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    Small Mod

    Keller's Para-Germany Mod v1.0
    I basically put this together so that some friends and I could play it. I actually put a lot of work into this but I'm not a pro and this is my first and probably only mod so be kind if you have comments.

    First lets start with the most important info... this has ONLY been tested up to version 1.71 of CoH. I do not have OF, nor do I play relic online and I like the game the way it is. Don't lobby or judge me for these necessary evils...

    Now for the actual components of the mod...
    Axis Defense Tree unchanged
    Blitzkrieg Tree
    Left (2) Stormtroopers
    Left (3) Strafe Attack
    Left (3) Offmap Assault Group
    Right (1 or 2 points?) Copy of Allies Raid ability (broken)
    Right (2) Field Repair
    Right (3) Blitzkreig)

    Terror Tree
    Left (1) Spy Plane
    Left (2) Off map StuH 42
    Left (5) Tiger Ace
    Right (1) Paradrop Grenadiers
    Right (3) Paradrop AT
    Right (4) V1 Rocket

    It's important to note the two major bugs, firstly is that the Raid Ability is broken. I don't have the time to fiddle to get it working but if you would like to fix it and repost the mod on this thread you can take credit for it. Also the other bug, at least I think its a bug, is when two players use the Terror tree the second player cannot paradrop troops. Anyone can verify this for me... if you could fix it too that would be fantastic and as always you can have credit.

    On to other noticeable differences.
    Major change in Commander Points system. You won't notice much of a difference but you will notice that you cannot purchase tier 2 or tier 3 abilities unless a corresponding upgrade is purchased at the HQ. This is for both Allies and Axis. You'll be able to click the next ability and click okay but the game won't spend ur poitns and you wont be able to use the ability unless the upgrade is purchased. Yes the AI is capable of doing all of this stuff on its own.

    The original purpose of this mod was to add an Anti-Tank Inf Squad. This squad can be purchased at the respective buildings for each team and is denoted with Orange symbols instead of white ones to make them stick out. They roll 3 deep and cost 235 (i think) and are extremely effective against pesky Jeeps and Light Armor but can hold their own against heavier tanks if in good cover. Try them out, you won't be disappointed in their effectiveness. Again the AI makes full use of these fellas so watch ur light armor and such

    Other changes...
    Population limit was increased somewhat, you will notice a difference. This was in hopes to gear people towards using more infantry not tanks but it is what it is..

    Howitzer and Walking Stuka abilities "nerfed" Again as players we find these things annoying so their cool down times were increased and their damages decreased.

    Snipers buildable in foward barracks, along with AT Squads.

    AT Guns accuracy vs. infantry, especially snipers, drastically decreased. I was sick and tired of AT Gun "spamming" where it was all I fought and it was sick how accurate they were so this was noticeably reduced.

    Axis pioneer roll 3 deep instead of 2... I thought this was stupid. Their price reflects their new "value" of having 3 people.

    Ranges for Mortar teams and snipers have been increased. Mortars are severely underused so they have been beefed up.

    I think thats all the changes I can think of, there may be others but they are minor. Feel free to post questions or comments and again if you use any of this please credit my work. If you make changes and repost the mod with bug fixes then I will give you credit. Enjoy my simple mod guys

    You can download it here
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    why did you make this thread also in the weapons range?

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    it was a mistake actually... you/whoever can delete whichever one is less appropriate

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    Oke! Maby you could change the threads name to: Delete this thread please.

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    lol well where should it be?

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    Maybe you could report it to a Moderator.
    I've done that for you; a Moderator for this section will hopefully move your thread when he gets online. (I'm not a Moderator for this section.)

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    Closed Due to thread already existing on this mod.

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