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Found out how to get the console ingame!

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    Found out how to get the console ingame!

    I was messing on with the keys during the loading screen/main menu only to find this old thing

    Alright, so im not entireley sure on what commands you can do with it, but to get it on put "-dev" (without the "'s) onto the shortcut, and press ' ingame should work.

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    I'm going to move this to the Heretek Cabal, as I think it'll be a bit more useful to the blossoming modding community than to the general populous... great find, though!
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    Ah ok the Croax, I was going to post it there anyway lol, but decided not to.

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    "quit" works.

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    Yeah, and cheat_killself lol.

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    How about a showfps cmd?

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    We need to put together a complete list of commands.

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    hehe, Exo, I've found out about the console my self just to see that you were like just a few hours faster.
    For all of you saying "hey this command works in the console": Perpare for a massive list of things that work. Click the spoiler. Took me the whole day to create this list, there's some order in it. Most of the commands need some parameters, I haven't wrote them down for all the functions. All in all I found approx. 1250 commands (lots of them are former-scar commands, which you couldn't execute through the console in Company of Heroes).

    Massive list of commands for the console

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    Those look interesting..

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    Copernicus do you know what the correct syntax would be for
    commands in the console, as i cant seem to get them to work.

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    No, I don't know it. Search the scar-files or just try to get the right parameter-count. Then it won't say "wrong number of parameters" but it will tell you the type of parameters it wants. Good luck.

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    does anyone have these files From normal dow or COH?
    if someone did then we might be able to get the cheamenu.lua working as i noticed it has stuff for level editing commands

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    I'll search through that list before asking, but I hope there are some console commands to hide the health bars and icons floating over everything on the field, and to get rid of the ghost image when a unit moves behind a building!

    Thanks for the list!

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    I'm not sure if you can remove the "ghosts" (occlusion) without editing the RBF-files. There are lots of commands for hiding thing though, look for UI_ShowSomewhat.

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    Yeah, I had to go through and edit every last darned troop type in CoH to get rid of the ghost. Man how I miss the option to just turn it off, like in DoW1. :P

    Still, it was worth it, but then I didn't play CoH MP, so it was a good solution.

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    Just so you guys know, look in the config folder of GameDefault.sga, there's a file there named cheatmenu.lua, think it contains a comprehensive list of console commands. With parameters for all commands.

    edit: nvm, don't think it's a full list, not near long enough if you already uncovered 1000+ commands. But there a good few in there.
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    most commands in the cheatmenu.lua are unusable without those 4 files listed above

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    doh, missed the last part of that post.

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    Would anyone know how to properly use the Leveling_RewardSquadWithExperience?

    I've tried Leveling_RewardSquadWithExperience(100), no luck. It doesn't give me the regular eof error though. I've tried from the mission screen, and ingame.

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    You should tell the Command which squad you want to modify.

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    The Fiery Fox
    I've been trying to use the codes to allow wargear to drop but I think I need to put in coordinates, although I have no idea how to find them. I did find this code works so far though.


    So if you want to see the whole map at least you can use this and plan your attacks on the though difficulty levels.

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    You always have World_DropWargearAtMousePositionForCurrentPlayer(wargearName)
    It puts in the other options for you.
    Also, current mouse position is Misc_GetMouseOnTerrain()
    Haven't tested the above yet, just found it in a scar file.

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    Yea I haven't got that to work yet darkelf, tried the command and it either asks for an expected eof or doesn't say anything, I'm probably just missing something obvious though as usual

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    I feel like a tool for asking this, but I've checked through the list and not found anything that helps. Anybody know how to remove the HUD/game messages? The old CoH ones and similar don't work.
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    For disabling the HUD you could either use my autoexec.lua (see here ) or use these commands:


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    So does this break online or anything?

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    To get the console activated you have to use -dev, so yes, it breaks online.

    -- Has anybody succesfully used "Misc_SetTeamColourByChapter"? I tried all integers from 1 to 1.000.000 as a parameter, so there must be some other thing I'm doing wrong.
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    Will immediately win the current match (useful for testing changes so that you don't have to complete the first mission manually)

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    I must have done it 50 times to see if changes I'd made to files had worked, etc... You've saved my sanity!

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    *grins* Your welcome. I found it shortly before the First Poster put this up but when I noticed it... I figured I should mention it in this thread since the commands are listed but he didn't list the syntax or anything. You can also bind it to a key through the command console (or autobind it to a through a scar file)

    such as
    function InstantWin()
    Scar_DebugConsoleExecute("bind([[SHIFT+F5]], [[Scar_DoString('InstantWin()')]])")
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    This command will drop piruty seal at camera position(dont'forget to remove spaces)

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    ahh, so you need the full path, not just name, k. Was wondering why it wouldn't work.

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    ok so i've started using these codes but i cant get any of them to work and seeing as im testing a coupple of mates personal mods that they might release this i rather important. the code i need are for the following commands (please write instructions simply as im a bit of an idiot when comes to this sort of stuff). the commands are
    i thank you all in advance because i know how great and helpful people you are

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    I have tried to add xp while ingame with no go;

    open console and tried

    Leveling_SetSquadLevel=9 (with the squad I desired as selected ingame)
    Misc_IsSquadSelected=1 then Leveling_SetSquadLevel=9 end
    Misc_GetSquad(1,2) leveling_SetSquadLevel=9

    nothing like those works... any one know how to make these work?
    Thanks Deus for the other syntax... appreciated

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    Anyone know how to get these commands to work? I am pretty sure DoW 2 does not have motionblur or depthfield. Enabling would be totally sweet!

    Thanks for any help!

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    Like this, looks strange, it gets darker, and both commands does almost thesame efffect (or it is the same O_o).

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    Yeah, toggled them. Not exactly sure what they do!

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