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Sister of Battle Costume! @ Comic Con

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    Sister of Battle Costume! Comic con

    So my wife took the SoB suit i recently finished making out for a spin on Saturday of San Diego Comic Con, the prototype run as it were.
    I was in my new commissar costume with my plasma pistol, including manly chops (i'll post shots of that later) and i took some business cards with me, i ran out, and i was not giving them out to just random passers by, they were given to professionals of the industry who were interested in the costume.

    The reactions to the costume were mind blowing.
    I've been working on this costume for over perhaps 6 months in my spare time, one piece at a time, this was the first day i had seen the whole project completed and assembled fully.
    Just trying to cross the dealers/exhibitioners hall took us many hours, as we would get stopped every few steps, and every time we stopped for more than a few seconds, we had a crowd of people coming and going constantly, trying to take pictures for perhaps upto five mins before people had had their fill and we would try to rush along for a few more feet before being stopped once again.

    The reactions were priceless, and i was grinning the whole day, so hard, my face hurts!

    Oh.. the brave sister even faced a Necron warrior!

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    That costume looks fecking awesome Kommissar.

    "i took some business cards with me, i ran out,"
    Nice one, I'm expecting to see more of these popping up here then mate. Your never know you could end up with a nice little side line with the costumes.

    Is there a 40k LARP? - you'd have your work cut out if there was.
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    Sorry. But you deserve every bit of attention you got. That armour is EPIC.

    The details are very impressive. Kudos!
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    Wow. Fantastic work on the armour.
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    Brilliant work on the armour looks very authentic and true to the scaled models. Your wife definitely looks the part as well.

    You are both fortunate for having great costume making skills and also having such an understanding/empathetic and beautiful wife!

    Shame there wasn't a Grey Knight who she could have a mock-skirmish with like in the Grey Knight's novel


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    Absolutely superb stuff, Kommissar - much kudos for this.
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    Damn it must be hard fighting in high-heels.

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    I'm sure the heels just make it all the more fun.
    I have to say this is probably one of the best costumes I've ever seen for a convention. Your dedication to detail on it astounds me.
    Kudos to you and your wife good sir.

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    This is uber badass.
    Pitty, your wife didn't change her hair colour to white.

    Still, it's probably the best 40K costume I've ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gru6y
    This is uber badass.
    Pitty, your wife didn't change her hair colour to white.

    Still, it's probably the best 40K costume I've ever seen.
    we had a pure white wig planned, and she actually went the extra mile and dyed her hair both of the colors you see her with.

    all the sister costumes ive seen before were white haired, we wanted something different, and there are sisters with black hair and the white bangs.

    everyone, thank you for the serious support, by the by, anyone know anything about the gen con costume contest? i have yet to see an app form for it online, which makes me somewhat hopeful for "late" -at-the-con- entrants

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    I had very high expectations for this project of yours, and you've blown them all away. Simply outstanding. This is definitely some of your best work.

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    Fantastic job Kommisar!

    A stunning outfit as usual. What will you do next?

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    Very well done sir.

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    Sexy!!!! (I mean nice job!)

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    Haha, fantastic, great work!
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    Bloody fantastic, I think GW know who to come to when they eventually get round to that live action movie *hopes*

    (or subsequent games that should make use of live action FMVs)
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    absolutly stunning work, and a brilliant model to work on

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    Excellent final piece! The hairstyle gives the impression of her wearing a hood in some photos... but otherwise everything looks spot on! Love the concept, love the execution.
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    Dyed hair which is white is extremly brittle which is why a wig should always be first inmind. =D

    Anyway. the costume, is amazing.
    Excellent work, hope something fruitful comes from this via your contact cards

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    I was almost ready to keel over after standing around all day at games-day, so I have to wonder how your wife held up with high heels, shoulder pads, and a corset!

    Amazing job!
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    Absolutely outstanding work. There's nothing amateur about this in the slightest, the craftsmanship looks exquisite. Most impressive.

    I don't really care for 40K these days and found this thread by accident, but I must say that it's wasted languishing in the Painting & Modelling subforum. You might consider posting a heads-up in The Studio or asking a mod to leave a redirect... there are surely many people who never venture into this subforum that would be fascinated by your achievements here.

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    Nice job! I always get skeptical when people mention that they are making costumes and the like for 40k, because so many of them, while painstakingly worked on, are crap. This Sisters of Battle costume, however, is amazing and your wife pulls it off excellently! Congratulations on the kudos and the possible business that may come from it!
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    Awesome costume. She definately looked the part. Please post the commisar costume pics too!
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    just breath taking, your the man.
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    shame you cant see the cane on this shot, the inquisitors stick was very cool.

    the wife insisted this be included

    our emperor is better than your emperor..

    as a previous resident of the UK, i enjoy judge dredd, and the fact that GW used them for inspiration of a few characters

    some fun group shots of us, sorry for the poorer quality, i found these online

    oh, and shes got alot of room in that mantle/collar, as you can see.

    turns out i dont have many good shots of my own costume, i was too focused on hers lol

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    I assume she put a bolter bullet in the little Ork she's preparing to kill there...

    Fantastic. You really did well, she lucked out also because she didn't have to wear an ugly costume just to make her husband feel good, she looks great in that.

    How ever she may be posessed by demons in the last image...
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    For a costume that's meant to represent sisters of battle power armour you did a very good job, and to be honest both of you look way better than any of the people in the other pics. That blood angels scout looks just crap, lol.
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    What can I say? I bow to your nerd-greatness!
    All heil Gygax.

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    Thanks again for all of the hours of fun you have give me.

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    I was curious about your Kommissar costume, and i have to admit, the long overcoat is missing. If you added that, then you would have the big picture. Costume rocks though (not as much as your wife's )

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    judge gay is nice

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    YOUR THE MAN ! and so is your Wife ! Cheers
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    um not the best comment calling his wife a man whitewolf, but ok, get ur meaning
    awesome suit mate, maybe you can create more suites and create an SOB squad and maybe make some types (eldar too much i suppose?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mday
    I was curious about your Kommissar costume, and i have to admit, the long overcoat is missing. If you added that, then you would have the big picture. Costume rocks though (not as much as your wife's )
    i have a coat too, but i live in San Diego, it's more than alittle hot here.. heavy wool trenchcoat means death, i tried that last year at con.
    i suppose i'll make you happy and wear it to gencon for a few hours for a photo or something?

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    lol @ the space marine scout's sword.
    From those pics the whole thing just looks sooo fun!!!

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    Impressive, most impressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maktaka

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    You didn a damm good job, sure it dosen't look as bulky as any of the models do, but honestly short of real power armour theirs just no way to overcome that deficiency. Anything "thicker" would be too heavy for her to walk in.

    Also supprisingly sexy in it's own way, (hope you take that the right way), somthing that turns up in the artwork, but rarely in the live action or game attempts.

    Perfect costume and the perfect "model" to wear it.

    Well done and i look forward to your next trick xD.
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    Thanks Carl, and don't worry, i've had alot more blunt comments about my wife in other threads.. 4chan included, so it really couldn't offend unless you were trying.

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    Cheers, just wanted to make sure you didn't take it the wrong way. I know it easilly can be and i hate cuasing offence, but know i'm so damm good at it, (ushually when i'm mad at somone).

    Commiseration on the more OTT comments you've had to put up with as well.

    I also have to agree with others BTW, the hiding pics are funny even if they are out of character, and yes you do need a camera with anti-red eye flash.

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    that is by far the coolest costume I've ever seen. How did you make it? To you mold the pieces your self? The bolt pistols are also very details and incredible. Are you a professional costume designer?

    Great Work!

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    But the red eye is her love for the Emperor shining through! :P

    Honestly Kommissar I can't say it enough of what a fantastic job you've done on these, how do you feel about making an Eldar costume

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    lets see

    Tools, a dremmel hand tool and a heatgun, xacto blades (craft scalpel), super glue, handsaw and sand paper.

    Materials, sheet styrene (the real name of plasticard), pvc expanded hard foam, sculpey, greenstuff and acrylic paint

    pretty much everything was made and shaped by hand, the only molds i made were for the individual pieces of the purity seals

    oh and no, i'm not a professional, this is my second year making props, i made a bolt pistol and a commissar uniform last year, as well as a lasgun for my wifes "morale officer" costume, and this year i made the armor, a second pistol, and a plasma pistol, while a friend of mine sewed the tunic i drew.
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    Very cool man! Saw some of the group pics elsewhere online.
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    Oh Kommissar,
    Your cosplay work is always superb, and I love how it comes together.
    To be honest, this looks liek some of your best work yet.
    And of course your wife is awesome being into this and all.
    You need to do some Mega armor for me, I needz it! I'll basically be a medium fridge with legs and arms...
    Oh, and Judge dread is, infact awesome. But they totally ripped him by doing Arbites...

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    Fantastic looking suits man, just fantastic.
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    That is excellent! It is definitely the best 40k costume I've ever seen. Granted there have been some cool space marine ones but they always end up looking just a little off. This one is spot-on, Hollywood caliber.
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    haha, nice compliment, well i'll keep doing this stuff then.

    well i got some better shots of the commissar uniform, i will get some of the great coat as well, at gencon.

    the purity seal on this gun reads: "piety to the emperor is measured in strength"

    the best one on the chest reads "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to victory"

    i need a better belt, or to hide it...

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    Man you put too much awesome into every project. The glowing plasma pistol makes the outfit. But if you had a chainsword....

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    Agreeing with you on the belt Kommisar, it just doesn't look very 'Commissar-ish', maybe because its too thin.

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    komissar! your plasma Gun its freakin awesome! =D
    superb costume attack! hahaha

    I think the belt looks pretty cool tought.

    BTW this pic is hilarious xD

    cheers to all of you

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