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Lord of Wraiths

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    Info Lord of Wraiths

    Mission Briefing

    Commander: The Eldar seem intent on crippling Meridian's infrastructure. They have just silenced a major communications array used by Meridian's noble houses. Valuable items were also pilfered from nearby storage vaults. A powerful Wraithlord walker reportedly led the attack. The alien host is retreating, but we have managed to keep sight of them.We need you to strike before the Wraithlord escapes.

    Primary Objectives:
    - Destroy the Wraithlord

    Secondary Objectives:

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    Put your devastators a bit behind the entrance to the arena and poke him with the rocket launcher. If you are having trouble to get in to range (and that's understandable with Seer Council one-shooting everything), sacrifice your FC to die halfway between Wraithlord and your devastators. AI is bugged, and wraithlord will attack dead FC and charge at him from time to time with moves him in to your heavy weapons range.

    Hidden scouts with melta can speed up the process.

    Or, if you feel lucky enough, kill his bodyguards, as they are most dangerous in there, and then get WL himself.

    Good luck on Primach though.
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    Ha ha ha... When I did this on Captain, my Avitus and the WL both glitched. WL's speed became godlike, in which it'd run from the center to the stairs and back in 5 seconds. My Avitus' Missile Launcher's firing speed also glitched, firing at a whopping 2 shots per second.

    Fast WL is "Oh my god run!"
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    Did this on Primarch - in a nutshell, got to kill a lot of Seer Councils, but otherwise easy and the boss is wimpy.

    I had a regular Wraithlord in the area south of the three beacons and a Falcon in the northwest (Shrine) area. Otherwise, it's the Seer Councils, some Rangers and all kinds of platforms. Mostly they can be Cyrused or Thaddeused. Personally, I found High-Powered Shot or planting a bomb the easiest way to kill the Ninja Councils, as they're hard to gun down fast enough before they jump on you (or kill the melee unit you sent to tie them).

    The boss Wraithlord has a circle of Warlocks around him, and with their one-shot lightning ZAP attack, I suggest a remote det. pack, H-P Shots or a support ability bombardment (Signum/Orbital) before you wander in the arena. That way your squads will be intact for the boss fight, which is almost disappointing. The walker is pathetically slow and easy to dance around, you can even melee it from behind. If you have a missile launcher and a power fist and throw explosives on it whenever it stops to do a special attack, it's over before it began. Well, relatively.

    Yes, and I've had this on the Capital Spire map, don't know if that varies or not.

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    On primarch it's the same as all other boss fights. Use Cyrus with stealth explosives. Otherwise stay as far away as possible. Use Avitus to loose off some missiles and run away if WL or call-ins turn their attention toward you. Melee is suicide. Can try and give Avitus more shooting time by using Tarkus and taunt but if he goes too far from the stairs he'll probably die and you won't be able to revive him.

    So not elegant or especially fun - but a straight fight with most bosses in primarch tends to equal dead squads in seconds.

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    Take Cyrus with a sniper, save his abilities and when you get to the walker you can stealth and take out the Seer council closest to you in stealth mode and not get noticed with his sniper shot thing, I came from the left side just incase its only on that side or something silly.

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