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Converting FSB -> MP3 ?

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    Converting FSB -> MP3 ?

    Anyone had any luck on converting the DoW2 FSB files to MP3 format? I tried using the player linked in the sticky (musicplayerex), but it only works on two of the FSB music files in the game. The rest (all 17+ megs) seem to be too large for the player to handle.

    Is there another app out there that can do this?

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    I seem to remember the FMOD tools being able to handle FSB audio.

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    All I can find are FMOD APIs, not actual works-out-of-the-box tools. Cracking open a C++ compiler and writing my own tool with the API is not what I had in mind. :/

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    DoW2 mini-soundtrack + instructions, how to extract music from game and convert it to mp3

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    Thanks for the help, Existor.

    I also emailed the author of MusicplayerEx, and pointed out the problem with converting the FSB to WAV with his app (the skips, clicks, and other distortions). He got back to me today with an update to his app, and the new version is on his website. You can now convert from within the player, rather than the fsbext.exe, and it will convert to WAV without any distortions. Converting straight to MP3 still doesn't work well though, but at least you no longer need to edit the audio to remove the distortions.

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