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Error DirectX Runtime code 10258 when install

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    Error DirectX Runtime code 10258 when install

    Hello, i have problem

    i have Coh Tov master , because i have newest master installer newest version directX i delete direct x on Tales of valor master data.

    and when i install the game again on several day i can't install the game this error -- Error DirectX Runtime code 10258 when install..

    and then i create folder again on my master game data with DirectX as name and then i have put my newest directx file on that folder...but still erorr ( Error DirectX Runtime code 10258 when install)


    i have unzipping the in the Data folder to DirectX foloder on my game directori

    i use administrator account windows when install

    I've copied the DVD to my HD and run the executible in compatiblity mode. Regular XP and Win2k still don't work but the installer will launch when set to Win98. It subsequently fails, however, when configuring DirectX with error code 10258.

    i use xp sp3

    use nvidia 96gt , core 2 6320 , 2gb ddr2 800

    .............. and still errorrrrrrrrrrrrr

    p[lease help me

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    Unfortunately there is no fix for this errorcode known to us.

    Could you please post dxdiag.txt, warning.log and a hijackthis.log?

    EDIT: Well, im getting old. I remembered I posted a suggested fix on another forum, try this please: (Still, post the files please)

    Open the "data"-folder on your DVD and unpack the "", then run the "DXSetup.exe" manually.

    Too bad the user there never replied if it worked.

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