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Space Battleship Yamato HW2 Mod?

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    Space Battleship Yamato HW2 Mod?

    Would anyone be interested in seeing this?
    Gamalons, Comet Empire, Star Force, the whol gambit.
    And even the Wave Motion Gun and the fighters.

    [EDIT] I looked through the Forum rules, but I still wasn't quite sure where to post it, so...its here. If this is the wrong forum please move or kill it. -_-;;
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    Hell yes. I want to see the EDF Space Battleships. Both the newer ones and the Good Ol' Yamato. Not to mention the fighters ofcourse.

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    Ive also been thinking about this....

    though to bad we cant mod the hyperspace in HW2. Att least the Anti missile missles would be posible. And the wave gun could be a spec ablity...

    But i would love to see this happen..

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    Bones V2.0

    for images of ships (alot of em)

    ships look kinda cheezy to me, kinda like glorified dustbusters. but id play it.

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    sweet. I think you should make this mod.

    The ships look compatible with Homeworld 2 weaponry.

    You can see where the turrets should go (so none of that random rubbish from star wars) .

    this looks quid promising.

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    Just testing the waters really. I can't do code worth....well, lets jsut say my last attempt made the tentacle coming from the 6 month leftovers in the back of the fridge look cute'n'cuddly. Although I'd love to attempt each individual barrel on the turrets moving up/down to lock in before they fire. You wouldn't just see the turrets spin, but actually KNOW the barrels were locking onto you before all hell broke lose.

    I'm trying to decide if I should go with just the 1st Season ships (Gamalon & EDF only) or go 3rd Season and wholehog it all with every ship.

    Ships that of course would be used:
    All Gamalon Ships - Even the WMG Rammer/Drill 'thing'.
    Musashi (the ones you see at the very beginning of the series that get their butts kicked)
    New York - Also Shown here next to the Yamato)
    (note: I WILL get permission from Don Fraiser before I use it, if I do the mod. Besides, he lives only 2 hours from me and probably would kick my butt if I didn't ask)

    Links to references plan on using ruthlessly (once I get permission, if I start!) - (There are GODS here)

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    ACK! I forgot about the later seasons empires. After watching 'Farewell Yamato' you kinda forget about the 'lesser' baddies. After Comet, there wasn't a true big'n'nasty. Even Nebula was pretty pathetic.

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