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[HW2] TANIS SHIPYARDS - Forum Guidelines and Information

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    Alarm [HW2] TANIS SHIPYARDS - Forum Guidelines and Information

    Welcome to the revamped Modding Discussions sections. These rules are universal throughout the entire section and therefore must be followed at all times whilst in this section, as well as abiding by the main Forum Guidelines . So please read before posting.

    Main Guidelines
    #1 No Mod Requests - and no "idea" threads
    #2 Modding Questions - Search before posting
    #3 Questions About Mods - Don't ask for updates
    #4 Commenting on Mods - Don't spam threads
    #5 Backseat Moderating - Use the report function ()

    Assets & Permissions
    Don't use assets without permission
    IP Flowchart
    Game specific details

    Extra Forum Information
    Section moderators
    IRC Channel


    #1: No Mod Requests

    Asking people to do your mod for you is a no-no, and as such all threads asking for people to do your ideas will be locked. This also goes for "Here's an idea!" threads.

    #2: Modding Questions.

    If you have a question, you are first encouraged to use the Search Function and the Tutorials Subforum to find an answer. If an answer is available this will save time for everyone. If you still have questions then feel free to post.
    If you have a related question, it is advised you create a new thread rather than bumping the old thread and possibly confusing the issue.

    #3: Questions about Mods.

    If you have questions about a specific modification, you should use the respective mod's thread in the mods in progress or completed mods subforums. Discussions such as asking which mod is the best to suit your particular tastes, or the differences between mod X and mod Y, are fine so feel free to make such threads.
    --N.B. "When will the mod be finished?" and "Any updates?" posts will also be clamped down on. It doesn't help the mod team, or the supporters of a mod who see the thread active with no recent updates, just spam. The mod team will update the thread entirely at their own discretion, when they feel there has been sufficient progress to show.

    #4: Commenting on Mods.

    We encourage discussion about mod projects, and praising the work of modders. However this has in the past created problems with threads degrading into pages upon pages of zero content.

    We are going to be stricter on deleting posts that don't contribute more than "OMGWOW!", or "praise spam" as its known. Posts should contain something more than this, and bumping a thread just to express "wow that's awesome" is similarly not going to fly.
    If you have something worthwhile to contribute, such as insights into how something can be done differently, or queries over a specific point, feel free to post. The bottom line is, make sure your post contributes to the thread's discussion.

    #5: Backseat Moderating

    We understand that whilst it is frustrating to have people ruining your thread or being an arsehole, use the report function () and let the moderators deal with it. That's what the button is for and allows the smooth running of the forums and makes moderating that little bit easier. In turn it ensures that the section is run efficiently which is something we all want.


    When borrowing or using any elements of another mod, ensure you get the owning modder's permission. Stealing other people's work is not acceptable, and will be dealt with very harshly.

    IP Flowchart

    This flowchart is designed to help you determine whether or not it is acceptable to use a certain asset (model, texture, whatever) in a mod.


    Mods involving HW1 source code

    According to the EULA accompanying the Homeworld source code, any mods made with that source code are Relic's property, and modders surrender all Intellectual Property claims to assets they put in such mods. In order to use someone else's work in a HW1 code mod, you must convince them to surrender their IP claims to that work.


    Your section moderators are Deionarra, Ira Aduro, Darkbladecr, Lethal Dosage and Gorb.

    If you have any issues or questions you may send them a PM. You can also PM the Modding Discussions section head, Bowkers, or post in Forum Issues.

    This section for Homeworld 2 is divided into various subforums: [N.B. HW2 subforums will be undergoing changes soon!]


    You can get help from the people on our IRC (internet relay chat - i.e. text based chatrooms) channel. Connection information is located here. Additionally:

    • IRC server:

    A good windows based client to use is mIRC which has its own help to connect to the server.
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