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Lag kick cheats

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    Lag kick cheats

    played two games that ran smooth no lagg then soon as we where beating them without any signs of lagg i get kicked,and my team mates aswell,i have a replay anerlizer so i looked up the second game and near the end when we were beating them they were saying should we start a lag kick,i would send in the replays but at this moment my replays are getting sync errors.There has to be a fix to these cheaters hope a patch will be out soon,as this is very fustraiting.

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    Yeah it happens. It really sucks. Nothing you can really do about it except just keep winning!

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    Send the replays to Relic as detailed in this thread, even if you get sync errors when you try to replay them. The more information Relic gets about cheats/hacks, the more likely they are to be able to counter it in a patch.

    And now, since there really isn't anything to discuss here, I'll lock this.

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