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Tools and Resources

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    Tools and Resources

    Please PM me if you find any links that are broken or if there's anything else that you think needs to be added.

    Homeworld 2 Wiki: Karos Graveyard
    : Thread
    AKA the HW2 Wiki, this is probably the most useful Homeworld 2 modding website known to us forum-goers, this site contains a wealth of information on virtually all aspects of modding Homeworld 2. If you have already read the RDN documentation and still don't know how to do something, check Karos Graveyard first, and then come here to the fora with your specific question in mind (if it is still unanswered.) Also, the site contains a list of useful modding tools that, although not updated very often, is fairly complete.


    HOD Tools:

    Cold Fusion HOD Editor, by 4E534B - Hands down, the best alternative to Maya for HOD editing and importing.
    Thread, Link (updated with v4)

    Homeworld2 MAD Editor, by 4E534B - MAD script editor, useful for animating your custom HODs.
    Thread, Link (No longer required as of CFHodEd v4 which includes MAD editing)

    Homeworld2 Background Builder, by 4E534B - The best way to import your own custom backgrounds. Note backgrounds must be spherically formatted (2:1 ratio.)
    Thread, Link

    Maya File Converter, Converts either a Maya ASCII scene file or a Maya Binary scene file to ANY other version.
    Thread, Link

    HOD Tool, by Spooky - Converts HOD to OBJ and DDS/BMP.
    Thread, Link

    HW2 HOD reporter v5, by Pesmontis - Creates background HODs.
    Thread, Link

    Text-based Dock Path Editor, by pipakin - Self explanatory


    Texturing Tools

    Gimp DDS Plugin


    BIG File Extractors/Compilers:

    HW1/HW2/IC Archive tool v1.7.0, by Spooky - Opens archive files (.big, .grm, .sga)
    Thread, Link


    LUA Script Decompilers:

    Batch LuaDC, by Zatch - Batch-converts HW2 script files, based on Age2un's LuaDC


    UI/FX and Fonts:

    ROT Tool v2.5.0, by Spooky - Open/view/extract/create ROT texture files.
    Thread, Link

    Homeworld 2 Fonts Editor 1.02, by Crook - Changes in-game fonts.
    Page, Link


    Sounds & Music:

    HW2 Music Tool, by Zatch - For importing custom music/sounds into HW2.


    Scripting Tools:

    HW2 Weapon-Script Editor, by Zatch - Allows easy editing of the *.wepn files to modify weapon damage, accuracy, etc.

    HW2 Reference Investigator, by Zatch - Locates invalid references and missing files (useful for isolating some scripting errors.)


    Content Authoring/Editing Tools:

    WavePad - Sound editing software


    This thread has mostly been compiled from the following two threads and updated:

    So check these threads if there's something you were looking for and can't find any more as I've removed a number of items with broken links or outdated tools.
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