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The Taiidan Republic mod

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    The Taiidan Republic mod

    Edit: here's the link to all information about this mod

    and the link to our forum:

    First public beta: in 6 months

    Public release: 1 year

    Feedback is welcome!

    The Taidan Republic mod focusses on implementing the Turanic Raiders/Taidan Empire/Taidan Republic ingame and a single player campaign for the Taidan Republic. In the Single player campaign you will have to reclaim your homeworld and face the combined fleets of the Empire and Makaan's Crusade, prepare to go through hell! In Player vs Cpu you can command your fleet into combat against the Hiigarans/Vaaygr/Turanic Raiders/Taidan Imperials/Taidan Republicans. The already excisting races will recieve combat upgrades, including new cap ships and fighters!

    If you can remember back in the old days, when you arrived with the mothership. The taiidani split in to two sides and went to war with each other and you helped. Then the beast war followed and they survived but now the Vaagyr arrive and the Republic mysteriously fanished? In this mod they are back and they're back with some power(I'm talking EMP Shielding, HACK system, Ion chargers)

    Remember the imperials wanted everything big and powerful, but not very high-tech. The Republican, being heavily mauled in the beast war and having lost 54% of their fleet assets, are starting over. This time it's technology first and firepower later, the rebuilding begins. But then, bad luck strikes(as ussual with the Republicans), the Vaaygr attack and the newly formed fleet meets it's fire test.

    The Republicans, trying to completely start over have modified their old ships and the new ships of the line have a more sleek look but the standard bulk remains and are technological advanced, some even more advanced than others.

    Here's the ships list with the technology:
    Taiidan Republic Navy:

    -Fighter class:

    An unarmed and extremly fast fighter, this ships has no offensive capabilities. The Taiidan Republic navy scout has a higher speed and higher mobility than the scouts of the Vaygr and the Hiigarans. The Taidan scout named Srun-Kri, after a creature native to their homeplanet. De Srun-Kri is a herbivor and when it's threatened, it outruns what endangers him.

    The old interceptor from the Taiidan Republic Navy had only one weapongroup, the rail gun.
    Although powerful, it severly limited the ships functionality. The rail gun has a high damage potential and an extremely low change of missing a target, it's only real weakness was the reloading time of the railguns. This soon proved the death knell for the old interceptor and new plans for the construction of a new type of interceptor were approved. The Gur-Sanur is a big fighter centered around three rapid raildrivers that take up almost half of the ships space. The Gur-Sanur has proved to be effective, although some flaws remained. For example the raildrivers aren't extremly accurate and are even fired without target lock, creating large ammoclouds almost like a minelayer would do.

    The Taiidan Republic having fought many battles, were always very conservative about their ships. Taiidan fleet command looked at the old bomber and the new bomber from Hiigaran and noticed that the bomber had always one weakness, it had to close in before it could launch it's bombs. Taiidan fleet command didn't like the idea of massive bomber fleet being whiped out by anti fighter weapons and designed the Tyurik. This bomber uses a single Ion charger cannon and uses four shield generators to guide a ball of charged Ion's upon it's target. Although less powerful than their Hiigaran brother, the Tyurik has a longer weapon range and thus ensuring a higher survivability change.

    Beam fighter:
    The Taiidan navy, heavily damaged after the beast wars, seeked a new all-round fighter with almost no weaknesses and established trade with the Bentusi. The Bentusi established a trade with the Taiidan and gave them the bleu-prints for the Beam fighter. Two pegasus beam guns are mounted at the side of the beam fighter and give this ship a high coverage.

    The parasite was developed after an encounter with the Hiigaran leech which proved to be an effective weapon. The Taiidan developed the Parasite, a small drone that attaches itself to a resource collector and then begins funding in money. The parasite is cloacked and can only be detected by advanced sensors. Attacking the Parasite will activate a self destruct device and the Parasite will blow up, damaging the ship it was attached to. The self destruct device will have a countdown of 3 seconds and in that time it is decloaked.

    -Corvette class:

    Defender Corvette:
    The first encounter with the Vaygr fleet showed that the Vaygr navy relied heavily upon missile and torpedo weapons. Losing many ships in the front line, Fleet Admiral Rikur ordered his science team to design a weapon that would counter these missile salvo's. The defender corvette was named Rikur-Syur and relied on heavy ECM bombardements to counter missile and torpedo's. Field test showed that the defender corvette is highly succesfull, but the ECM takes up so much power that only a fighter class weapon is installed to defend the corvette. The name Rikur-Syur means Rikur's shield and was an apt name for this ship.

    Gunboat Corvette:
    The gunboat corvette replaces the old Taiidan multi gun corvette as anti fighter corvette. The gunboat corvette has 4 turrets outfitted with rapid fire massdrivers and two missile bays to use against capital ships. The gunboat corvette is often deployed in the front of any Taiidan attack fleet and serves to cut through fighter wings and corvette wings(although it is used primarily against fighters). The gunboat corvette has one mayor drawback, it's engines aren't strong enough to allow high mobility and manauverability. The Gunboat corvette bears the name Diirvaas mark II. The Diirvaas mark I suvered from gyro breakdowns and had to be repaired often, the mark II solves this problem but still sufers from drawbacks.

    Bomberdier Corvette:
    The Taiidan fleet have been upgrading their bomber assets and were left with massive ammounts of plasma bomb launchers. The Taiidan fleet needed a way to implement these weapons so that they didn't need to destroy the weapon systems or sell them. The bombardier corvette uses two turrets, each outfitted with two plasma bomb launchers to serve as a anti cap corvette. Test runs showed the only weakness was that the damage output drops considerbly against super-cap's.

    Legionnaire Corvette:
    Legionnaire corvettes have been based upon turanic raider corvette's and are used to sabotage. These legionnaire corvettes are outfitted with the best troops the Taiidan Republic has to offer. Seeing the advances in modern weaponry, the Taiidan Republican navy needed a ship that would function just as good as the Hiigaran anti-cap corvette's but without the superiour weaponry. Then a young scientist suggested to use troopers (outfitted with cutting devices and bombs) damage the cap ships hull. Thus the legionnaire was born. The Legionnaire is absolutly defenceless against fighters and other corvettes for they are to fast to sabotage but deals massive damage to capital ships.

    Beamer Corvette:
    Armed with two palantir beam blasters, this ship fills in the role as a standard corvette and excells in no specific role.

    -Frigate class:

    Ion Frigate:
    The Ion frigate is the standard frigate for the Taiidan navy, it's appareance has changed little over the years. Advances in Ion technology by the Taiidan navy has made this ship a threat to all capital ships. In testing runs the Ion beam cannon proved to require so mcuh power that the systems overloaded and had to be reset. Thanks to that mayor drawback, the Taiidan Ion frigate requires more time to open fire again.

    Multi Beam Frigate:
    The Multi Beam Frigate uses the Helix Bundle, developed by Kith Somtaaw and used in the battle against the beast. The Taiidan republican navy has requested the Helix bundle bleuprints ever since the Helix Bundle was developed. Kith Somtaaw, not entirely trusting the Taiidans never gave them the Helix Bundle until the Pulsar Corvette was developed. Kith Somtaaw, now having a cheaper beam system to cut through fighter, sold the bleuprints for a reasonable price. The Taiidan navy immediatly began upgrading the Helix Bundle and incoporated it in a new frigate class ship with advanced reactors. Mayor Drawbacks of the Multi Beam Frigate are that it has no turrets but only Ion Discharge Ports, therefore coverage is not optimal. Also the Multi Beam Frigate has light armor and shouldn't be left alone without support. The Multi Beam Frigate is no real danger to capital ships.

    Penetrator Frigate:
    The Penetrator Frigate was designed to opperate behind enemy lines and to disrupt enemy communications. The Penetrator was designed for missions where there should be no support. The Penetrator is a state of the art ship and has a high survivability rating. The Penetrator has repair teams onboard just like the Mothership and ECM for missile defense. The Penetrators main weapon is a system called HACK, Taiidan commanders unwillingly to sacrifice so many lives on boarding attempts to capture ships, ordered the science department to come up with an idea. A scientist came in contact with a young female hacker and they designed the HACK system, thus avoiding the use of many lives on boarding attempts. The HACK system overrides all ship controls and starts to slowly deactivate any defensive systems, once that's done, marines are dropped on board to take over the ship.

    Chaser Frigate(isn't included in MOD):
    The Chaser is frigate that is designed to take down enemy scouting operations. The Chaser Frigate is outfitted with an experimental engine which propels the ship near Fighter speeds. The only drawback to this engine is that it slowly damages the ship until the engine is so heavily damaged that it will shut down. The Chaser has a low damage potential but it is enough to disrupt enemy scouting operations. Two flechette cannons fills out its primary weaponry and a minelaying device is it's secundairy weaponry.

    Railer Frigate:
    The Taiidan needed a ship that could defeat corvette's and bombers with clear shots. The Multi Beam Frigate was powerful but often missed it's targets and massive bomber wings could take the ship down with relative ease. The Taiidan scientist developed the Skalor targeting computer and linked this weapon with the four railcannons.
    The railer frigate fills in the role of corvette killer, although railgun rounds are to small to do serious damage upon capital ships, they're hell for fighters and corvette's. The railcannons ensure that an enemy corvette/fighter is killed within one shot but the railcannons do need some time to reload thus making it vurnerable to prolonged attacks.

    Support Frigate(iffy):
    Having a hangar full of repair craft, the support frigate is a welcome sight in any forward battle group. Bringing much needed supplies and support for often heavily damaged ships. The Taiidan support Frigate has in time been upgraded and is now fitted with a single railgun for anti fighter work.

    -Capital class:

    The Taiidan Republican Navy Destroyer uses five foward beams to make short work of any frigate that stands in it's way. Three flechette turrets serve as it's secundairy weaponry. The Taiidan Republican Destroyer is feared by many capital ship class crews but has been the joke of bomber and corvette pilots, for this destroyer hasn't got adaquit defence against fighter and corvette class ships.

    The Taiidan Republican Carrier has two constuction bay hardpoints for fleet constuction. This ships serves in many Taiidan Carrier Fleets and has a single Ion beam for protection against capital ships. Although smaller and less armored than it's hiigaran brother, the Taiidan Carrier has more offensive capabilities and has a faster movement rate. The Taiidan carrier can keep up with any capital ship class except the Typhoon Destroyer.

    Typhoon Destroyer:
    The Typhoon Destroyer is one of the last achievements by the Taiidan Republican Fleet. Seeing how many capital ships were dissabled by scout's carrying EMP, the Taiidan Republican navy commisioned the Typhoon Destroyer. The Typhoon Destroyer uses a revolutionary new armor type that protects the ship from EMP, a new type of core ensures constant power output although not enough to fit beam weapons. Because the Typhoon can't use beam weapons it uses torpedo's and missile's to defeat an enemy.

    The Taiidan Battleship is the pride of the Taiidan Republican Navy, These ships ensured order and safety in peaceful times, now these behemoth are used for war purposes. The Taiidan Battleship is outfitted with 4 heavy twin beam turrets and 4 twin railgun turrets. This Taiidan Ship can be upgraded with torpedo banks that are then mounted in front to ensure massive damage output. The Taiidan Battleship is feared for it's effeciency in battle, it's only drawback is it's slow speed and the need to charge weapons after a hyperspace jump. This charge takes about 4 seconds but by then the battleship is in action and will make it's pressance noticed.

    Ion Cruiser:
    The Taiidan Ion Cruiser is the latest achievement made by the Taiidans. A high output reactor has been installed so that the Ion Cruiser can support it's eight Ion cannon turrets. The Ion cruiser serves as a real capital killer, chewing away armor at incredebal speeds. It's high output reactor has a change to explode when serious damage is done to the ship, so changes are that the ship will explode even if it's not destroyed. The second drawback, the ship needs to recharge power coils to fire.

    similair as the shipyards from the other sides.

    -Mothership class:

    Similair to other Sides

    Royal Gaurd(not included in multiplayer, just in SP):
    The Royal Gaurd is a large Behemoth cruiser with heavy weaponry that normaly gaurds fleet high command. The Royal Gaurd main weaponry consist out of 12 twin heavy cannon turrets and a Ion beam turret. The Royal Gaurd is a special action that requires a special module on the mothership that calls in the Royal Gaurd. The Royal Gaurd is extremly slow and it's adviseable to summon the Royal Gaurd only in immediate hotzones. After a 30 seconds the Royal Gaurd will depart and return to fleet high command.

    -Utility class:

    A ship designed to opperate away from mothership facilities and to process the RU's it collects.
    The harvest has long tentacle like arms that the harvester injects into the asteroid and the mining begins.

    Similair to other Sides

    Proximity Sensor:
    Similair to other Sides

    Sensors Distortion Probe:
    Similair to other Sides


    ECM equiped ships can only be detected by advanced sensors.

    This is only the Taiidani fleet and it's fluff is about 85% complete.

    I'm trying to think up some ships for Hiigaran and Vaaygr(I still hate these guys, finally having reached my new homeworld. I'm again placed in command to kill some alien race, that don't give a .... about me being happy and so on) New technology for this side will be added soon.

    But here comes my question, I need some help on this mod

    I need:
    3-Modelers for ships
    3-Concept artist
    3-programmers and a link for the program used to mod homeworld 2
    1-Storyline and Fluffwriter(Cause I need some help to think up some new technology)

    Hope you can help,

    Email me at:
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    Man, there seem to be a few Taiidan mods in progress allready.
    So don't start the next one, but enforce the existing ones.
    Have a look at those threads:

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    i like Your idea. i can be both concept designer and 3D modeler. Can i design some of the supercapitals? (and later model them)

    is this happening in the same time as HW2?

    and last but not least: what are the default team colors for Taii republicans? i loved yellow-red imperial coloration soo much:-)
    Ave Qwaar-Jet!
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    Yes, thank you

    This is in the timeline from HW2(so new types of ships, but the Republicans are modernizing so old ships can be included)

    It's fine with me that you do the cap ships(even all of them if you wish), cause I'm not a 3d designer and i'm not very good at concepts.

    As for out team: Alexander Mul(Site and PR), Maurits Donga(Me, Fluff writer and Ship tech-readouts and MOD-leader)If I could work out fluff text and specs on the ships, if you wish you could do the modelling and programming of the ships. I was thinking the color pattern green base, yellow stripe would look cool.
    So we are in this together now->could I do the story line of the mod->send me the sides that are in the mod and I will write the background story(I will email the story for the Republic over two days, that oke with you?)

    If it is possible we could also do single player campaign, but we still need programmers and script writers and a story line


    Email me at:
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    i cannot do the scripting/programming of ships. i only model them. I can do texturing, but hate it, so it would be nice to have a texturer.

    Green-yellow wouldnt look good... trust me. Its not Taiidanish. For the republic i thought of something like blueish grey-black or sg.
    i will experiment with team colors and post some ideas

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    Models are fine, I will search on moddb for some programmers, skinners and I will study the modding programs I have, in the mean time I am working on the new Hiigaran ships and Vaaygr ships.

    Could you send ship models to:

    I'm only a storywriter, so don't expect anything programmed from me anytime soon, but I will try to recruit other people for this mod. I will stay in touch.

    Yes, I think bleu-black would look good, grey-yellow/gold or Black/grey-red, but the colors must suggest this is not an evil side your playing->These are the allies of the Hiigaran people (Ships models would be streamlined/ not so bulky as the imperial ones)
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    Taiidan republic colors are a white base with a blue-green stripe (see the last mission of Cata)

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    thanks magnus, I forgot
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    Man, there seem to be a few Taiidan mods in progress allready.
    So don't start the next one, but enforce the existing ones.
    I agree with that sentiment.

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    Concur, we are as bad as our beloved Taiidan, to many factions.

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    These mods include some Taiidani ships and no single player campaign or focusses on HW1. There is one mod including the Imperial faction, so this mod includes the republicans. Later on, we could look if we could merge these two mods into one. And hopefully we get somebody to add these ship models in HW2 and to program the single player campaign, cause this is the first time I'm doing this, so any help would be welcome. I am just hoping to get started with this mod and get it to work together with Enterprise, I myself would like to skin, so do you know the programm that is used to skin ship models.
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    Photoshop 7 or paintshop pro is used for texturing. I am willing to do some modelling. Contact me if you need me.


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    The Republicans, trying to completely start over have modified their old ships and the new ships of the line have sleek fish like forms
    I am not sure if I agree with this.... I would say that sleek fish like forms would not be 'Taiidan' enough... I feel that in order for them to be believeably Taiidan they have to look like they are menacing, whether imperial or republican. - Just my opinion


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    menacing, but the republican would like to have sleekness into their designs as the old Imperial ships were like tin cans with guns and were bulky

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    Here's a new update on the mod, that will now also include Turanic Raider ships. Here's the technical data on the Raiders Ships:

    The Turanic Raider:

    The Turanic Raider have no known homeworld and use massive starbases as their home. This race is entirely based upon pirating other races and assimilating it’s technology. In the years after the destruction of the Taiidan Empire, a few races declared a war upon the Raider and began attacking it’s raiding operations. The Turanic Raider suddenly threatened with numerous enemies after the defeat of their ally, had to improvise way’s to actively defend itself.

    Fighter class:

    Flash Scout:
    The Flash Scout is the standard scout craft for the Turanic Raiders. Having a greater sensor range than comperable scout vessels from other races, the Flash is the most superiour scout currently used in space. Although the Flash has superiour sensor range, it weapons are outdated as it uses spare parts from other fighters and was not meant to fill in the role of strike craft. It uses a stolen EMP device to enchance it's changes of survival

    Kneebitter Interceptor:
    Feeling that the Turan didn't preformed well enough in the role of anti fighter unit and was better suited for General role purposses the Turanic Raiders commisioned the Kneebitter as the new line of Interceptors. The Kneebitter uses 2 rapid fire massdrivers and has almost the same outline as the old Bandit Interceptor. The Kneebitter flat form enchances its changes of survival as it is harder to be targetted.

    Shadow Bomber:
    Outfitted with 4 small plasma bomb launchers, the Shadow bomber does twice the damage a regular bomber would do. The Shadow Bomber is slow and has low maneuverability, so they are hardly left without fighter cover.

    Bombardier Fighter:
    The Bombardier is one of the most feared classes of ships produced by the Raiders, first encountered when a Hiigaran Fighter squadron engaged what seemed like a Raider cargo ship. As soon as the Hiigaran Fighters where in range, the Cargo ship opened it’s cargo bays and released a fighter craft now known as the Bombardier. The Bombardier is a fighter craft dart like in form with two massive cannons, which launch guided missiles. These guided missiles are filled with high explosive warheads and does massive damage upon impact, the bombardier fighter excels in anti fighter/corvette roles but can also deal out massive damage upon capital ships.

    Corvette class:

    Thief corvette:
    The old thief is still in use as boarding ship with the Raiders, the old thief corvette has since been upgraded. Outfitted with a small marine pod that can be launched from the thief, the thief eliminates the need to dock entirely with the boarded ship and thus ensures that the ship being boarded cannot capture it. The thief still relies on the two turrets at it’s side.

    Cutter corvette:
    The cutter corvette was first deployed when Taiidan Republican Ships attacked Raider base twelve. The Raider base immediately launched the new type of corvette they had been researching and with great success. The Cutter corvette uses two mining lasers first used in the old harvesters from the Empire, this means the Cutter corvette has to close with it’s target and then has keep up with it to use it’s lasers to maximum effect.

    Brigand mark II Corvette:
    The Brigand mark I proved to be an absolute horror to capital ships, but was easily harassed by fighter craft. The Turanic Raiders soon raided a Guran Outpost and stole the designs for a high-speed dump-fire missile. This weapon was intergrated into the Brigand mark II, which uses two missile class bays. Two missile launch bays carry the large load of dump-fire missiles (which fire in a strait line).
    The main weakness still remains its incapability to engage other fighters and corvettes but it performs better than the Brigand mark I.

    Doomsday Corvette:
    Based upon research on antimatter, the doomsday corvette was developed to carry this device into battle. The Doomsday Corvette has a single weapons bay to launch antimatter bombs which cause massive damage upon capital ships but are to slow to track fighters, which make use of the Doomsday corvette’s weak armor. The main weakness is it’s slow reload time and it’s weak armor which is easily punctured.

    Frigate class:

    Assassin Frigate:
    Although the murderer frigate was meant to replace the Assassin Frigate, many Raider Admirals didn’t wanted to replace the old Frigate. Raider command accepted this fact simply because the old frigate still preformed admirable against other capital ships and it’s single beam was more powerful than the then a single beam from the Murderer Frigate. Also the Assasin is a cheap trade for firepower

    Murderer Frigate:
    The Murderer Frigate replaces the old Assassin Ion Frigate, the Murderer uses two small Ion beams to great effect as it takes less time to fire again. The Murderer keeps the old Mag-Arrays, to enhance the Ion beams and was used in great effectiveness in the defense of Raider base eleven.

    Revelation Frigate:
    The Revelation Frigate has one enormous missile/torpedo bay, which it uses to launch the capital antimatter bomb. The capital antimatter torpedo has the power to severely damage frigate-sized ships and it will take no more than two capital antimatter torpedoes to destroy the frigate. This forbidden weapon was first used with great success when Raider fleet 23(Oracle’s shield) engaged a Hiigaran attack fleet. The Hiigaran command battleship was immediately destroyed when 6 Revelation Frigates opened fire upon the battleship. The main weakness of the Revelation Frigate remains its low reload time and only 6 can be built because the manufacturing of Antimatter is a delicate task.

    Cloak Frigate:
    The Cloak frigate uses an advanced cloak generator to enter enemy territory unnoticed and to engage other smaller vessels unnoticed. The Turanic Raiders often use this frigate in assassination attempts. Advanced sensors will only detect the Cloak Frigate and even then ships will have to be ordered to attack since they can’t get a targeting lock and rely on the advanced sensors of high command. It is armed with two rapid mass drivers and this ship is only meant to engage smaller vessels.

    Ram Frigate:
    The Ram frigate is used to push away enemy capital ships threatening operations that are too vital to be lost. The Ram frigate pushes them to a safe distance where their weapons can’t harm the operation and other ships can then begin to destroy the vessel. The Ram Frigate is heavily armored but doesn’t have the required firepower to take capital ships out by itself. The first test runs proved disastrous, as the point defense turrets chewed through the Ram Frigate at ease, Raider command ordered every Ram Frigate to be outfitted with EMP to counter this problem.

    Capital class:

    Many convoy captains fear the Raider Destroyer. The Raider uses two tractor beams to ensure that its prey doesn’t escape and uses 2 Ion turrets to slice through its targets. When confronted with larger targets that can’t be pulled into range, the Ion cannons ensure that the destroyer can still inflict some damage. Three heavy cannon serve as backup for the Ion cannons.

    The Lord carrier has been upgraded to the Mark II version and is armed with two Ion turrets. It has only one construction bay and that is located at the back of the vessel.

    Usurper Destroyer(replaced with Link Destroyer):
    The Usurper was the Raiders response to the super-capital battleships. The Usurper uses a single Antimatter beam to send the enemy ship into afterlife. The Antimatter beam instantly disables all ship‘s defenses and renders the ship helpless. Because of the power of the Antimatter beam, the beam also slowly damages the ship firing it and will ultimately destroy it.

    Missile Destroyer(replaced with Iron Hand):
    Using the old Missile Destroyer from the Taidan Imperial Navy, The Raiders now have a ship that is a serious threat to super-capital ships when combined with the Usurper Destroyer. The Missile Destroyer has received a single rapid-fire mass driver to use against fighters usually escorting these behemoths.

    Identical loadout to the one used by Hiigaran.

    Hope you like it,

    Our mod still needs two programmers to implement the ships into homeworld 2, we also need a skinner to attach skins to ship models and a possible concept artist?
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