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Where can I find email that's stored on my computer?

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    Where can I find email that's stored on my computer?

    Well, there goes the neighborhood. My computer got the dreaded mup.sys boot hang about a week ago and I've been trying to fix it ever since. Got pretty close yesterday when I managed to finally start up in normal mode by copying a clean set of registry files, described by the procedure in this link. Then I realized that the registries that System Restore backed up were also infected with whatever got me in the first place, making me stuck with working but right-out-of-the-box registries. Figure I'd just completely reformat my hard drive now.

    Anyway, my essential files were backed up on a second hard drive and I've already moved what I want to save off of this hard drive. The only things left are my emails (sent and received) that are stored on that computer. I can't find them and I've searched on this forum and google for an answer.

    So, please, Tech Adepts of Relicnews, help me. I prostrate myself before your holy cogs and sacred lubricants as a man at the end of his rope. Kindly show me where I can retrieve my stored email.

    (The email in question is through MSN Hotmail and my OS is Windows XP Pro)

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    unless you are using that new windows live mail that comes with vista, all your msn mail should be online. i don't really understand the question
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    I don't use Outlook, but I believe if he's using POP mail, his email should be stored in the .pst files under his Application Data for his profile. Similarly with Eudora and most other email clients.
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    If it's a hotmail it's going to be on the internet.

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    Yup, MSN mail is web based and so should be independant of your computer.

    If you are using outlook or outlook express to download your emails then you find the files it creates (I use outlook express for no reason I can rationally justify...right click on the inbox icon and click properties, it tells you where the emails are stored).

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    I don't use Outlook or Windows Live Mail, but I'm going to have to use some kind of app to back up my emails after this.

    BmB23 Edit:and TBS -
    My email that was stored online is indeed accesible from this computer, but what I'm looking for is email that was stored on the local hard drive. MSN Mail has two options for storing email, on their server and on a local machine. I'm trying to find the destination for emails saved to the later.

    what I'm talking about

    Thanks for the speedy replies so far though.

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    Uh... what is that program?

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    MSN Mail, which I can use to view my Hotmail account.

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    Google says "Documents and Settings\Your Account Name\Local Settings\Application

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    Well you said that, but it doesn't tell me what the program is since I've never heard of it before. A link would be nice. Or a screenshot of the whole UI?

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    BmB I hear there's this radical thing called google that'll let you find out more about a program if you know its name by searching the internet for it.

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    Oh wow, how wonderful. To think I didn't know that. If I had, I would have surely tried it out first thing!

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