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I fixed my Tales of Valor

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    I fixed my Tales of Valor

    I have posted some threads about my problems and shown my files and repost other problems. but they didn't get fixed.

    - dxdiag.txt
    - warnings.log
    - Hijackthis log file
    - error.log
    I got so fedup keep showing these on the fourms only some members have told me to update my drivers and install SP3 for XP but did it fix it NO it didn't slove my problems in fact some of my other game started go wrong.

    I sat down and looked at "Tale of Valor" all my problems began when I install it the first COH worked and all my other games worked so did Windows XP with SP2, no lockouts or have to reset the computer and update everything so I started to weight up the probelms with TOV vs COH and this is what I came to found out:

    1. My mod working everytime I change it, It works.
    2. My 82 maps all work
    3. WB open and saving new maps
    4. Other members mods working with mine install
    5. download all the patches and install them without problem

    1. Had to make a new Mod but now get alot of errors when I change it.
    2. I only can play Relic TOV maps no other maps work for me.
    3. WB don't open or save keeps crashing back to desktop with v2.502 no fun
    4. Playing the game for just 20 mins and it crashes again everytime never see the end of the game
    5. TOV causes A fatel error with RelicCOH.exe "hanging error" most of the time and cause me to lose my desktop background picture and my icons so I have do a reset everytime when this happens.
    6. First time I have downloaded the patches for TOV from steam but my game crash again so had install the game again then I download from "fileFront" patch v2.501 crash my game again had to install again "oh crap"
    7. got all the two patches v2.501 & v2.502 both install now the game hangs for 3 mins before starting a map had to reinstall again "Man this is a pain for just one game"
    8. I found most of my errors come from the RelicCOH.exe and art files "But I have no art files installed in my Mod?"
    9. now TOV don't give me the "dxdiag.txt or error.log" only the warnings.log.
    10. now my game just hangs and cause an error with windows have to restat again now the game just don't open. have to install again? No WAY.

    The warning log:
    1. An ability failed to cast because target validation failed: abilities\ally_off_map_howitzer_shoot
    2.An ability failed to cast because target validation failed: abilities\axis_terror_bombardment
    3. An ability failed to cast because target validation failed: abilities\ally_air_strike_ability_strafe
    4. Was already stealing a skeleton when told to steal another [mortar_target].
    5.GAME -- SimulationController::Pause 0
    10:41:28.01 Transport - median kBPS [hi/cur] sent = 0.0/0.0, recvd = 0.0/0.0, #p/sec[s/r] = 0.0/0.0, max unsent 0, version err 0, merge 0

    But I have none of these files in my mod and when I just run the game without a mod I get the same error problems again in the Warning log it just repeat it self.

    I have check for virus on my system but found none and now I have format my computer for the fourth time in just one month I have two new WD 1TB black HD so thats not the problem so I now can say I have to end it, one day when reilic have the time they can fix all the BUGS the game.

    I have never had so many problems like this before with Relic games DOW2 installed and patched with problems best game like COH. Shame on "Tales of Valor"

    I will only miss the 9 units of the TOV game and the best A.I.because the A.I in the COH/OF is to easy to win on hard.

    So now I have come to fixing my problems with TOV so I DELETED IT. and gone back to COH/OF

    Problem solved for me End.

    Thank you for reading my thread.

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    That was a lot of reading just to get across 'I have problems with ToV and it makes me mad'.

    Please don't make threads just to blow off steam. If you actually want help there's either Technical Assistance or The Armoury to ask for it in.

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