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HW2 - Tactical View Lag

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    HW2 - Tactical View Lag


    I seem to be having problems with HW2 when i press space bar i get a large amounts of lag and stutter but its fine when playing normally.

    Every setting in game is on or at highest except v-sync which is off

    AMD 4200X2 OC @ 2.6
    4GB RAM DD2
    ATI 4830 - 9.11 CC drivers.

    Any help would me nice

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    Try turning v-sync on. There's a known bug in the game that affects performance when that setting is off on certain systems.
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    This didn't change anything I'm just getting large amount of lag still.

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    Hmm, I remember getting similar symptoms some time back, but I can't for the life of me remember what caused it or how I fixed it.

    Do you have any mods installed?

    I'd recommend deleting the game folder completely and reinstalling.

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    Sadly this didn't change anything this problem is really strange.

    Edit: I've tried every graphic at the lowest and still it lags exactly the same. Any ideas at all please suggest them.
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    There have in the past been various problems with Radeon cards and HW2 using newer drivers. Try the /noVBO command line option. That usually helps for the graphical glitches caused by this. Maybe it'll help your slowdowns too.

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    I really thought that would have worked but it didn't.

    Edit: Btw I'm not sure if this would affect the performance but I'm using Windows 7 64bit.
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    It shouldn't. It's the same system I'm running it on.

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    i would be willing to bet it is some issue with the radeon card and its drivers

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