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How to remove or increase Cap Limit?

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    How to remove or increase Cap Limit?

    I read alot about needing to modify the .big files but i have no idea what tools i should get to use.
    I got into the .lua files to make myself have a larger fleet but that is not really what i wanted.
    I am kinda a newb at this tools and stuffs but i am willing to learn.

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    Have you read the tutorial?

    After that, modify the files in Data\Scripts\UnitCaps
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    Explosion Damage Script, Scripting Tutorial

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    There are some things that can't be downloaded anymore like the data.exe and the HardED

    EDITED: Eh nevermind i think i found in googles, lol, then i just have to modify the values like:
    UC_Family("Fighter", 14)
    UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "Fighter", 18)

    to something like:
    UC_Family("Fighter", 99)
    UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "Fighter", 99)

    So as to have 99 fighters for that time?
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    If you need to find out how to do something specific in the future, have a look at the tutorials, on Karos Graveyard:

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    I found the script named Cap something, thank you =)
    But still if the folders itself doesn't have a script folder for a start will the singleplayer lua file affect it in anyway when i play in single player?

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    There is a specified unitcpas for SP .

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    Ok i kinda found it lol, i rip it off a Zip somewhere haha.
    Thanks =p
    And is there a way to change the building speed as well?

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    Seriously, man, have a look at Karos, and other modding tutorials.

    All your questions about how things need to be changed can be answered, and you won't clutter up the forums.

    And yes, you can change build speeds.
    These are in individual *.ship files.

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    Nasty, thank you for the link

    EDITED: Sorry because i tried to make myself overpowered lol
    What is wrong with this script? I am trying to make my mission easier by kinda making myself 10:1 to the enemy.

    -- Pretty-Printed using HW2 Pretty-Printer 1.27 by Mikail.
    -- UC_ file
    -- Generated by Nick Waanders
    -- UC_ file
    -- Generated by Nick Waanders
    UC_Family("Fighter", 900)
    UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "Fighter", 50)
    UC_Family("Corvette", 800)
    UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "Corvette", 30)
    UC_ShipType("MinelayerCorvette", 10)
    UC_Family("Frigate", 500)
    --UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "Frigate", 20)
    --UC_ShipType("TorpedoFrigate",90); -- max 4 torpedo frigates
    UC_ShipType("DefenseFieldFrigate", 50)
    UC_ShipType("CaptureFrigate", 50)
    -- max 6 capture frigates
    UC_ShipTypeOverride("Vaygr", "CaptureFrigate", 4)
    -- but max 4 for the hiigarans. As a TEST
    UC_Family("Capital", 250)
    UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "Capital", 10)
    UC_ShipType("Destroyer", 120)
    UC_ShipType("Carrier", 50)
    UC_ShipTypeOverride("Vaygr", "Carrier", 3)
    UC_ShipType("Battlecruiser", 70)
    UC_ShipType("Shipyard", 20)
    UC_Family("Utility", 250)
    UC_ShipType("ResourceCollector", 150)
    UC_ShipType("ResourceController", 50)
    UC_ShipType("Probe", 100)
    UC_ShipType("ECMProbe", 100)
    UC_ShipType("ProximitySensor", 100)
    UC_Family("Platform", 90)
    UC_ShipType("HyperspacePlatform", 90)
    UC_Family("Mothership", 1)
    UC_Family("DreadNaught", 1)
    UC_Family("SinglePlayerMisc", 9000)
    UC_FamilyOverride("Vaygr", "SinglePlayerMisc", 9000)
    -- no singleplayer ships can be built/captured by the hiigarans
    UC_ShipType("Mover", 10)
    -- max 10 movers
    UC_Family("SPMovers", 10)
    UC_Family("CommStation", 1)
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    Message Moved up.

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