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Stonewall For Captain

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    Stonewall For Captain

    Ok here it is

    Replay Name:
    Filename: temp.rec

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    Thanks mate...

    EDIT: For those wondering, the above replay is a 4 player Axis Stonewall match, which played out normally until right at the very end, where, just when we were about to finish off the last ranger squad at the end of wave 16, I heard the sound of a V1 incoming, with my game (and that of two of my allies) crashing just before it landed. The replay for it did not show up on my temp.rec (rather, the temp file I had was still that of the game I had played prior to playing the Stonewall match in question), but it did show up on EdgeInc's who was the only player who's game didn't crash.

    Naturally, I was curious as to what happened, so I directed Edge here on how to upload a replay using this forum's system. When sending me a link to the uploaded replay via PM didn't work, I told him to just make a thread about it in this section of the forum.

    For those wondering, the replay shows all players bar EdgeInc suddenly crashing out and the V1 landing in what was the middle of the base, crippling EdgeInc's StuG but otherwise causing no significant damage. Edge was then able to finish off the last ranger squad and the game counted as a win despite its odd conclusion.

    I don't suppose any of you know what might have happened? Note that this was not your traditional lag-out type affair. The crash of my game was sudden and unexpected...
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    Tags please.

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    GeoffS, the version was (as you might expect) 2.601. I say that because I'm not convinced EdgeInc's going to come back to this forum any time soon, he having only signed up to deliver this replay to me...

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