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Nipple color? (Now with pics!)

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    Nipple color? (Now with pics!)

    So I'm painting my Skull Pass troll - in the little booklet I'm roughly following - he seems to roughly have human-color pinkish nipples.

    I've got scab red, warlock purple, blood red, bleached bone, kommando khaki, white, etc - what should I mix to get a decent nipple pink?

    **Nevermind - in my eagerness to finish him I went with a Scab red/bleached bone mix - -it looks ...ok, though I wish it were a tad bit more muted.

    Here's some pics of the completed troll, complete with nipples.
    I appreciate all the advice though, I'll certainly keep it in mind for next time. And Tin makes a good point - I should have used the Khaki - since that's what the majority of the surrounding skin is comprised of. Overall I'f pretty happy with him, and I painted him in a single day - which is unheard of for me, and why I rushed to finish him even though nipple-blind.

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    I think that they should do a GW color named Decent Nipple Pink, would solve all our problems
    We can't stop here. This is Bat Country!

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    To mute a red, rather than use bone, try using fortress grey.
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    id start with a flesh tone... and mix in more red/pink colours into it...

    and to finish it off, a highlight of white or really white pink

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    I'd say one part of what color you paint it really depends on what the rest of the skin color is - as in, you want to mix the primary skin color of the rest of the figure in with any "fleshier" stuff - if you don't want it to stand out and look completely out of place, like, um, an inflamed nipple or something.

    Not that you can see many pictures of it because the "official" ones that GW took of Allan Carrasco's Slayer Sword-winning Daemonette at the 2007 French Golden Demons kinda leave out "that area," but there's a hand print on the Daemonette's butt (reddened, as if from a slap) that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about above - he probably painted it with thin reddish glazes over his finished pale skin tone - but I think that's the effect you want to be aiming for.

    Out of the colors you listed above, I dunno... I'd say a mix of Red Gore and Kommando Khaki adding in a bit more Khaki for highlights ought to do fine?

    ** Whoops, didn't see the edit added in and apparently Red Gore wasn't one of the colors you listed having, anyways.

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