This is my 1st mod. I will make a 2nd mod after the Eastern Front Mod is ready, since i need Communist weapons for the 2nd mod - Republic of China mod. Ofcourse, the 2nd mod will not be accomplished if the Eastern Front Mod does not agree using their models...

I did not edit new names for new weapons since we are playing Chinese version COH, with Chinese names you might have error as in $12312413 or so.

There is some problems beyond my bad modding skill -

The Nashorn sp-AT can fire but there is no sound and visual effect.
I was intended to have M4A3E8/76 (*looks like firefly) produceable after click 76mm gun upgrade, with the original M4s still having thier 75mm. But it turned out have M4s not upgunned, and Fireflys had a bug. And the result is - the 76mm upgun skill has no effect to anything, with firefly normal for americans.


I have also made a series of maps (10+) for ROC mod. They are typical Taiwanese country land, or Eastern Front battle field.

Any comments or helps is welcomed.

the Lahn mod team:

Lahn - Modder / Mapper
Kimi0857 - Mod / Map testing
ROT - Mod / Map testing
Chu321 - Map testing
Duck - Mapper / Map testing
evildick2 - Map testing
7788 - Map testing
30727 - Map testing

there is a downloadable file at mediafire com
I dont know how can I post the link here. Please PM me to get this mod.


please replace ^ with dots.