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Suppression Teams in Tier 1

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    Suppression Teams in Tier 1

    If the purpose of the beta was to balance everything and make tier 1 more interesting, the whole experiment has been somewhat hit or miss.

    A big part of this game is that suppression units are gone. Speaking from an Ork perspective, its a nice change, but I don't want to see the units gone forever. Nobody fields these units because they cost too much power and come out too late to make a difference.

    Further complicating things is the fact they do no damage to gen farms. This (IMBA non-sense) is a welcome change, they could destroy them with impunity seeing the angle they attack from made flanking hard to do and by the time you did it the farm would be dead.

    The two reasons to get them: early game suppression and gen harassment are gone. So with the high cost change, why would anybody field a unit that, by the time they have come out, have questionable use?

    The current changes from patch 1.41 and carried to 1.42:

    Devastator change:
    345 requisition, 0 power to 250 requisition, 30 power.


    Shuriken Platform:
    Changed the cost of the unit from 270 requisition to 210 requisition and 30 power

    When these units come out my Stormboyz are already home for dinner. And every other race will have some sort of counter as well. I believe that setup teams power cost should be halved, and req cost should be increased to compensate.

    A change would be:

    Devastator change:
    From 250 requisition, 30 power to 295 requisition, 15 power


    Shuriken Platform:
    From 210 requisition, 30 power to 260 requisition and 15 power.

    They still cost power, but not so much that they can't be field early on as an alternative to power weapons. And both the Eldar and Space marines will have another way to play the game in tier 1.

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    good idea. 2 shuriken plats cost nearly half the cost to get to tier2. they are still countered easily and protective stacking is more or less out if you want to field only one.
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    personaly I just think they need there energy cost droped by 10.

    That said... Devs need vengence rounds to cost more....... ive been winning games with only building devs, when you can take out tanks its a bit much.

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    I hope for some major changes for the heavy bolters & shurikens, which will make them more mobile and less vulnerable

    I think it would be interesting if they can switch between two modes:

    - the first as it is now... setup time, firing arc in which all units are suppressed

    - alternate mode in which they do not need to setup the weapon to fire, something like in the campaign, they can turn around and shoot and move freely (but are slower), then stop and start firing. The disadvantage of this will be a lower DPS, no suppression, and no arc of fire - only one squad to be targeted... With this mode they could live longer

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    black phoenix thats not a bad idea.

    dev and Shurikens should have 10% damage while on the move and do no suspression.

    its not gonna hurt even scouts to much unless there at point blank range, tier2 you could increase this to 30%.

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    I'm not really interested in changing the way they work. I'm more interested in getting them back in the game.

    A price change is needed. Suppression teams are slowly becoming and endangered species.

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    maybe you could give them a significant increase in line of sight so they can be spotters as well.

    actually that role would be better done other units but an increase of LoS for scouts or rangers would increase the effectiveness of devs and plats when used in combination with spotters. which is the way it should be imo.

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    At least we all agree that a power cost price is needed definitely.

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