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    Mod Note: Please limit discussion in this thread to how the IG will relate to DoW2. If you would like to discuss IG fluff, please do so here.

    I'm also moving this to the DoW2 general discussion.
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    |0| yea they would be pretty cool with more relievce on light vehicles than the other races. It will be interesting to see how the usual many guardsmen per squad will be replicated in DOW2 maybe like the orks in squad numbers or somthing. It will be like starship troopers when its nids v ig. from what i can remember in DC most of the time where there was 1 marine standing the was several bodies and organs of his squad lying at his feet so they may end up quite squishy. hopefully with the release of the next instalment we will see some units appear for the other races such as fire dragons for eldar. yes baneblade will have no chance being in this game what so ever, why? well if the land raider wasnt then it wont be and the BB is twice the size and im not to sure of the basilisk either.... do the ig even have melee units besides the ogryn? if so they will be even more of a liability in this than tau (if they have the kroot) but that a side i think they will be fun to play as and against but personally i will keep dreaming of the tau and ig in the next expansion (chaos/neron fans dont hate me :'( )

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    vehicles that will most likely be see are
    griffon, leman russ (duh), sentinel, chimera, hellhound, and maybe the demolisher russ variant...

    the range of the basilisk would be greater than that of the current maps so a griffon with a heavy mortar makes sense as far as vehicle arty goes.
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    Ig in dow 2 will be wayyy dif from dow 1, I just know it since dow 2 is being closer to fluff. I say Unit sizes and well all around setup of the gaurd change dramatic to ponts i cant really speculate on. But to give a shot into the dark.

    Campaign would be liike sm where you be a young officer sent on some mission to either defend or take back land for the Imperium, which you may several type of sqauds on the feild at a time since they are the gaurd. Oh i can't wait for the gaurd to get their asses to dow 2... >.< move in arleady.

    I saw gaurd will do even better on dow 2 since they get better buffs from on map defenses to keep them alive, their vehicals can be put havoc on the filed and not to mention infrantry spam.
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    actually i can expect squads of 10 guardsman per squad. sorry if it was closer to fluff orks wouldnt be smashing so much with as little as they can field. if it was more fluffy i think it would be closer to the mod WARhammers presentation of the swarm orks etc etc.

    guardsman i see will be in squads of 10
    kasrkins will probably be 8
    ogryns will be 5 probably

    what i really hope to see are psyker battle squads that were released in the new codex...they are amazing

    for the campaign i really hope we get to be the race on the offensive and not the defensive.

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    yah thats the spirit TS.
    i propose giving each squad member a plasma gun and fitting the baneblade turret upon every leman russ!

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    We should have a poll as to what IG Regiment should be in DoW II. I'd vote for Death Korps of Krieg.

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    i doubt it. GW might "insist" that Cadians will be used since Cadians are the poster boys of the IG like Ultramarines are for Space Marines. although there is always the possibility that Relic makes their own regiment like they made their own chapter for SM...hmmm

    in other news i want Vostroyans!

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    Anything but Cadians, PLEASE! They're the most boring IG regiment by far. I'd take Elysian Guard, Vostroyan, Steel Legion, Tallarn, Catchan ect over Cadians any day.

    Although I think the best thing for Relic to do would be to sell skin packs for different IG regiments. This would make me very happy, and please a wide fanbase for the IG.

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    I want death corp. because I can put them in chaos colors and call them renegades easier.

    Otherwise, cadians are fine.


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    blasphemy how dare you not want a army of me lol

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    well the Scout Marines make a great alternative =]

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    Pfft if ig don't get their own campaign i'm gonna be soooo made, because it be so good to make one for them. ^^ you can imagine the possiblities man it would be kick ass. If they don't ge ig their own campaign i'm gonna not buy expansion ... T-T i do it man i'm serious.

    Also i hope ig, get techpriest as a hero, i'm really missing the little metal armed guy

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    Also i hope ig, get techpriest as a hero, i'm really missing the little metal armed guy
    Maybe he will be like a Melee focused Tech Marine, with amazing vehicle support abilities, and have servitor bodyguards?

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    I second the vote for voystroyan

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    I would like to see a sneaky elite regiment. (Catachan jungle fighters or Tanith first and only)

    An army with a few veteran squads (5-6 trooper + sarge) backed up by HW teams (HBolter, Lascannon, mortar), vechicles support (chimera, hellhound, leman russ) and some sneaky melee specialists (armed with Catachan Fangs ) would fit perfectly in DoW2 gamplay-wise.

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    My vote is on Preatorians. They need to get more spotlight!

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    as long as we get 10+ in a squad and balanced right, it would be good (although I would like to see 20 in a squad, i doubt its gonna happen)

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    IG in DOW2 should be able to dig trenches that give building type cover :P or maybe since they're buildable, lighter cover than buildings, something that if you are in yellow cover you can beat.

    Since green cover > building > yellow, it should then be green > building > yellow > light building .

    They should get tunnels too, but unlike the ravener's uber tunnels, they are linked, so if one end gets blown up, you have to rebuild the exit. You can do such that you click on the tunnel and decide where you want the exit to be, should be limited to areas with vision.

    Commander wise you should get general/general retinue (no wargear, but choice of 3 retinue!), lord commissar (support) and techpriest (light melee/anti ranged)

    Troops wise you should get ig squad, hwt setup team, snipers, stormtroopers and ogryns.
    Vehicles chimera, sentinel, leman russ, hellhound(anti melee vehicle).

    Now on to global powers, the 2 shared powers should be basilisks artillery strike(the expensive nuke) and some kind of damage resistance buff.

    The General should get a further valkryie air strike and a damage bonus buff.
    The commisar should get a morale buff that helps IG generate more red resource and cheap ogryns.
    The techpriest gets a Leman Russ Demolisher and a global repair much like the techmarines global repair.

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    I think Vostroyan firstborn or Elysian drop troops should be in over Cadians. They're both elite regiments full of veterans so IG will actually fit into the small scale feel of DoW2.

    If they put stuff like Cadian conscripts with 20 to a squad it'll get out of hand very, very quickly.
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    true true although there no hope in there being 20 ppl to a squad maybe 10 max or 8. but that being said i wonder how an orbital bombardment on top of a 20 man squad blog of ig would turn out lol

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    Well they could still make Cadians be primarily composed of Stormtroopers. It doesn't necessarily have to be conscripts. Either way, i'm sure we're gonna see an IG army list that's very similar to DoW's, except i'm willing to bet we'll see snipers as a unit, and Vindicare Assassin as a commander instead.

    Guardsmen could very easily fit themselves into DoW II's MP. If Ork boyz, Gaunts are in the MP, there's no reason at all for Guardsmen not to be. I don't know why some people think IG is too large scale for DoW II, when Orks and Nids outnumber the IG in the Fluff, yet they're both in the game.

    Would most of you like to see skin packs for different IG regiments?

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    IG GM Squads the same size of Eldar Guardian Squads is fine for me. Is Eldar armor so mch better?

    I don't want pathing problem again, IG infantry was always a mobility nightmare due to that.

    Also, Catachan Jungle Fighters or GTFO

    But seriously, instead of different commanders, IG could have different armies: Cadian, Catachan, Krieg and one more (if we get 4th commander when Chaos comes. Yes, preciouss, chaos will come).

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    i like that idea. here is a propisiton for commanders

    Cadian Commander- base him on Creed- most balanced of armies with emphasis on mixed use of infantry and tanks. the commander could use a orders system like in the new codex to buff nearbye squads. globals could be a something like call day boyz, call down storm troopers, call down orgyns, call down a valkyrie airstrike which could be different as it would land like a bombing run and not a giant circle such as orb bombard, roks, etc

    Catachan Commander- lol make him like Sly Marbo- strong emphasis on infantry with lots of infiltrate abilities and buffed melee. vehicles could represent ones that would be used in a jungle fight like sentinels, chimeras, and such but no heavy duty equipment. the commander could have something like hid da boyz, buff melee, call down ogryns, and maybe instead of explosives for the ariel bombardment he could use napalm?

    Krieg Commander- base him on the Forgeworld model- This army could focus on a war of attrition style. They could build trenches like the Brits can in CoH, maybe allow them to use listenin posts on the req points, allow them to build turrets more. there could also be a emphasis on arty over standard vehicles. griffons, medusa, etc. the commander could give alot of defense buffs and suppression resistant abilities. call downs could be a speed buff (hey trencher warfare called for alot of running across no mans land), a damage resistance buff, call down a collossus, and instead of a valykire strike how about a offscreen bassie or deathstrike missle bombardment.

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    actually arent they just using the Cadian skins. I mean the only time Cadians were actually used by name is in WA. Everything else has been either the Kronus Liberators or Vendoland.

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    I hope that whatever happens we get PDF troops that act like tier 1 raveners in that they are free and incredibly week. Then you get the regular strong guardsmen who will do the DPS and the PDF who will be the fleshy meatshields that will die in horrible horrible droves.

    PDF will have less health than gaurdsmen but will do the same damage per shot

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    how about PDF with a DPS of 100 and have there weapons count as AV and plasma....hey we all know stefan is gonna see this idea and use it

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    I wonder what copy right thingys would be nessasary to get ciphias cain in the game and have a campaign involving him for IG?

    That would be the best campaign ever.

    I know relic has an amazing ability to be pretty funny and creative with their dialouge but it sure doesn't show through in most of the DOW2 races, orks being the except where all the cleverness shines through, a ciaphias cain campaign would give relic a chance to add a bit of that clever humor they have back in the game.
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    Screw the Cadian Guard. Give me the Nazis/Hellghast with flashlights. Franky, they're the only Imperial Guard regiment i like and the Steel Legion, but i'm sure everyone agrees that the Cadians are the most Visually boring regiment, although chances are that they're going to be in DoW2 aniway since they were practicaly already done in CoH, and we know that Relic likes to simply port the models from past games into DoW2 *cough*Predator tank*cough*

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    it would be nice to see the penal regiment with the explosive collars. i think ig and tau are going to be hard to implement because of the range aspect and for ig the mass of disruption. balancing them is going to be pretty hard.

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    ,people lets face the facts i don't think there will be multiply guard races like if they fc is a vostroyan you get vostroyan etc it will probably one race.

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    Im pretty sure that the heavy weapons squad will be their platforn gun and if they still get the choice of chain gun ( you know what i mean) or las cannon upgrade that will be sweet

    and i think the basilsk should come into dw2 make things interesting it would have not much hp but the earth shaker would be an interesting addition if not it should be added as a global bouns

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    the thing is with the bassie it has a very long range and, theoretically, would be able to hit anywhere in a 1vs1 and 2vs 2 map. the 3 vs 3 would be different, but really do we need a long range arty to be limited to 3 vs 3? again the griffon, medusa, or any other heavy mortar weapon would make more sense unless Relic makes the maps alot bigger.

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    Griffon or Medusa would work fine and make more a different a different take on "super-long-range heavy armour" guard people talk about, both being shorter ranged and more vulnerable because of it. It might also make sense as they just introduced in the new Codex, like there are now 3 variants for the Hellhound.

    I think the Guard could be viable as a smaller short range force now; vets, Medusas, Hellhounds, Ogryns etc. It doesn't need to be all heavy armour and human waves, perhaps the Leman Russ could be a game call in like Terminators?

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    Leman russ ofcoourse will be ig tank, Its the best well rounded tank in ig army. Plus it looks kinda cool to me ;p.

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    the fire prism fired like a tank...aka-straight...actually all the tanks fire straight regardless of the blast. leman russes, bassies, medusas, etc are function as ordinance vehicles. a leman russ round differs from the auto cannon that the preds/looted tank should be using in DoW 2. so yah the tanks in DoW 2 have a long range, but none of them fire in a arc. if the bassie wanted to fire close to it, the gun would have to raise to a higher angle then shoot and the player will have to watch as the round goes up into the air, stops, begins to descend, in which the enemy as bailed because he probably will see it coming. the only way i see the bassie working is if you turned it into the marauder tank in CoH...which is more suited to the medusa (which is a nice arty AV weapon in TT) since the bassie is meant for indirect fire while the medusa has to fire directly.

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    Screw loose.
    I'd like to see your hero choice dictate what skins your army get. So you could pick a Catachan hero and get a jungle fighters skinned army, or a Cadian hero and get a cadian skinned army, etc.

    As for how they play in the game, i'd like to see their early game based heavily on infantry, but tier 2 being almost entirely made up of tanks. Teir 3 could have units like stormtroopers/ratlings/ogryns. The only problem i can see with making their entire army based on vehicles would be that they would be easily countered by their opponents, all you would have to do is build AV weapons. By giving IG some strong infantry in tier 3 you force your opponent to work harder.

    Not that i would complain if the baneblade/shadow sword snuck its way into tier 3. Or if they got a vehicle in tier 1, like a salamander scout vehicle.

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    if they dont use the regiment specific commander they should stick with what the 5th edition came out with.

    Command Squad
    -this commander could focus on having abilities linked to his wargear that follow a DoW 2 esque version of the command system added to the IG in the 5th edition codex
    -call ins- Reinforcements (functions like Call da Boyz), Stormtroopers (deployed in a valkyrie that could stay for 8 seconds providing fire support), Heavy Weapon Platoon (valkyrie deploys a heavy bolter team, lascannon team, mortar team then leaves immediately), Basilisk Barrage (drops several shells off screen)
    Lord Commissar
    -his abilities should revolve around boosting others courage and attack abilities, but sometimes at the cost of a guardsman due to field execution.
    -call ins- Fight Harder Men! (functions like the Lord Commissars abilities but at the price of zeal and not a guardsman), Penal Legion (a mixture of various soldiers that have upgrades to either be good at range/ bad at melee or good at melee/ bad a range), Commissar (i would like to see a "mini hero" system added in which for zeal and req you can have a weaker version of the Lord Commissar running around....this could influence other "mini heroes" like chaplains, autarchs etc), Last Stand (makes all guardsmen within a radius immune to suppression and have a small damage buff for high zeal and req exchange)
    Primaris Psyker
    -this hero would be pure support. his psychic abilities should be on par or better than the warlock/farseer but his combat effectiveness at a low. His abilities should effect the enemies fighting abilities
    -call ins- psychic shroud (blinds the enemy for a brief period of time within a radius), psyker battle squads (teams of 3 psykers that act as a low damage but high suppression unit to represent their 5th edition ability to lower enemy leadership...but since morale isnt in the game then courage will have to do), Psychic fear (auto retreats a enemy unit) psychic storm (new 5th edition ability for pysker battle squads but would work better as a high damage zeal ability in DoW 2)

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    I just wonder how the IG will fare in boss battles against horrors like the Avatar of Khaine.

    You're gonna lose a LOT of men.
    Where's the Bloody Taanks!!??

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    I think what you're likely to see (as far as commanders) will probably be a Commisar Lord (defensive), Primaris Psyker (stealthy) and perhaps a Company Commander (offensive)

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    Whats a Commissar Lord O.o...

    I've heard of Colonel Commissar and such but not a COmmissar Lord.

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    looks like someone didnt get the new codex =P

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    Whats a Commissar Lord O.o... I've heard of Colonel Commissar and such but not a COmmissar Lord.
    Well it's not really that clear in the Codex from what I can tell as to whether he is the Commissar at the regimental level or that Commissar Lords are the Commissars that come above the regiment. What is clear though in the Codex is that he's actually a better fighter than the Company Commander. This means that it would make sense to make the Commissar Lord is made the main "fighter" hero with a few buffs for the Imperial Guard and that the Company Commander could perhaps fufil a more supporting role with arty strikes and perhaps reflecting on the Orders that are in the new Codex too.

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    I hope that we don't see basilisks as they would be so underpowered, mortar teams or griffins would be ok

    What about army painter for guard, i personally would like to see at least 3 different patterns like SM (i know they have 4)

    - plain coloured fatigues (8th cadian) - [armour color], [fatigue color], [weapon color], [Aquilla color]

    - 2 color camo (dow 1) - [armor color + weapon color], [fatigue camo 1], [fatigue camo 2], [Aquilla color]

    - 3 color camo - [fatigue camo 1+ weapon + armor], [fatigue camo 2], [fatigue camo 3], [Aquilla color]
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    in terms of commanders for guard, they are (and should be):
    -Company Commander (with 1/2 vets)
    -Weapons: power sword, power fist, plasma pistol
    -armor: carapace, camo cloaks, maybe refractor field
    -accesories: flag bearer, medic, 'eavy flamer (all this stuff is for the vets)
    -Lord Commissar
    -Weapons: same as company commander
    -armor: same as company commander
    -accesories: aura of disipline (damage/health bonus to guardsmen), melta bombs, stubborn (major health bonus to all guardsmen around him)
    -Primaris Psyker
    -the Primaris Psyker doesn't have any options, so i can only include some of the wargear
    -accesories: nightshroud (infiltrates squad), weaken resolve (health decrease to enemy squad), maybe psychic weapons (damage bonus to squad)
    assasin is not a guard unit, its an inqusition unit, there should be special weapon squads instead
    -for all: stormtroopers, mobile reserve (chimera w/ guardsmen reinforcements), arty bombardment
    -company commander: bring it down! (major damage bonus against specified vehicle/monstrous creature)
    -lord commissar: send in the next wave! (kinda self-explanatory)
    -primaris psyker: warp choir (brings in psyker battle squad)
    thats it for now. more is coming...
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    I think that the IG commanders will be less expensive to revive and their units will gain benifits from formation like:

    If there is multiple units attacking the same unit their attacks deal silghtly more damage or they knockdown the unit.


    simply cause suppress or something similar.

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    Speaking of what Legions to use... Valhallans anybody? C'mon, no one has read Ciaphas Cain? I don't like Ibraham Gaunt... He just annoys me for some reason. As for units, i'm imagining it's going to be something like this:

    Commanders: Imperial Commander, Commissar, Sanctioned Psyker or Priest

    T1: Imperial Guardsmen Trooper squad (10 in all), Heavy Weapons Team (I don't know if they're going to separate them into Heavy Bolter and Lascannon), Salamander

    T2: Sentinels (Squadron?), Assassins, Chimera, (Hydras?)

    T3: Kasirkin, Leman Russ

    Globals: Stormtroopers with Hellguns, Artillery Support (ala Basilisk or Earthshakers), and assorted buffs and what not

    That's my basic idea of what the Guard are going to be like.. (Also, F yeah, Commissar!)

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    I think bassy should be a global power, but not the last expensive global power. That spot should be reserved for carpetbombing.

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