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Startup crash, win7 64 bit(?)

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    Startup crash, win7 64 bit(?)

    As title says, my game crashes everytime i start it. I have Dawn of war Gold and Dark Crusade (bought through steam) and this happens to both of them, same crash and error in the log.
    I've tried disabling antivirus program, i've added all these games to the DEP (data execution prevention) so they should run freely. I've tried running the games (from steam and from their folders) in various compability modes and as administrator. GraphicsConfig.exe works. the testapp1-2 etc gives same error as the regular exe-files.
    In steam i have checked the files several times. Sometimes some file was wrong in some way but it wouldnt do anything.
    I removed one of the games once and redownloaded it through steam .. and behold - it worked! Once. Then i would get the same error next time i started it. I've tried this trick a couple of times (removing and redownloading) but the game still crashes.

    The crash always occurs the same way. I doubleclick the icon, i get the hourglass for a 2-3 seconds, then the window where i can email the errorlog to THQ pops up (which doesnt work for whatever reason. I tried mailing it manually, but mail got returned)
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    Oh come on

    I bought the game via steam and have only been able to run it once ...

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    I see you have 2 Nvidia Graphics Cards that are the same so I take it that you have SLI Enabled and if so try turning it off the SLI in nVidia's setup.

    If that didn't work then Fully uninstall the Video Drivers from the Graphics cards and reinstall them or download updated Video Driver for your Graphics Cards and install them.

    Also Could you post your warnings.log.
    If you don't know how to get it then read this
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