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    Micro102 had nothing on Komninosm. Just saying.

    Seriously, me, First and Only and the Vertigos invented a drinking game based off how wrong he consistently was. I think I've still got the rules somewhere if anyone wants a look.
    Let's Play Europa Universalis 3: Divine Wind
    Let's Play Master of Magic: Abandoned
    In the beginning there was nothing. Then Steam crashed.

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    Sigh.... good times. I will forever miss the days when I could come here to argue about tiny 0.00001 differences in the dps of a plasma pistol.

    I'll try to come back for DoW3 of course.

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    well i had some time so i read BI section, some threads are really bad (but fun to read). I agree that there is no reason why keep this section alive (with exception of Corncobman´s Balance mod because it´s fantastic mod for off-line players with some new-race mod).

    Slow Runner: thanks for your reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slow_Runner
    Since there hasn't been a patch in a "little while", we're closing down Balance Issues for good.
    it'll be thrown into the archives.
    It was a fun ride while it lasted
    Balance Issues, I salute thee.
    "No hope for Soulstorm. We burry it. R.I.P." That's what I understand.
    That's sad, as for me, even if not moving, SS is still alive.
    It's on my drive and I won't remove it for long, even as I need spare megabits these times.

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    I installed Soulstorm on my new computer a couple of days ago.
    Disagree with a moderator? Read this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maktaka

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    No hope for Soulstorm? The game's two years old, it's done, dusted and whatever bugs Relic didn't manage to fix before they shifted focus onto DoW 2, CoH and other miscellaneous projects have been cleared up quite nicely in certain modifications, most notably Maktaka's Bugfix mod.

    Anyhow, to avoid further derailment I'll just say it was fun reading some of the flamewars, sorry, discussions in here even if I rarely took part in them. My soul was yoked to modding as supposed to playing a long, long time ago
    I am an Iron Warrior. Iron Within, Iron Without.

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    Wee i just stumbled onto this thread.... and wanted to post before its done forever ! I like many of you here started here, mainly because i was insistent on using IG and only IG, through the horrible, the bad, and the, well i would say IG in SS was good seeing how its the best it ever got balance wise.

    Some amazing and massive threads on IG balance too! I love every second of them. Its what started me off here at Relic News, and i migrated all around, to the COH forums , then DOW2, since i play all those relic games. But Every DOW game still resides on my hard drive, ready for it to be played at lan parties, and also games can still be readily played online in both DC and SS. She may not be too lively, but it isnt completely put down yet !

    Good times all around....

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