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Secrets of Karos

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    Secrets of Karos

    Secrets of Karos Mod,

    I am making a new Mod, in which the Karos graveyard will be shown in greater depth than ever before. The mod will be based around a scavenging race who live inside the Karos graveyard, and their struggle for survival against mysterious automated hulks. The automated hulks will be a second race playable in multiplayer, and there will be a single player campaign for the scavengers (and another for the hulks if possible). This is just an initial idea, and I need to see what people think before work starts.

    We are currently looking for modders with skills in any area, of any ability. If you feel you have any contribution to make to the mod, please PM me or reply to this thread.

    Also, we would appreciate your thoughts on this idea and what you all think.

    Website coming soon.

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    Please.....Somebody :[

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    i have a modell that could be used as a dreanought it has 6000 polygons. check my thread i have some pictures of it

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    i have a modell that could be used as a dreanought it has 6000 polygons. check my thread i have some pictures of it: i have only created one in the mod under progress

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    I like the idea of a race living amongst the ruins of Karos. I do not like the automated hulks, however. When I read the first line of you post I envisioned something like this:
    The scavengers live in the karos graveyard. They build their ships from the stuff they find, so their ships have a patchwork-kind of look. The hole place is holy to them.
    The second race would be the invading scientists wanting to learn more about the secrets of Karos, or looking for a weapon or something. So they fight..

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    or a race simular to the keepers

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    I like the scientists idea. Maybe a Hiigaran Research Team? I had envisaged something like the Keepers, or the 'ghost ship' and 'junkyard dog' of Homeworld 1.

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    Why not the keepers themselves?

    Mover AI gone bad?

    (BTW, this concept will show up in the bentusi mod a few times)

    -Philip "Pip" Kin

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