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Dawn of War 2: Codex Edition

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    Dawn of War 2: Codex Edition

    Dawn of War 2: Codex Edition


    UPDATE: This is the newest version, Codex Edition Beta 2.1

    ***This patch does not have all of the new Imperial Guard heroes, only the Lord General works ATM and he doesn't have all his wargear or retinue members yet. They will be released later this week as they are finished.

    THE IMPERIUM NEEDS YOU! You can find CE games online on the CE Steam Group, where ALL members can post announcements! Join up today!

    The time has come, my fellow hereteks, to unveil the Emperor's Light! BEHOLD the bastion of His Fury! Let the bolters rain EXPLOSIVE death on xeno and heretic alike! This mod is for multiplayer only, I have plans to do a campaign in the future but for now, Codex Edition does not modify the campaign.

    Thank you for your interest in our new mod for Dawn of War 2. Codex Edition is an attempt to recreate the feel and intensity of the Warhammer 40k universe in a way that many players felt was lacking in the origninal DoW 2. Specifically, it is a blend of TT elements and background/fluff from 40k material to provide a more exciting and immersive tactical war game.

    EVERY player needs to join this Steam group! Go on group chat to find games. We have hundreds of players in the group, and the best way to find Codex Edition games is to join the group, and go to group chat to find other players. ALL players can post announcements, so let's get some games going!

    Installation instructions

    alright follow these locational directions and you'll get to the place you need to load all your files in.

    steam/steam apps/common/dawn of war ii - retribution

    place your modules in this directory as well as the DOW2 Codex Edition folder.

    after you place your modules in this directory you go to the folder: game asset/locale/English and place your ucs files into there

    I have put a GameAssets folder into the mod archive, so just extract it into the main dow2 retribution folder and the ucs should go to the right place.

    after you place that go to documents under your libraries section and go to my games/dawn of war ii - retribution/settings and place your keydefaults.lua in there

    after you have those all in place go into your steam right click on retribution and go to properties, once there click on set launch options and put in -dev -modname DOW2CodexEdition -nomovies

    after that is done just enter the game and enjoy.

    -Official Thread:

    1.7 Beta to 1.71 Beta change log

    Global: Upkeep and XP values have been rebalanced, hopefully units will level up at a more consistent pace and heroes will level faster. SM upkeep won't be as bad as it was before.

    SM: Melta guns and multimeltas snare vehicles like lascannons do in vanilla. They do not affect weapons fire like melta bombs. The effect does not stack with itself or other melta guns. Multimeltas snare 50%, melta guns snare 30%. It does not prevent Fexes or Dreads from attacking.

    Dreadnought weapons will be available in t2 except for Plasma Cannons and Twin Lascannons.

    Assault Cannons are rebalanced with Autocannons, making the Asscan a real infantry shredder. Autocannons are more effective against anything bigger than heavy infantry unless you get into short range with the assaultcannon. Asscan still has barrage, but autocannon has more range and no range modifier for damage - meaning it does the same damage at max range as it does at short range. Asscan does more damage closer to its target but is FAR more accurate now than it used to be.

    Whirlwind and Vindicator are in! Have fun blowing things up.

    Chaos: Fully implemented! Wreak havoc as the chosen marauders of the ruinous powers of the Warp. Full patch notes will be coming soon. See the last several pages of the thread for detailed descriptions for now.

    Eldar: Grav tanks, Wraithlords, and Guardian Defender plats now have ALL weapons available from the Codex. Scatter lasers are great infantry killers, shuri cans of course suppress, brightlances are your go-to vehicle sniping lazzors, missile launchers fire barrages of krak or plasma missiles, and star cannons are great for taking on heavy inf. The d-cannon is still the dread artillery black hole gun of doom, but is relegated to t3 now and only available on plats. Coming soon: Vibro cannon!

    Reapers, Fire Dragons and Flash Gitz are much better now.

    Storm Guardians are better in melee and have better dps on their flamers and fusion guns.

    Ranger knockback shot hits a wider area, should displace a whole squad now.

    Banshees auto-leap cover like Hawks now.

    Orkz: Rokkits got a boost, Deffguns do more damage to vehicles, the Kustim Mega Blasta and basic gun for the mekboy got improved, and the Flash Gitz are tougher.

    Mob Rule! Now has a maxium bonus of 30% supp resist if you have 40 or more orkz together. Each squad can benefit from up to 30% supp resist from Mob Rule, but can still benefit from Call Da Boyz, Waaagh Banners, Waaagh and Warboss Banners.

    Stikkbombs will knock down heavy infantry. They also only throw 2 waves (damage adjusted to compensate) instead of 3, so they aren't sitting ducks.

    Tyranids: Are next in line for a complete update so they will be on par with other factions, this weekend. Tyrannoformation will be a core mechanic for nids, as will harvesting (eating) biomass with ripper swarms to boost your red gain... which can be spent on tyrannoforming the battlefield, calling down hordes, or using special buffs like Catalyst.

    Next time in 1.71: Pintle guns will get fully animated, and all eldar models will be updated. New ork units like 'ard boyz and 'skar boyz upgrade for sluggas. Also, I am looking forward to adding wargear upgrades for all Exarchs.


    ONLY Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, and Orkz are ready for testing. The other races aren't implemented yet. You can pick them, but they will suck until I update them.

    Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines are designed to be very fluffy and powerful. As a race, SM favor short ranged firefights that end in devastating melee charges. Their downside is related to their elite nature: they are few in number. A full SM army is typically 6 or 7 squads (including the hero), while most other forces can field 8 to 10 squads and have less upkeep per squad. SM need to use every clicky and choose their wargear wisely to manage the enemy's numbers and maintain VP control.

    Space Marine leaders provide additional powers and/or buffs that enhance the squad's role on the battlefield or provide added versatility. Chaos Space Marines buy powers separately with Marks of Chaos, but their leaders are just as strong stats-wise and wargear-wise as their Loyalist counterparts. They also benefit from cultist worship and shrine buffs, and can get quite a few temporary (and permanent) daemons out on the battlefield as well. Chaos tends to have more raw power, but are narrower in focus (khorne is choppy, nurgle is tough but slow, tzeentch is blasty and tough in shootouts) than the Loyalists. Raptors don't get merciless strike, but they benefit from whatever Mark you give them. Chaos Tacs can get chainswords and Mark of Khorne, but they cannot use ATSKNF and break retreat/damage resist like the Loyalist Tacs, etc.

    Vindicator demolisher cannon is really strong. The vindi itself, however, is relatively lightly defended with 2 pintle mounted storm bolters (not much in T3) and can be killed by a single squad of ASM or Raptors (t1 units) that melta bomb it from behind and proceed to unleash the powerfist sgt/champion on its rear armor. This is an expensive, super deadly unit that must be protected and used carefully or you will lose it. The whirlwind is a bit safer, with its long range, but the demolisher is currently the strongest aoe weapon in the game. The only other vehicles with a comparable weapon are the Baneblade and the (coming soon) Eldar Scorpion superheavy tank.

    Terminators are still very powerful but can be gunned down more easily than before. Plasma, AV weapons, power weapons and heavy melee weapons are more effective on them, but you still need quite a bit of focus fire to down Termies. No longer can a single squad of terminators push an entire t3 army back to base.

    Heavy weapons that suppress do less insane damage.

    Snipers are nicely balanced now, as are melta weapons. They are very strong but don't overshadow plasma or bolter weapons outside of their intended battlefield purpose.

    Apothecary now leads the Command Squad, with 2 veterans at tier 1, and the option to add the Standard Bearer and Company Champion in tier 3.

    The Techmarine now gets a servitor retinue that he can upgrade with various heavy weapons. New models and a servo harness are incoming for him in the next update.

    The models are now compatible with the DLC skins.

    Orkz don't generate as much waaagh passively anymore. New ork specialist units are tougher but cannot replace the general ruggedness and utility of slugga and shoota mobs.

    Ork shootas are now noticeably less effective versus heavy armor. Ork guns are best for spraying down masses of light infantry; they need upgrades to be effective versus heavy armor (other than deffguns of course).

    Ork mobs now scale better into tiers 2 and 3, and will soon get an upgrade that allows them to add more members in higher tiers. I am working out the details, it will be in the next update.

    Ork vehicles are now stronger, not quite as good as SM/Eldar vehicles in terms of durability, but still cheap and offensively strong.

    Waaagh! is more effective. Ork players will notice that the orkz' global buffs are great force multipliers, and when timed correctly, can really turn the fight in your favor. Orkz generally aren't as competent in small engagements as SM and Eldar but their clickies can give them a big spike in damage and toughness that will turn the tables. Combined with Waaagh! and Call Da Boyz, a good ork player should be very confident in seizing the initiative and taking the field, so long as he can micro his mobz out of fire traps and artillery fire...

    Eldar now get all aspect warriors. The Autarch hero is implemented (although his sync kill animations are bugged, he works). Eldar stats are improved and their squad sizes are smaller to better represent their elite nature. They rely on mobility and firepower, and the precise application of combined arms. They are not as tough as the other races and generally do not hold up well in prolonged assaults. Fortunately, they are the fastest race and can abuse webways and psychic powers for their benefit.

    Dark Reapers excel in gunning down heavily armored troops. They cannot fleet or fight in melee, and need to be protected from jump infantry.

    Fire dragons get melta bombs and fusion guns, and can melt anything at close range - but need to be protected from melee, and are vulnerable to snipers.

    Scorps and Shees are much better in melee now.

    Avengers are master skirmishers who move fast, cap fast, and can suppress enemy troops with Bladestorm. They get plasma grenades as well (guardians don't get nades anymore).

    Melee combat has been rebalanced. Weaponskill is now MUCH more important. Note your level relative to your enemies'. Non-melee units fighting each other in melee is a strategic option; a warlock leader will make a huge difference in a fight between two guardian squads, and a Warp Spider Exarch is an excellent secondary melee unit for tying up suppression teams. Melee weapons make a big difference between regular troops now.

    Light melee troops such as guardsmen and guardians cannot damage heavy armor or vehicles with their melee attacks. Light melee is only good for fighting other light melee units - don't try to charge tacs with a big mob of guardsmen, as they cannot damage power armor with their bayonets alone. Shooty Orkz are generally tougher than other "soft races" in melee, so guardsmen and GDU's can be charged by ork shootas unless commissars and warlocks are there to protect them. Orkz without melee weapons should still not get stuck in with SM/CSM or Raveners, however.

    Tyranids, Imperial Guard, and Chaos are NOT implemented yet. Don't bother trying to tell me that they aren't balanced, or they suck or are bugged. I have NOT updated them for MP play yet.

    Special thanks for the valuable feedback to the balancing team and community, and to Xenenator for organizing this page.

    HEROES OF THE IMPERIUM: Take a moment to honor these brave souls, without whom the Light of the Astronomican would have gone out long ago...

    Bloodravage, Master of the Forge (Models, textures, animations, the Standard Bearer, new weapon fx, pintle guns and too many awesome models to list here, check out his mod Destroyer40k)

    Santos, Master Artificer (models, mod tools, textrues, animations, fx)

    Canis Lupus, Chapter Master (Models, textures, animations, new Eldar features, worked on pintle guns with Bloodravage)

    Horus Heretic, Warmaster of Chaos and the WOA + FOK team

    Full credits to the WOA team can be found here: Woa + FoK Modteam -

    Garrick, Master of the Mechanicum (Models, textures, animations, new servitors and wargear)

    Smokin' Joe NL, 1st Company Captain (organizing games, getting new people into the mod, being a top player since the very first release, balance info, and overall support)

    Swarmlord Sovereign, The Great Devourer (helping to organize games and get new people into the mod, balance info, becoming a top player and writing some of the up-coming player guides, being a source for lore and tt accuracy, especially for SM and Nids)

    Lulgrim, Master of the Lexicanum (models, textures, new features)

    Shuma, Master of the Armoury (models, textures)

    RagnarR40k, Master Artificer and Codicier (artwork, chapters and banners, game ideas)

    Caid, Master of the Eldar Warhost (Dark Reaper models and weapons)

    Kilgar, Master warpsmith (portraits, icons, new art assets)

    Jaylo138, Master of the Armoury (models, textures for terminator Chaplain)

    Hangar-8, Keeper of the Chapter Heraldry (artwork, chapters and banners)

    Darrius88, Master Reclusiarch (chaplain model and textures)

    Shadowninja009, for helping me with some models and the scout heavy bolter issues.

    Unusualfashion/OneProduct, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of help getting things to work)

    Miguel, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of getting wargear and other issues cleared up)

    If I didn't add you to this list and you helped me with the assets, send me a pm and I will add you.
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    Yeeeeey! fantastic work, dl now
    Let the Emperor guide us all

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    I registered just for the purpose of thanking you (and using it later, of course).
    No words express my gratitude.

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    Thank you dear sir Gabriel Gorgutz.
    Can't wait to start playing this baby!
    [Insert wit and humor here]
    [Insert funny/deep quote here]

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    hum, put everything in the correct place, added -modname DOW2CodexEdition to the launch options in steam. when i launch it, it says getting ready to launch... etc. but then doesnt play.

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    Everything's in place - I even see the helmeted FC when I pick commanders. However, it doesn't play. It crashes when I enter the battle.

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    i cant even get into the game.

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    I just loaded it up fine. I went to the Dow2 directory and made a shortcut from my dow2.exe. I then moved it to my desktop, editied the "properties" so that it uses the -modname DOW2CodexEdition parameters.

    I didn't use -dev or -steamapp or anything.

    Everyone get on steam chat with me. Swiley117

    Try restarting your computer, the other day I had the "getting ready to laungh" thing from steam and nothing would launch, it's a steam thing, not DoW2. Then I rebooted and it worked fine. I will be online for a while.

    Make sure the new .module file is in the Dawn of War 2 directory, and the shortcut is from the actual "DoW2.exe" in the game's root directory and not the default one that the steam program makes on your desktop.

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    loads up now, but crashes when a match begins.

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    I am using the exact same thing you all are, and it works fine. I tested it before I uploaded it.

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    well, something is definitely not right with ours since its crashing either a second or two after the match begins. the furthest ive been into is selecting my warboss.

    playing against the AI if that matters. you might wanna fix the names of all the units in the army painter. some of the models also seem to have issues (mainly the jaws of the bigger orks, they might be mega nobz, not sure)

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    Yes I am aware of the minor cosmetic things like jaws, models being imperfect etc... I just wanted to get it playable.

    Sorry about the crash folks, it is not happening for me. Just tried to get into a coop match with another friend and it crashed.

    OneProduct is talking me thru the fix now, I am sure it will work soon.

    Alright, mirror matches work so far, and siwal frontier works... trying to narow down the problem. I uploaded a new archive in the DOW2CodexEdition.rar, try downloading that and over writing the old gameattribcodex.sga that I gave you earlier.

    There was some sp campaign and last stand stuff in there I got rid of.

    Perhaps that will help?

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    I am getting the same problem . I load up the game fine, Commander select ok and stuff only problem i have it when the game finishes loading and then the game crashed. so we all have the same problem such as falls(i have DoW2 on steam and hopfully that not why).

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    Update: No idea what causes the crash, but several people can play it now.

    Siwal frontier works, and oneproduct and I have tried every commander, they all work now.

    Still working on the crash issue, but you should at least be able to see the mod in action now.

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    ok, just played marines vs orks in swiwal frontier, worked pretty nicely.

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    Everyone join the community and add me as a friend!

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    alright the problem is with the nids, i played marines vs eldar fine.

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    Just played mp with nids, they're working. Use the new files.

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    I can play it with both new and old files. My mod too has such wierd bugs that only happen to some people at random. I'm not sure what does it.

    It seems very good, but some units / abilites need tweaking.

    We just uncovered a very nasty tyranid bug with Gorgutz.

    I'll try to get a BAT file to start this mod in a few days.

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    Play the hell out of it and report all bugs on here.

    I need the following:

    Jaylo to help with skins/textures.

    Someone who can do AI well to help make AI opponents more tactical/less cheesy. Also the computer doesn't seem to recognize some of the units on the roster, and can apparently spam special abilties without cooldowns, like tyranoformation. Human players cannot do this.

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    No real problem here, just some cosmetic stuff. Icons not showing (SM commander abilities in commander selection), some incorrect descriptions (kraken rounds ability uses dragon-whatever rounds description), model glitches.
    Awesome mod anyways, glad to see armies played as they should be, good balance and great feeling when you go through swarms of nids or boyz.

    (I'd like to know if you're going to edit some models, ex. regular SMs looking a bit too flashy/advanced right now).

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    I'd rather release it now so people can enjoy it over the holidays, and then in a week or two we'll fix any bugs we find, rebalance things that need balancing, and adjust the .ucs descriptions and model issues. I am hoping that Jaylo and other modelers will give us custom skins anyway. This is the earliest, raw version of Codex Edition, and it will only get better.

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    Of course, I was just pointing some things out.
    From what I've read, introducing models in DoW2 is a pain, and I'd be amazed if you got custom ones. The gameplay alone makes this mod the best one yet.

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    alright, ill play the new version asap.
    so far bugs:
    some of the global abilities for space marines in the hero choosing section are missing icons
    you can surpass the number of tacs u are allowed to field using drop pods (not sure if this was intentional or not)
    the techmarine automatiocally gains the sweeping ability that he should get from his armor
    some of the techmarine's abilities dont have tooltips

    other things i noticed:
    the bolter explosions were rather loud imo, the effect was nice, a tad large but acceptable. i recommend lowering the volume of the explosions a tad, they hurt ur ears if u have default sound settings and when u have a few tacs and a devestator squad shooting
    this is just me, but i dont really like the beakie helmet on the FC. i think one of the Veteran Marine heads from Tarkus' squad would fit better.

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    Amazing fun mod, wowza. Great fun. I have only played SM so far, but it is freakin awesome so far. The boltguns are amazing. They actually explode. Some minor issues so far, nothing terrible. Some icons are missing from the commander menus (SM only from what I have seen). The Sgt. upg for SM Vans and Sterns says T2 required, when it seems that T3 is actually required. Those are the only issues I have seen so far. Holy crap Gabriel, this is what DoW2 should have been like. Good work, and I look forward to seeing more on this mod in the future. Merry Christmas!

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    Thanks and very well done. Many mods are overhyped by the modders but I have to say this one lives up to expectations and definitely stands out from the crowd. I particularly like the bolter effects and the dust clouds around the predator each time it fires.

    As always, the pop cap never feels enough so I'll increase that slightly for myself. Other than that I can't fault it from a gameplay standpoint.

    Bravo. I hope you can quickly update the mod when the chaos expansion is released.

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    I really like the increased squad sizes. You can still uses squads tactically without having to retreat and reinforce every time one squad member dies. Today was first time I've played DOW 2 in several months, all thanks to you. I really appreciate you doing this. In fact, I'm almost inspired to finish my own mod.
    "You destroyed an entire civilization just to prove that Evil is BAD?!" -Spiderman to the Beyonder

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    PRAISE THE EMPEROR!!!! *marches off to curbstomp xeno filth*

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    I for one like the bigger explosions made by the bolters.
    Perhaps the predator should rock less with each autocannon shot, for now it seems to be having just a little too much recoil. I'm not sure it can be done tough.

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    You can't alter the pred's animation, just like you can't add flamer animation to other gun models. Some animations are tied to the firing weapon's model, and some projectiles are actually part of the firing animation... I thought the pred rocked a bit hard too, but it looks cool and hey, it's got an authentic autocannon now right? The bolters were the FIRST thing I modded lol before any gameplay changes. They HAD to be authentic, or SM just felt lame... oh and the popcap is meant to feel like it's "not quite enough" when playing Space Marines - that's the only real caveat to playing that race, no one is expendable and you can't have "everything on the field."

    Many units can fill particular roles such as AV, suppression, melee tank etc. depending on how you tool them up, but they all fill that role in a different way; heavy bolters are area suppression heavy support weapons, flamers are point-blank area suppression weapons with a large area clicky, plasma cannons are artillery while missiles can hit av targets well and have an anti troops clicky but don't fill either role as well as the more specialized heavy weapons. For example, lascannons are MUCH better av than missiles, but require long setup times, longer interval between shots, and make the unit more vulnerable to melee. Missiles allow you to run-and-gun, although you have to stop for a second to shoot, and you can surprise enemy troop formations with a frag missile shot to knock them around.

    Try to combine abilities to play to your units' strengths. For example, tacs are good melee tanks, and get frags to start. Melee heavy infantry will charge and leap into close combat, knocking light infantry over in the process. As tacs, I throw a nade into an approaching enemy mob of gaunts/sluggas (or even better, termas/shootas) and then immediately queue up a melee charge. The nade goes off, bodies fly everywhere and the enemy gets momentarily suppressed... then the tacs charge in, knocking them flying again, and begin to wail on them. This type of move was inspired by the "concept video" of DoW 2, you know, the pre-alpha one you can see on youtube. It has tacs leaping into a mass of guardians and beating them silly, with superhuman strength. Aaaand... I hope everyone noticed that Space Marines move fast now. There was never any reason to make them "walk" everywhere... they get the same base speed as most other units, except the "Very fast" ones like scouts, upgraded gaunts, banshees, and rangers.

    Thanks for the props, keep on looking for things to update. I am going to take a break from all the editing for a week or 2, so unless you find something game-breaking, I will wait for all the suggestions to pour in and then fix them all at once.

    I am very glad you're all enjoying it; I feel like the last few months spent on this mod were worthwhile.

    And I hope you're all having a great xmas.

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    Merry Christmas guys!

    Can any of you please give some indepth impressions? I really want to know how all the new units, and changes look and feel. The new fx for the Bolters sound pretty some!

    Has anyone used Storm guardians yet? How do they look and feel?
    What about the new Tyranid economy and all their changes? Gah...too much I want to know and see!

    this is just me, but i dont really like the beakie helmet on the FC. i think one of the Veteran Marine heads from Tarkus' squad would fit better.
    I agree, the Veteran helmet would look a lot cooler - especially paired with the cape.

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    Registered entirely because of this mod. Many kudos, bro.

    Only played against the ai so far in order to get a feel for it. First thing I noticed is that the space marine guns feel a heck of a lot more powerful. I also love that there are more weapons to be placed on the squads. All the races feel a lot more customizable as well, especially the Eldar. Being able to do so much with the platform addons to the guardian squad means that even if you're losing you can just build a bunch of those and try your luck at turret kitting with fleet of foot.

    Anyway, things I noticed about each race.
    -The force commander's hair clips through his helmet. Also, the sm have broken images for some of their globals.
    -A lot of the text reads wrong. Terminators say they only need a lv2 base instead of lv 3. The four carnifexes only have 2 names. I see from reading the other thread that you're still working on that though, so no worries (not like it's a big deal).
    -I was able to summon a venerable dreadnought from the SM global and then summon another from the base, but I can't build 2 at the base or summon 2 from the global.
    -Farseer seems broken. She has an elcetric storm spell which deals dot to anything in a fairly large field. Against eldar, ork, and nid, I can turn her field on and run her in even at level one and decimate the squads while my guardians and storm guardians suppress everything.
    -Some wargear is broken. The farseer's ghosthelm, for example, gives her an ability she starts with.
    -Love the nid changes. The only thing that could make them better is if the brood nests created creep (or whatever the nid equivalent is). There's a good sense of their swarm nature as you slowly terraform the map around you. At the same time, I have a feeling that it would be harder for nids to come back because each or those brood nests is a biomass investment. In the early game you can make do with horms and terms and in the late game you should have enough nests to afford losing one or two, but in the middle I'd assume losing one or two would be hugely detrimental.
    -Tank shock is a welcome addition. It makes me wonder why it wasn't in the vanilla since it seems so natural. It does seem like the range is a bit too long, but I've only played on the small maps so far.
    -Bases seem really weak. Almost any vehicle can single-handedly drop a bases defenses.
    -The mod hates alt-tabs. Hugely.
    -Haven't played as orks yet, but playing against them is a blast. Fire seems a bit too effective against them though.

    Will put up more as I experience more.

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    i havent really noticed the fodder system. are u sure u get req back as fodder units die?

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    hehehe this mod was awesome good work but may i suggest changing the force commanders head to tarkas's head so it wont clip with the helmet
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    I am fixing the text errors, the farseer's storm might need to get nerfed at some point.

    The Ghosthelm gives her a more powerful version of Mind War, and the Techmarine's second armor gives him a more powerful version of Sweep. It's not a mistake. Those 2 heroes start with a basic form of those abilities, and wargear can give an enhanced version. I should note that in the .ucs entries.

    I 100% guarantee that you get the reinforcement cost of a fodder unit back when they die. You can check this on the ebps file for that unit, give_resource_to_owner_on_death or something. I made sure it was working. Fodder units are: For nids, hormas and termas, for orkz, any "boyz," but not nobz/leaders/meks, and for Eldar, any guardians/storm guardians. Vehicles and monstrous creatures never give req refund, and Space Marines get no fodder troops.

    Base turrets should get more hp, I gave bases and gens more hp but forgot to do turrets. I'll release beta 1.1 in a week or so.

    Nid structures increase the rate at which biomass comes in. Generators, brood nests, and capillary towers increase your biomass income, but it's capped at 4 per second, so you can't get the bar to insta-fill if you tyranoform a few times. Biomass from combat comes in at the normal rate. If you lay several brood nests, you'll reach the point where you're getting max biomass faster (I think 2 full gen farms and 3 brood nests does it), so killing nid structures wherever they are found is a top priority for the other races.

    Now, regarding tank shock - what range would you think is appropriate? This was the default range for the Venerable Dreadnought's charge ability. The FC's charge ability and the Warboss' charge ability use the default range for the Hive Tyrant's charge.

    Everyone want FC with a standard helmet? I figured that the Corvis pattern helm was an older one, so a veteran champion might use older gear. The only helmets we get are the Corvis pattern and the standard "angry" helmet, so I gave him a beaky one.

    Orkz and nids are supposed to be vulnerable to fire, plasma cannons, and d-cannons. Smart human players will use stormboyz and wartrukk charge/dismount to beat flamer units. Also, shotguns/spinefists/shootier snazzguns will disrupt flamer units (scouts in particular, Tacs are immune to shotties/spinefists, but snazzguns will knock them down) so they can't fire, and knocking them down also disrupts Cleansing Flame/Do tha Burny Dance. Stealthing and throwing a grenade is a good way to interrupt that ability too.

    We need a lot of human vs human matches to really find balance issues. Try using the farseer against human opponents who are aware of Psychic Storm, and see how that works. I know it isn't as effective against warrior broods as it is against Gaunts. It's meant to allow her to tank/finish off swarms.
    Last edited by Gabriel Gorgutz; 25th Dec 09 at 1:54 PM.

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    just played a 1v1 game with another person. marines vs marines
    anyways, scouts w/ sniper rifles are overpowered, even he admits it. terminators seem to be a tad on the strong side too, assault termies can take down a dreadnought in a second or two. do scouts gain an attack bonus when shooting from infilitration?
    Do SternMarines have something to counter heavy vehicles/walkers? one of their munitions only penetrate light armor i think
    Assault Marines kinda have an arbitrary power cost of 51
    and about that fodder thing, does the entire squad have to die or do u get refunded per unit?

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    When me and friend tried to do a private game we both crashed during loading. Dono why but we both installed correctly as we followed the readme instructions.

  38. #38
    one of you two is using random hero/race

  39. #39
    You get refunded per unit down.

    Scout snipers are overpowered, you say - what particularly? Damage per hit, range, rate of fire? Please be more specific. They don't get an attack bonus when shooting from infiltration.

    Assault termies could get their damage lowered.

    I will round off the ASM squad's power cost to 50.

    Let's do what we all used to do when Relic would post patch changes. Give me a list with points on it, and I will post the "change log" to be made on the main page. So, for example:

    Scouts: Sniper rifles too strong vs marines. Suggest reducing rate of fire, or damage per hit, either the weapon dps or sniper damage type vs. heavy infantry.

    ASM's: Round off power cost to 50 (currently it's 51).

    Termies/Assault Termies: Attack power too high vs. vehicles, suggest lowering damage of thunder hammers or melee_heavy vs. vehicles.

    Everyone check the first post, if there's changes/suggestions you want to make, list them in the thread and they will be posted in the change list. Check to see if your suggestion has already been listed first.
    Last edited by Gabriel Gorgutz; 25th Dec 09 at 5:04 PM.

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    ok, following your format

    Scouts: Sniper Rifle damage is superb against Space Marines, suggest raising the cost, or lowering the damage vs whatever armor Space Marines use

    Marine Flamethrowers: Not 100%, but their Cleansing Fire ability seems to slow down retreating units as well, allowing the Marine's squadmates to easily pick them off

    Devestators: Heavy Bolters cause suppression too fast imo, suggest reducing the amount of suppression it deals, and/or reduce the rate of fire/damage. I could hold off an entire Tier 1 Tyranid Army led by a hive tyrant with an apothecary and a devestator squad.

    Vanguard Marines: Absolutely destroy any vehicle in their path, with or without melta bombs. Suggest reducing their damage against vehicles. Keep them effective, but dont let them destroy a vehicle in 2-3 seconds.

    Was lowering the cost of the Tier3 upgrade intentional?

    Overall Race Suggestions:
    Give all races some sort of minor anti-tank weapon. Melta Bombs come in at Tier 2 i believe, and so do practically every other anti-tank unit/equipment.

    Possibly reduce the damage of ALL Space Marine units, they seem to be the most overpowered of all the races.

    Increase the speed of units that are retreating. Space Marines can keep up with other Marines that are retreating, so theyll run and gun the retreating Marines down.

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    Quick question Fallschirmjager - are you playing against human or AI opponents?

  42. #42

  43. #43
    You held off a sizeable nid army w/hive tyrant charging your devs? What map was this on? The HT should be able to get his 1st armor, charge, and start tearing up the devs. Warrior broods can jump on them now too. What's your name on steam? I take it you're a good coh/dow2 player. Let's have some games and you can show me what needs to be changed.

    Thanks for your feedback, by the way!

  44. #44
    actually, im a fairly bad CoH/Dow2 player. i think the holding out against the 'nids happened cause he wasnt fairly sure what to do
    I dont remeber the EXACT map name, but it was an industrial 2v2 map, an it was VP game mode. all our bases started out in a little corner, i built a tac marine first, then a dev asap. i just kinda camped outside the nids base, and when they tried to breakthrough, all their hormas/termas got supressed, not sure if they had any warriors or not. my eldar teammate was tying up the other Ork player, i kept one or two Tacs with flamers that i had built on reserve, in case the nids managed to break through.

    Snipers are only truly overpowered in a 1v1 game where they go for sniper rifles as a high priority and keep their scouts alive.
    But you should definitely increase unit's move speed when theyre retreating, they die simply too fast.

  45. #45
    in the assault terminators killing vehicles too fast, i dont see a problem with this but in the case you suggested, id say reduce melee heavy/power weapon general damage to vehicles

  46. #46
    I found the problem. The damage vs vehicles for melee_heavy is 1.3 lol. I only want it to do that to buildings. I will adjust it to 1.0 so it's doing 30 percent less, and we'll see if that fixes it.

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    I have had the mod work fine and I have had it crash I don't know what causes it.SM Sniper rifles do need a nerf to much damage IMHO. The Pred fire rate is way to high it's like a MG. Also Love the mod so far real fun stuff.

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    hmmm i feel that the space marine cap is too low after a couple trys its really irritating

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    Zoan+Scramerkiller= Ownage

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    Comp stomp notes: The AI is bugged. It produces units WAY faster than you can in-game, it's especially noticeable with Space Marines.

    The comp will spam tyranoformation, often in the same spot, for no apparent reason. Sometimes it will tyranoform most of the map. While this is indeed fluffy, it was not intentional. The AI will get fixed later.

    Right now, we need human matches! Get that feedback posted on here, beta 2 will be in about 2 weeks.

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