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Infantry Only Mod

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    Infantry Only Mod

    Well i finally got most of these things done. let me know if you reckon i should add some things or any bugs.

    This works for my CoH/ToV version.

    NOTE: Only play as American and Axis, NOT British and Panzer Elite.
    Updated Version:
    - Two man sniper teams (one spotter one sniper)
    - Added Commandos to allies barracks
    - Heavy weapon Crews can drop their weapon

    Just some changes (but not all, play around and find the rest )
    - No tanks, only half-trucks, jeeps/bikes and AT guns
    - Removed the tank powers from all commander trees
    - Changed Armor tree to Royal Commando Tree (i don't think this works though)
    - Added sprint to riflemen and snipers for the allies
    - Added falschrimjagers to Axis
    - Changed some units to different axis buildings
    - Allies can build triage centers anywhere in your territory, not just at base, also can build mortar bunkers and slit trenches.

    Thats all i can think of now.

    Just extract and plonk into CoH directory.

    v1.10 (Latest)

    (sorry, link is dead. Dont think i have old version)

    The Upload here is the Latest version

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    as u don't have tanks I think u should make the at guns fire HE

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    hmm maybe add HE to the MGs and make them more expensive?

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    no don't do that, give them longer range and higher damage instead

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    hmm maybe add HE to the MGs and make them more expensive?
    Umm... Explosive MG bullets? Wow imagine that from an MG42 lol
    Maybe just give AT guns very far range and good for taking out bunkers and buildings?

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    ok. ill see if i can add that. i just gotta fiddle around and see how to do it. i was in the process before but got kicked off

    i also plan to add 2 man sniper teams instead of the normal snipers. if i can one of them will have the sniper rifle while the other one has say like some assault gun or a normal rifle.

    also change the allies defensive commander so i change the reinforcements to add like jeeps and an AT gun and a squad of rangers or something instead of armour coming in.

    + it wouldnt matter if they more expensive lol cause u have a lot of resources. also gotta maybe add the pop cap up a bit

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    ok. i havnt figured out the HE rounds yet, but:

    - ive added a 2 man sniper team to the allies. Its a sniper with one british commando with a submachine gun, they can reinforce by paradrop anywhere(i think, or maybe on in your territory).
    - added commandos to be built from barracks
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    thank you for this nice mod,
    i loved the original infantry mod.

    But i havent got it working with multiplayer,
    when i try to host a game, the game crashs with an error report.

    greetings mutombo

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    do you mean LAN or ONLINE?
    i know it works on LAN cause ive played it with my bro. im not too sure about the error report. can u send a screenshot of it?

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    might try again to fix the commander trees in a week or two, as i have my hsc exams now and i might be going away after that for a couple of days. will let you know how it goes

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    why not panzer elite

    thank you very much
    that was exactly what i was looking for

    why can´t your mod be used for panzer elite?
    they got good sdkfz and infantry

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    oh you can use the other factions, i just made it so the main factions have some of the minor factions units so.. but it wont break, but the commonwealth and panzer elite will be able to build vechiles. t\those two factions mainly have vechiles anyway and are a morre support faction, so you would get overun as it takes them a while to get going.

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    Thanks for this, it's just what I was looking for.

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    shouldnt this be in the weapon range
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    this thing was dead,next time look the last post date before you post

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    HI all. if anyone has the first version of my mod could they please pm me so i can reupload and have it please.


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    Here you go boss, I think this is the one you are looking for.
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    just a quick question. Was that the one you were looking for?

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    Sir would be kind enough to reupload the MOD plz......I really want to play Infantry Only

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    I'm not sure if cheapshot is around. I found an infantry only mod here:;76957

    Not sure if that is the same as this one as devs often go by various handles.

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    Can also play Dartborne's Europe at War mod - it has Infantry Only game modes (selected where Annihilate and Victory Point are normally chosen).
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