind of like EIR but offline...
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    "Fortress Europe"
    "Battle of the Bulge"
    "Cheat Mod"

    Those are the 3 Wich i love. And play ofc xD.

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    Destination Reichstag? Linky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc123
    Destination Reichstag? Linky?
    Destination Reichstag

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    @Rascal1974, You should definitely try the Pofia Mod, adds some really good features without spoiling the Game Balance. Seems to be largely bug-free too, some minor issues that don't affect gameplay and are being fixed. The guy who makes this mod "papent" is very proactive and is keen to keep improving it all the time.. Give it a go!

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    I suggest Blitzkreig Mod and im surpirsed no one had suggested it, it has great realism, awesome skins, and changes sounds, damage proportions, adds new units. also has its own installer so its real easy for install. only cons are its like 1.2 gig download, and i couldnt manage to install my own prefered skins onto it but other than that its great.

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    Oh man, don't bump such very old threads.

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