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Mechboy Electric Armor

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    Mechboy Electric Armor

    How do 'nids counter this?
    It costs 30 power so it hits the field at the same time you get your first warrior squad or your second 'gaunt upgrade.
    It does CRAZY dps to guant squads, even more if they're stupid enough to attack you with two. It's delivered on a teleporting platform so it can jump onto ranged squads or onto the retreat path.

    It's a hard counter to BOTH main t1 'nid units.

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    spread out. stay ranged. basic advice.
    if he is causing alot of damage with it then your probably not spacing the gaunts out enough. try not to blob or bait him to teleport after something less important
    Acceptance- Seeing how hopefully shitty you are and moving on.

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    I dunno

    In about 40 Beta games thus far, I've seen the Mekboy used twice. Neither used the tactic you're talking about, so far as I could tell at least, but in both they were pushed so hard by me (as an Ork with Kommando) that they never really got much of a chance to begin with.

    Personally I feel the Mekboy needs some buffs, I'm tempted to say something like the Avitus campaign ability to not require setup time on his weapons, though that closes in on overpowered for T1. It'd be even better than a turret in some cases, and turrets are already somewhat problematic in certain maps. Not really sure what to suggest here apart from some other wargear options/abilities. It's nice that Orks have a Techmarine wannabe but apart from exploiting turret building he doesn't particularly shine atm as far as I'm concerned.

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    I usually play Lictor, and if a Mekboy tries to zzaaaap my gaunts, you simply yank his ass away from them with Flesh Hooks. Gaunts are also much faster than he is and can run from him.

    It's delivered on a teleporting platform so it can jump onto ranged squads or onto the retreat path.
    He only has so much power, it's not like he has unlimited use of electric shok and teleporting. He will drain himself pretty quickly, and leave himself open to attack. He's also very easy to kill without teleport. Your commander alone should be able to kill him, and put pressure on him in melee.

    He only has so much

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    gotta grab a termi squad and get the toxic sac upgrade and when he teleports stunn him and run away untill it wears off.

    lictor flesh hooks is good. hive tyrant can tie him up or use the knock back ability with rending talons.

    pretty much anything with a knock down or stun

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    The Mekboy without set-up time is overpowered. I used to do that in the original beta.. Teleporting suppression platform (and it was cheap then too, but changes to T2 costs mean that it will be viable again) is just awesome.. Ok, he may not be able to teleport all that much, even just with teleport, but its enough to win any engagement, and recharge whilst your enemy retreats to base... Its just.. incredible. So this is not the way to go.

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