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Facelessone - banned (still banned)

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    Karos Facelessone - banned (still banned)

    Facelessone is now banned due to flaming, spamming the reports section, and threatening to not follow any of the rules of this "shitty forum" unless a post is deleted.

    Hey everyone, i know this will feel like common sense to 99% of you, so apologies first for stating the obvious. If you make a stupid post and another user completely makes you look foolish using logic and reason, do not use the staff as your attack dogs to go after that user. We do look at every single report that gets in, sometimes it might take a day or two for action to be taken but the last thing you want to do is to spam reports, threaten the staff with insults demanding immediate action, or worse reporting something that is not against any rules. None of us have any problem being the "bad guy" if a user deserves it, but dont waste our time either.

    Cheers and a special shoutout to my fellow united stater's to have a happy and safe fourth of july weekend.

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    It is said that one should never speak ill of the dead or in this case banned. However luckily what i lack in morals i make up for it with my lack of ethics or fear of that make believe creature some of you bow to on sundays so your harvest will be plentiful and your wives will birth sons.

    So now that i have insulted the righteous, the religious and a multitude of gods i am not too concerned with mocking the banned. Anywho its story time so pull up a seat, indulge in your favorite frothy beverage, and get out your money cause i do accept tips.

    You see there once was a person by the name of Facelessone (FLO) who made some bad choices in life... he grew unhappy, the rage took him over, and then he went on the internet. Time passed by and eventually he came to our forum. He found our oasis our very own utopia, an island if you will, surrounded by a sea of porn and former nigerian royalty. Our forum accepts the strong and the weak, the mighty and the sick. We accept those just becoming teenagers (that didnt sound right) and the old waiting to die. We take under our wing the brave and the cowardly, the smart and the... this sounded a lot better in my head.

    Point is, we take you in, we love you like a bunny, but not wrong love like when lenny killed his bunny in the book Of Mice and Men. We never strangle you to death.

    So FLO came to us, he registered, and agreed to certain terms. But it was to late for him, the madness had filled his cold dead heart. So he raged on the forums, he spoke in cruel senseless terms, and his posts lacked reason and thought. A fellow community member struck him down with logic and might, but FLO raged on. He looked to the staff. He demanded action, he demanded retribution, but they saw the hate in his heart. You see FLO had become like Frodo in the book Lord of the Rings, but he had no Sam to pull him back from the darkness, he succumbed to the power of the ring. The ring in this case being um... well it doesnt matter, just think of something bad and that is what FLO succumbed too.

    So the staff decided that he could no longer be a bunny in the oasis, but the staff are good people... so they turned to what kills bunnies. Their short, dumb lenny, in this case soul. So soul hugged FLO, he brought all his wrath and power on that poor rage filled bunny, and he just loved the hell out of it.

    Unfortunately as mentioned in the first paragraph soul is a heathen devil and forgot that zombies happen (see bible; see story of jesus).

    So that bunny still existed out in the internet, still with the rage, still with the darkness. And 3 days later FLO struck. For you see he tried to get back into the oasis. He tried to log into our utopia as an admin, but he failed 5 times and the oasis defense grid went into action. You see unlike in Of Mice and Men, in this story lenny gets an email that his account failed to log in with the offenders ip address.

    And although lenny may be short, and he might be slow, and we already covered the whole heathen thing... lets just say hes "the shit" with the admin control panel.

    The moral of this story is that our forum is an oasis and we are a utopia and we do have a thing for bunnies... however if you ever get banned... always remember that the staff:


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