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My first mod

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    My first mod

    I'm don't have any modding experience, but recently i have an idea to create a starcraft based mod. (sorry for my english, i now, its bad xD). I search for polish site about modding HW2 but don't find anything. Recently find this forum and find many usable tutorial.
    I add new race to HW2 in according to tutorial , callet it "Terran", and compile it according to tutorial, which i find in that forum. Run the game whith Parameter -mod shadow.big (name compiled .big file).
    Select Player vs Cpu and select terran race. In first launch the game, program informed me that "your fleet is destroyed". When i launch the game second case, the game is start, but my fleet is no vagar flag ship, but higarian mother ship, but i write in Terran00.lua, "Vgr_MotherShip", and "Hgn_Carrier".
    Where is problem?
    I don't now.
    Finaly i have some questions:
    1) What i have to do that complete this mod?
    2) What program i have to use in order to add .obj file to .hod?
    (.obj file is created in Misfit Model 3D), or where i find tutorial for this?
    3) I must create all units for this race (fe. Trr_destroyer, Trr_desantfrigate) or 3 will enough(for start)? (i add higarian and vaygar models, for mother ship(vgr), carrier(hgn) and resource collector(hgr). I use this 3 models in Terran00.lua in startfleet folder)
    4) I must create/edit Terran build.lua & research.lua to do this race playable? (i now stupid question...)
    Any questions of this note, please send at my E-mail.

    If i write this topic in wrong part of forum, i'm sorry too this. Please answer

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    Polish? Look at or write to me (GG 7929520) .
    Why did you save your mod in big? For testing seperate files will be better (-overrideBigFile).
    1. Are you really thinking about creating mod? With your experience I suggest you to learn by making small minimods.
    2. CFHodEd, CFHodEdit.
    3. No, you haven't to create all ships. You can start even if you haven't got any ships for your race .
    4. No, race will be playable even without this files.

    PS. Vaygr, not Vagar. And Hiigaran .

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