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SMFPlay v2.0 - Play any game music/speech/sound effect easily

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    Hahahah, one of the idle PZ lines is "Hey Johan, pull my finger"

    This is serious gold Mannerheim, cheers mate.

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    Nah, the officer's "I AM STEEL! Ouch! Shit!" is still my favorite.

    The new hidden speeches are quite interesting as well.

    Again, top notch work! Thanks so much! Yay!

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    Hmm I've heard this one ingame: "Sir, are you high?!" .. Heard that when the riflemen squad got bombed and I wanted them to enter a building to kill a grenadiers squad.

    @Mannerheim, tell me more about overwriting and modifying the module!

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    Thank you for this thing. Heard stuff I've never heard before. Voice actors really did their job in there...
    "Anyone who recruits five new members into the Party gets to leave it. Anyone who recruits ten new members gets a certificate testifying that he was never in the Party."

    Joke between German soldiers (mid 1943 and afterwards).

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    Mannerheim FTW! You sir, have done it again. Thanks a lot. We owe you...big time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alterecho
    Maybe I could help with that.
    Thank you very much Alterecho! We'll be waiting for any updates on this.
    "I walk with Death."

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    Oh God these are ****ing funny...

    Look for anything ending orderconfirmations\selectannoyed

    "- Ohh, so you're a fucknut?"

    "- Do all ze controls confuse you?"


    "- Deinhardt! Fart into ze radio!
    - Yes Sir! [fart sound]"

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    seriously guys, these sounds HAVE to get into the game

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    Haha, the Panzer Elite Half-track annoyed messages are pretty good:
    "I'm in the middle of combat! You're going to get me killed!"
    "Ignoring Commandant. He appears to be the victim of some enemy nerve gas!"
    "What... What!... WHAAAAAAT!"
    "Verdammt! You're driving me mad!"
    "Does your mother know how often you click?"
    "Hellooo? Is your volume turned off? What do you want?"
    "Is this incessant clicking an emotional call for help?"
    "Did you want me to do something or are you content to keep annoying me?"
    "Is there a four-year old at the controls of this army?"
    "That's it, keep on clicking, isn't this fun?"
    "I think we should put in for a new Commandant. This one seems to have lost his marbles."
    "*tap* *tap *tap* This thing even on? Hellloooo?"

    Assault Grenadier
    "You want me to dance? I'll fucking dance on your head if you click me again."
    "Tell us the plans Mr. Fucking Guy."

    "Okay Mr. Click-Face, you're a douchebag."
    "Ahhh... you're a fucknut."

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    Panzer Grenadiers:
    "The squad is ready to kick your fucking ass."
    "Don't say anything, he'll just do more... what an asshole."
    "Clickity click, clickity FUCKING click, fucking shiesse."

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    Blurp: simplest and safest way to get the old menu music in the game for now is to
    download this cohlauncher v2 and click the menu item show in the pic below.

    If you don't use the launcher to start the game it wont work.
    (note i mainly made this version for myself so some features disabled for other users).

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    Mannerheim, how do I add other music to that addon? Like menu_screen_v2

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    Quote Originally Posted by iaguz
    Ifound that vampire line very quickly.

    what the FUCK was with that?
    Haha, impromptu office voice recording....those came so close to going in.

    The old menu music has been added into the main menu container. It will now randomize between the current OF menu music and two pre-OF tracks.
    This change is in for the next patch

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    Since relic is listening here:
    I found some interesting soundfiles, in which KCH use camouflage, pioneers detonate goliaths, and snipers "scoping" sectors and much more stuff..
    Sounds like abilitys that never made it ingame.
    Can someone from relic please explain?

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    Haha, impromptu office voice recording....those came so close to going in.

    The old menu music has been added into the main menu container. It will now randomize between the current OF menu music and two pre-OF tracks.
    This change is in for the next patch


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    Alterecho: ha great

    WittmannsTiger: that's what KCH supposed to have before the game went retail, those you listed are all old sounds since vcoh

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    good news, alterecho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alterecho
    Haha, impromptu office voice recording....those came so close to going in.

    The old menu music has been added into the main menu container. It will now randomize between the current OF menu music and two pre-OF tracks.
    This change is in for the next patch

    And when might that be? What?!?!? What do you mean you can't tell us?!?!?

    /swipe - DENIED!

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    Sgt So and So
    I'm not on the gaming computer currently, but this looks fucking amazing.

    Mannerheim, you are a god among men.

    Can't wait to listen to those Vampire lines.

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    Awww, whats wrong with KCH having camouflage?

    Could pioneers detonate goliaths before?

    I made a little soundpack of the new sounds:
    Attached Files

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    Pioneers were the only ones (historically) that used Goliaths, so I guess at one point they planned on having them spawn/control Goliaths. As opposed to the current set-up.

    Technically all infantry have camouflaged voices, not just Knight's Cross. For example, if you make a mod where Grenadiers can camouflage, they whisper while camo'ed.

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    If you listen to all the voice files, you can find lots of ability dialogue for things which must have just been scrapped at some point or another during production.

    Some of the Advisor dialogue references some sort of timed game mode which didn't make it, for instance.

    Oh, and thanks for the direct response Mr Relic man

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    This program doesn't convert the file back to SMF does it? or do i have to download a different program to switch back to SMF?
    "Freedom is not free, but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share."

    J.E. "Ned" Dolan - Captain, U.S.M.C

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    Love the variety in here. I hope that Relic decides to add a LOT of these in future patches. Seems like such a waste.

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    Who me? oh Argentina
    im looking forward for a nice "Battle in distance".. not sure where i can find them..

    Btw,, awesome tool :P

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    Also! If you open up the WW2SoundSoeechEnglish.sga from the play test and look for the file called: "speech/sp/dlc" You can hear some of the Tiger Ace mission briefings, Theres also a Tiger Song
    Damn... I can't find it...

    What I did find, though, in one of the many "selectannoyed" categories, was this...

    "Neville, see if your sten gun can range that camera up there!"

    I loled...

    There's more of them too... Oddly enough, this one's for the unarmed (except for a machine gun) command tank...

    "Gunner, point that turret up at that camera in the sky..."

    I also like...

    "Cromwell, ready to take your shitty orders..."

    "Select us... don't select us... What's it going to be, mate?"

    "What shite job you got for the Firefly now?"
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    This is pure gold!
    Thank you.
    Why isnt this thread a sticky?

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    Hate to rez an old thread, but I'd really like to get this and the link provided no longer works, can anyone provide an alternate link?

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    Would like to have it too!

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    would love to have it, but the link is kinda broken...

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    In the back of my mind.
    Here, i've uploaded SMFPlay v2.0 to the below link as a mirror for people.

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    CoH:Modern Combat
    Can a moderator please take LD's mirror link above and add it to Mannerheim's first post so that everyone can download this? (Mannerheim's link is down)


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    Do anyone knows how to join more this sound in one and set them as a ringtone on my phone?Is that possible and how?

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    I'm bumping this because the link post on the first pages is dead but the one in Lethal Dosage's post still works. They should be swapped.

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    I have been looking around for an easy way to replace the default music with different stuff I have myself so it will play ingame. Is there an easy way to reimport without going through the more elaborate workings laid out by LoranKorn?

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    Great tool you made but could anyone provide some direction on how to use the converter? (not the player, it works perfect)

    I'm trying to using smfconvert_v2 to convert the SMF sound files to WAV or MP3 (rather than saving them one at a time using the Player) but the program wont open at all, I dont think Windows recognizes I need to download something else in order to use SMF converter? Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing guys, have a nice day

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