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How to: Combine Cheatmod w/ other Mods

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    How to: Combine Cheatmod w/ other Mods

    I thought I might post a quick how-to since it took me quite a bit of surfing and searching to figure this one out on my own. For people like me, who do quite a bit of testing and sampling of different mods, it can be pretty useful to get a quick feel for features or to hunt bugs.

    Anyway, the only two files you really need from Cheatmod are located in CheatMod/Data/scar under the Cheatmod directory.

    These two files are cheatmod.scar and view.scar. Copy these files to the corresponding directory under the mod of your choice and PRESTO, 99% of the time the two will work together with no editing necessary. If the data/scar folder doesn't exist in the mod's directory then you'll need to create it to place these files.

    In some cases though you'll need to add a few more files from Cheatmod or edit a few lines w/ Corsix's editor.

    If you tried adding the two files above with no luck then try copying camera.lua and tipsconfig.lua from the Cheatmod/data folder into the mod's folder.

    Also, in Corsix, open up the mod and navigate to Data, then subfolder Scar, then to scarutil.scar.

    At line 39 in scarutil, there should be a command that says: import("SP_Cheatscript.scar"). Simply change this from SP_Cheatscript.scar to Cheatmod.scar.

    I'm not absolutely sure that this next step is necessary but I usually do it and find that it doesn't hurt. Within that same subfolder load up sp_cheatscript and scroll down to line 33, which should read Scar_AddInit(SP_Cheatscript_Oninit).

    Again, just swap out SP_Cheatscript for Cheatmod.

    Hope this saves a few people some searching. This should work with most mods out there.

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    great how-to!
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    But playing online is still impossible with this ?

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    I presume so, yes

    Moving to How To forums..

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    Hello, I'm trying to get cheatmod to work with other mods, I've followed other instructions but I don't seem to be able to get it to work, apart from with Eastern Front, for that it worked after I copied view.scar and cheatmod.scar from the Cheatmod\Data\Scar to Eastern_Front\Data\scar
    I've tried that with all the mods, also adding the .lua file, that and adding -mod CheatMod to the targets, but with no luck. I also tried to find the scarutil.scar files in data\scar but they're not in any of the mod directories.
    If it matters, I'm running 64bit Windows 7, CoH Anthology @ v2.601.

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    Does that work with blitzkrieg 1.702?

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    No, only Eastern Mod and one or two others.

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    Hi, you also need to place this in your SCAR folder.


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    Thanks, just what is was looking for

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    I don't have time to play online, but I do play vs. the cpu a lot.
    I currently love the Realism mod with no pop cap.

    Recently I found Eastern Front and really enjoy it, BUT the Pop Cap is ruining it for me.

    I have downloaded the Corsix editor and set the populations all at 999 (just like Realism Mod) and have included various -dev -mod Eastern_Front, -dev Eastern_Front -mod, etc. but the pop cap seems to be stuck!!!

    UPDATE: I have been able to get the "cheat mod" to work, but I really don't need that; just the population increased for all teams.

    Any guesses?
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    So will this give me the ability to increase the pop cap?

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    I got it working with blitzkrieg. One not the function of addin pop cap or resources. Al the others do work. Any know how to fix that?

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    It can work with both NHC mod and Eastern Front Mod just you have to put the cheatmod.scar and view.scar in both mod's scar folder and run the combiner mod.

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    How did you combined cheat mod with Eastern Front?

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    i'm trying to do this with europe at war but it seems to be not working any tips?

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    For combined Cheatmod & Europe At War 6.1.8 look at this tutorial,
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