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Where to get World Builder?

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    Where to get World Builder?

    Hi i want to try out making some maps but where do I get the world builder map editor from? and is it rather user friendly or is it pretty tricky to use?

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    Q: I Cant find the map editor (aka WorldBuilder)
    A: Make sure you have updated Coh to current version. You can do this by logging on to relic online in COH. WorldBuilder is located in the COH installation root, same folder as the COH executable.

    It is easy to use considering you can do a lot with it. So, it will take some time to get used to all tools, but when looking at all posibilities it is pretty easy to use them.
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    If you have Company of Heroes updated to version 1.7 or later then you should have World Builder (WorldBuilder.exe) in the folder you installed the game in (usually C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes). You can download CoH patches here:

    At first the World Builder may seem complex but once you go through a couple tutorials and make your fist maps everything will seem pretty easy. You can find some good tutorials for using the World Builder here: You can also find some good topics here too (pinned, at the top): Also, there is good stuff in the How-To's and Tutorials forums here.

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    thanks guys!

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    The World Builder that came with my Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor expansion pack doesn't work so I think I have to get a new one and re-install it so where can I download a free working World Builder that will work when I am also using the NHCmod 2.602b mod?

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    If your WB doesn't work, then there is something misconfigured. There is no "external" WB available.

    Btw.: "Tales of Valor expansion pack" ??? What do you mean. This is not an expansion pack. It's a full version.

    But, please, do not bump such an old thread.

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    download patch 1.00


    fuck u man

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    I got that all mixed up aswell, if you only have Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor then at some point purchase Company Of Heroes and Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts all you would need to do is go into you ingame profil and click on add procduct, then add the serial codes for the other games which then unlocks the campaigns for those games. Patch your game to the latest version 2.602 and you will be fine, WB is locked in the same directory as you installed COH - TOV.

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