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[Dawn of War 2] Killteam v1.72 - Last version update in post #344

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    [Dawn of War 2] Killteam v1.72 - Last version update in post #344

    Killteam is a 5 player co-op hero defense mod for Dawn of War 2, similar in concept to The Last Stand game mode. A group of 5 heroes must survive randomly generated waves of progressively increasing difficulty and overcome powerful bosses to survive.

    Killteam v1.72

    Check out the read me for installation and gameplay instructions.

    * Up to 5 player co-op
    * 18 custom heroes
    * New models and textures
    * New abilities
    * Randomly generated waves
    * 2 boss fights
    * Customizable difficulty
    * Playable on any map, including any custom ones you wish to download or create
    * Simple drag and drop installation. Does not replace any default files.

    Coming next patch:
    * New hero using a custom texture by Dharkar and custom weapon models by Shuma: the Angry Marine
    * New hero using custom models by Shuma: terminator Chaplain

    Steam community:
    The group privileges are public so anyone can make announcements or host events if you want to try to gather people for a game.

    Librarian boss fight:
    Bloodcrusher boss fight:
    Some hero abilities:
    Seer council boss fight:
    Psionicist WIP:
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    Finally . Sorry for this content-missing post, but it's just great to get some news from you, your mods and your scripting!
    The video looks fantastic!

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    i had no idea how skilled you were with modding ><

    i've been asking a lot of questions, to which you always seem to have the answer, but now i know why.

    you ARE the bossfight, not the librarian

    Anyway, looking forward to try your mod ^^
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    Agreed, this mod looks awesome unusualfashion.
    Can't wait, mate.

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    Haven't tried this mod yet, but the librarian video sure got me excited for it. Mod looks fantastic as far as I know

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    Sweet Jesus that looks and sounds awesome.
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    Looking forward to it. Impressive show you gave us
    One step closer to the end of the decadent Eldar race.
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    What Last Stand should have been. Just amazing.

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    What Last Stand should have been. Just amazing.
    Yeah, this looks like an exciting version of the last stand

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    Ok so this is, my idea for a boss fight:

    Plague Marine Champion Boss is a 3 stage boss fight focusing on effective kiting and healing management and boss positioning

    Stage 1

    PMC starts with a Plague Sword as a weapon (It changes in stage 3) and posses few abilities:

    Breath of Nurgle is a cone AoE Knockback skill, that he will use frequently.
    Passive Scent of Death - this ability makes him heal for 10% total hp, each time he kill a hero.
    Plague Aura - It damages units close to him, and slows them down
    Your Death is Inevitable - This ability is cast every 25 seconds on random player. It roots them down in one place, increase dmg taken by 50% PMC will move to target to finish him. You need to heal this skill trough. Lasts 15 seconds

    Stage 2

    PMC regains his abilities, 6 heretic adds appear.

    Each of them start to worship, slowing everyone around to 0.8 movement speed, and healing PMC a bit. You have to kill heretics to stop healing, and then focus on the boss.

    You need to watch out, because heretics will explode on death causing dmg, knockback and healing nearby unit by 10% (So you need to keep PMC far from heretic you are killing). After you kill all heretics and lower boss hp to 10% proceed to stage 3

    Stage 3
    PMC lose Breath of Nurgle and Your Death is Inevitable. Gains Plague Fist and following skill:
    Pestilent Strike - stuns target around him.

    2 Plague Marines with Bile Spewer appear, using Bilious Discharge ability on random location slowing heroes to almost null. They will use blight grenades to corrode Armour (30% more dmg to target - can infect other heroes) lasting 10 seconds.

    When PM are alive PMC is immune to all dmg, you need to kill PM first. From their corpses Noxious clouds will spawn and pursuit your heroes. When PM are dead he lose 40% health but gets a speed buff.

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    can by chance in the new defense mod can we be a librarian aswell or are we limited to FC, Mek boy, Farseer, Chaos lord, and apoth?

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    The first release heroes (which are already done) will be:
    Force commander
    Chaos Lord
    You obviously can.

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    ah for a moment i thought that meant for boss battles silly me >< also the old librarian you had for the older version of your mod had the heresy armor and veteran helmet any chance of making him Capitan and make him a selectable hero?

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    Video of some hero abilities:

    @ Vhailor
    Thanks for the suggestion. I actually spent some time working on a GUO/cultist/plague marine boss today using some of your ideas but ran into some scripting problems trying to do some of the things I wanted. I'm going to finish work on another boss fight I'm half done with then I'll come back and give this another shot.

    @ Delta
    I probably won't be bringing back the librarian from my old mod. The only thing he really had different was his heavy bolter and suicide/revival based abilities but suicide abilities don't really fit with how I'm trying to handle player life/death in this new mod and I was planning on making Avitus a hero so he'll have the heavy bolter.

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    Well i dont mean make him the same exact way as before but rather make him into space marine Capitan like in TLS they have a space marine Capitan and it would make him unique having a heavy bolter maybe give him a storm bolter as a upgradeable weapon to make him seem/feel more like stern guard and the heresy armor would fit just right with him like playing the role of the range hero like storm bolter/heavy bolter/melta gun is what i mean.

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    Boss fight versus seer council:

    Realized that in stage 3 the timer is displaying only on top of the vulnerable warlock but its suppose to be on top of all of them. Also, WeGame seems to have just recently become infested with advertisements.

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    Ok i got back from vacation and heres my idea for a SM captain. He uses the same armor as your old "librarian" the mk 6 heresy power armor along with him starting with a chainsword
    His melee upgrades can be powersword, and chainsword + shield.

    The Power sword will allow him to do melee AOE's like the way Assault Marines Sergeant's and the Chainsword + Shield gives a increase in armor rating along with the ability to give a group armor rating buff thus making everyone take alittle more damage.

    The range upgrades can be "Storm bolter", "Heavy Bolter", and "Bolter gun" from SP with the scope it was called "Angels Death dealer" which is a bolter gun with a scope.

    His range bolter gun can have the sternguard perks which means like when using his range weapons he can use each ammunition as an ability kinda of like the way Tactical marines. there are currently 4 special ammo i know of thus far.

    Dragonfire Bolts: Designed to bypass cover.

    Hellfire Rounds: Have a lethal poison inside them which kills almost instantly. These were originally designed to combat Tyranids.

    Kraken Bolts: Made with more armour and a greater propellant, to have longer range and be marginally better at piercing armour.

    Vengeance Rounds: Employ unstable flux core technology which makes them hazardous to use. These were originally designed to combat Traitor Marines.

    This would make the SM Capitan a good range unit and support for Melee/tank hero's and if he needs to get into melee he can use the melee weapons so that way he himself can dish out abit of combat aswell.
    Heavy bolter would be basically suppression and the abilities accompanying the HB will be Vengeance rounds so that once the enemy is suppressed then the SM Captain can let it lose with his weapon.

    The Icon should be just a matter of giving him Captain Diomodies icon
    While as the storm bolter can provide the low rate of fire high dps damage for range. Can have a ability which will allow the storm bolter to fire much more rapidly and no reload time(I guess like your older version of the mod's Terminator ability.)

    Its just a suggestion and it would be really cool to see it make the up coming or future version of your mod Good luck and cant wait to see whats coming up

    Hm not sure if this would work out well with your mod but could a Captain drop pod in a veteran squad? thus the squad can upgrade between being vanguard or Sternguard. They only have 1 special ammo if Sternguard and if vanguard they have slight increase in HP and armor rating.

    BTW are you going to change or keep current global abilities?
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    Sounds like a nice mix of Tarkus and Avitus. As I said before I wanted to make an Avitus sort of hero so I'll see what I can do. I like the special ammo idea to make him a sort of rock-paper-scissors hero.

    I was thinking of doing some summoning abilities sometime after the first release, mostly for hive tyrant but veteran squad and seer council (farseer) would also be nice too. As for the global abilities I'm going to be changing them, there's going to be a sort of "health potion" and "energy potion" ability, mostly so people aren't as reliant on healers. I'm not sure what other ones I'd use though. There won't be the venerable dreadnought call-in but maybe I'll keep the orbital strike.

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    What would be good would be an IG command squad. Maybe with scoutmarine health, and able to call down allied squads and issue orders to them

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    Are you also going to add the Space Hulk missions for your defense/boss battles? Keep in mind mission 1 of the space hulk levels from the SP. Like is it possible to script it so that way you fight your way towards the boss in the large room at the other side of the map. Would be cool but just wondering either way is there a possibility of Space Hulk maps being put into your survival mod?

    Oh one last personal request on the SM Captain. Can he please use the armor that you had for your older version of your hero's defense mod to have the same exact same armor(skin/model/helmet) thanks

    Edit: Love it

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    now that's a boss fight! sweet!
    It is as thou a thousand mouths cry out in pain

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    Hey question what are those icons next to the force commander in your "hero abilities" video? It shows a Tactical, veteran Tactical,Assault, Assault(silver) marines? What are those for?

    On a side note. Why do these video uploading sites and live casting sites have freakin advertisement seriously its starting to bug....
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    You can choose what helmet you want him to wear by clicking those buttons, or you can keep his face as his shield. The silver one is because there isn't a veteran ASM icon so I had to get one made. I could do similar things for different armor appearances since you seem to like the pre-heresy armor so much.

    Yes, like I mentioned before WeGame seems to have recently incorporated very obtrusive adds on their site.

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    That is awesome every piece of news gets me wanting to play this mod more and more I am still messing around with your last release of the mod using mappacks which provide base's/outpost's which can serve for a good defense of 2-4 heros against about 20 or so nid squads rushing in lol. Cant wait to hear more about the features. As for the armor feature it would make the SM hero feel unique to each player love to hear more. As for the older pre-heresy armor well how can I hold back I would love that!
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    So i have few ideas about this mod:

    1) Wave announcer - It's more of a question than real proposition, but is it possible to add talking heads to game and act as wave/boss announcer?
    2) Enemy behind the line deployment - one of major issues I found in original mod was, that you could easeliy defend in one spot. So my proposition is to add a enemy deployment spawning in a radius of our hero group. Chaos - Enemies spawn in warp portal, SM - drop pod at you location Eldar - Webway gate, Orkz - Kinda of problematic.... Telyporta? Tyranids - Tunnel. This would occur on timely basis (like eg. every 5 mins). Hopefully it wouldn't be hard to code it so that it won't spawn during boss fights.

    3) PM hero - A ranged hero choice, with a mix of a healer.
    Corrupted Missle Launcher - This weapon fires at the same rate as SP campaning Force Commander with last ranged trait. Big single target dmg, with mid AoE knocback. Gives Crack Missle (SP Avitus) abilty named „xxxxx” (No idea tbh :P)
    Bile Spewer – Flamer type weapon, does AoE dmg and slows enemy units. Longer range than MP version, Bilious Discharge but with bigger AoE
    Blighted Bolter - Fast firing weapon with dot, grants "Virtulent Plague". It's a single target abilty. It causes target to degenerate health over 10 seconds. If target is killed during this period he will explode violently (big AoE knockback) infecting nearby units (which can also expload but for 5 seconds period), after which enemy units can't be infected for 20 seconds.

    Other Abilities:

    Lord of the Flies - Toggable abilty makes enemy units spawn after death as zombies but at the same time damaging the PM (dmg per second)
    Rotten Ground – PM emits a foul miasma to the ground around him. It will dmg and slow any units in radius of this skill
    Blight Granades – Normal Blight nades. Depending on hp pool (details below), hero will throw one, two or three
    Breath of Nurgle – AoE heal (A bit more powerfull and with more range) that increase in effectivnes with Embrace of Death. Does not affect PM

    Embrace of Death – This passive abilty increase the potential of PM abbilities whenever his hp pool gets lower.
    100% - 70% = All skills act as normal.
    70% - 40% = Skills act more powerfull
    40%> = Skills are powered up to max efficency

    Is there any ETA when we can play your mod? ^^

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    I'm doing the "balancing" right now, which is basically me staring at spreadsheets of numbers trying to come up with health and damage values that I think will work without actually trying it lol. After that I just have to write a few lines of code to generate random waves of enemies in a way that progressively gets harder with bosses thrown in every 15 waves or so.

    I like the idea of a wave announcer but I'm not familiar with how to do the talking heads at the top left at the moment and since it's mostly for looks it's something I'd have to look at another time.

    The deploying of enemies behind the line is good and it's pretty easy to script, I've already done things like that in the space hulk mod I never finished. Not sure if I'll put it in for the first version but I definitely would like to do something like that. For the moment if you want to be flanked by enemies you can always put a spore mine marker somewhere behind you at the start, like maybe have 9 in front of your defense location and 1 behind it so that 1/10 of the enemies spawn from behind you. Personally when I played my defense mod I always played in a surrounded environment, with enemies attacking from every direction.

    I don't want to give a specific ETA because I can't promise to keep it, though it should be "soon." Besides, some days I just play games rather than mod or even *gasp* go outside into the sun.

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    IG command squad
    -5 men
    Commander upgrades - default - laspistol/chainsword
    -Plasma pistol/chainsword
    -Power weapon/chainsword

    Induvidual upgrades - apply to one other squad members so 4 possible
    -Plasma gun
    -Heavy bolter - counts as two slots
    -Beacon - adds call guardsman ability with long recharge

    When the induvidual men die, they are not recovered. Consider boosting their health to maybe tactical/scout level so they do not die in seconds

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    Great unclean one boss battle:

    He will begin the round using nothing but melee attacks until you drop him to 90% hp

    100% hp = blunt melee attacks.

    90% hp = instant he hits 90% hp he will stomp the ground with swarm of flies. and will do so again at 85% hp and 80% hp then dose melee attacks

    70% hp = He now begins vomiting and using his abilities at will.

    50% hp = two squads of heretics come out and begin worship. This dose not heal the daemon but the daemon will use his abilities and when hes low on energy he will consume the heretics and immediately after he consumes a heretic he will activate another ability this will make players have to stay on their toes.

    45% hp = heretics have to be dead at this point. The daemon is now able to use his SP ability where he stomps the ground and the mark of chaos sign shows on the ground with the ground rising upword.

    35% hp = 3 plague marines come out with bolter guns the GUO can consume them and gain health back in return for example he will get 2.5% hp back for consuming plague marines

    25% hp = Plague champions 2 of them come out the GUO dosen't consume them but they have power fist's and can use stun abilities.

    20% hp = unholy flames sorround the GUO for a total of 30 seconds in this time heros will take damage if they attack him. GUO speed is reduced to account for the flames by say 25% speed reduction?

    10% hp = Poison cloud spawns(same one hive tyrant uses) underneath the GUO in this time GUO regains 3.5% hp this will only occur only once. He is immobile during this time and hero's who come into melee with him will die. Thus the poison cloud will have the 8 pointed star activation sign on the ground but take 10 seconds to activate. In this time hero's in melee can move out the way.

    5% hp = a dreadnought will appear along with total of 2 plague marines who will move to the GUO so that he may consume them they should be killed asap.

    and thats what I came up with as an Idea seeing as your gonna release a version 1 of your mod then add extras and other things in the next version just thought I bring that out.

    Edit: Or just memic the same GUO from SP campaign with less health of coarse lol but just thinking out loud here
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    Edited first post. Version 1.0 is now available.

    Originally I was going to have waves of mixed races but decided to change it to one race per wave. So instead of releasing with the mix of scripted enemies I took all the chaos enemies and scripted and balanced them. So at the moment the only enemy race is chaos but I'll work on adding the others. The bosses I showed videos for aren't in yet, I still have to balance them but waves are the main attraction so I figured I'd release this as is for now.

    Apparently some of the SCAR commands that tell units to use abilities are considered "cheats" by the game so don't work when playing multiplayer, I'll have to poke around and see which ones are effected and see if I can try to fix them. For the next version the priority is adding a second enemy race and 2 or 3 new heroes, probably the plague champion and kommando knob, with the 3rd being some Avitus/Tarkus type hero. I'm not really a fan of nid heroes because their weapon wargear isn't visually apparent and most of their abilities tend to revolve around just shooting some acid or another.

    There's a Steam community if you'd like to join, mostly so you can find other people. Most of the group's privileges are set to public so anyone can host an event or make announcements when they are starting a game and it'll send a little message to everyone else in the group. You can also try to just sit in the Steam group chat or add other people by their GFWL gamertag if they want to post it in this thread. I highly suggest you get as close to 5 people as possible.

    I'm not sure how the balance is at the moment, so it may be incredibly too difficult or easy. I just poked around with it a little but it's hard to test much on my own.

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    Played on 6p Transport Down and got a sync-error a few min into the game. We were 3 players playing.
    No idea what happened

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    Hmm, not sure. I've played it a few times with 2 or 3 people and haven't had that happen yet but let me know if it happens consistently and I'll try to figure it out.

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    A guard hero?

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    I was interested in making a command squad hero using Eigher's commissar. Not sure what I'd do with it but suggestions are welcome. If I did this though it wouldn't be for next patch because I'd have to tinker around to get new mechanics working for command squads rather than single heroes and at the moment I mostly want to hammer out the bugs and add basic content. Plus I still have to balance existing heroes because some are much better than others I think.

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    Congratulations on the release, and thanks for finally sharing it with us

    Really needs more players to fully appreciate all the work and details that went into this, I'll make sure to round up some guys and return with more feedback.

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    what version of chaos rising does this mod support? I'm still on original 2.1 and was wondering if it'll work or do i need to update to play the mod.


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    Each level of waves bringing in new units gives this mod so much life me and my friends spent so long playing it last night that it got to the point where we were wave 30+ man that was hard but soooooooooo EPIC. Thanks again!!

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    I managed to get to high wave solo (32+) and well it was very tricky in some moments (First pair of Blood Crushers) but dread with missle launcher was doing horrible horrible AoE dmg. And then game crashed xD

    Main problem in team play, is that you can't use HP/EN globals. This is very important and shift balance in a rather huge way.

    I also think Techmarines weapons need some love. TBH Sniper rifle is olny viable thanks to huge range and abilty to snipe havocs (But still shoots to slow for any good impact - Overcharge might be bugged imho). Other than that you just use arty each and every cooldown.

    My proposal to TM overcharge would be make it a toogle. 5/en per second drain. And general decrease off his weapon reload times.

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    I'm trying to redesign the auto-attack mechanics for both ranged and melee since they were both fairly underwhelming. For melee I've made 1/3 of their attack damage splash in a cone in front of them and greatly increased the damage of special attacks, making melee skill more significant.

    For ranged I'm a little stumped, on one hand if I simply buff the damage you do too much overkill, for example a sniper rifle is horrible at killing cultists because while you do a lot of damage per shot it's mostly overkill and you shoot too slow too take down a squad. On the other side, if I make guns just shoot incredibly fast it looks somewhat ridiculous and some weapons' animations don't work well with custom values, such as bolters which have animations that very specifically were designed for shooting 2 bullets per second. Giving bullets AoE damage is a possibility but doesn't really make sense and makes normal AoE weapons like the mekboy's burna useless. I'll probably increase their overall DPS a little and try to divide the damage into several times the number of shots without screwing up the animations too much, making sure that each shot does at least enough damage to kill a cultist.

    I'll probably turn overcharge into a toggle like you said, that's how I had it in my old hero defense and I guess that's best since the techmarine was intended to be a powerful ranged auto-attacker.

    As for the HP/EP globals I'm working on it, I'm still kind of surprised that the game thinks they're a cheat and that the game lets you cheat in SP because I didn't realize that they wouldn't work. Would have been much better if they just didn't let you cheat at all so I could have put them in differently in the first place. :S

    All I have left to do is solve this ranged auto-attack problem and I'll be putting up a new patch I have ready. Just fixes the bugs I'm aware of and makes a few gameplay tweaks. After that I'll add another race to mix up the waves.

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    Hi Unusual Fashion

    <--- DeathSentence01

    Played this for several hours last night with Vintage, Sabulum, and Hellic, and gotta say we LOVED it. Waves get incredibly difficult but we managed to get to around Wave 35-36, I think. Unfortunately the game crashed for all of us at that point.

    Game seems pretty well polished, but the suppression caused by the rampant cultist spam and the constant knockback from killing plague marines does get incredibly annoying. It might be worth taking a look at how often this happens since they are the most common enemies.

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    I had few games with you guys ^^Althoo we failed a bit at Angel Gate. Well Plague Marines can be devastating if you use sorc and chain them to you.... just argh.

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    Version 1.1 now available:

    Change log
    v1.0 -> v1.1


    -Turrets will no longer be destroyed when drop pods are removed

    -Enemies no longer receive benefits from cover, this should significantly reduce the DPS of ranged auto-attacks as crater formation usually provided enemies with light cover.

    -Fire damage now does 75% damage to heavy armor, down from 100%
    -Fire damage no longer does extra damage to units in cover due to how many craters tend to pop up during gameplay

    -Removed a few vanilla global powers I missed
    -Health Pack and Energy Pack are now available
    -Fixed a bug where retreating while bleeding caused you to die
    -Increased the amount of blood by 9001%

    -Melee attacks now deal 1/3 of their damage as splash within 90 degrees and 3 radius (lightning claws have 180 degree arcs)
    -Melee special attacks now deal damage in direct proportion to their DPS rather than at 50% of their DPS

    -Doubled the DPS of "traditional" ranged weapons by increasing their rate of fire. They also had their firing patterns altered to cause less overkill to "fodder" enemies.

    -The range of "short" spells has been increased from 22 to 25
    -The range of "long" spells has been increased from 44 to 50

    -Tanks used to take 1/1000 damage from front hits with rear hits causing 1000x damage. This has been changed to 1/10 and 10x respectively to make them somewhat killable from the front.

    -Suppression now reduced ranged accuracy by 85% instead of increasing cooldown
    -Suppression speed reduction is now exclusive

    -Increased the frequency of breaks from every 5 waves to every 3 waves
    -Reduced enemy damage by 7% globally
    -Vehicles now count towards the maximum number of enemies allowable at a time
    -Reduced enemy weapon range from 38 to 33 for standard units (except for tanks which have 44 range)
    -Enemy support weapons now have 50 range


    -Increased range of Combat Stimulants from 20 to 44 (bug fix)
    -Combat Stimulants duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Combat Stimulants cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Sanguine Chainsword now grants immunity to light knockdown
    -Anointed Power Axe now grants immunity to light knockdown
    -Fixed a bug where Healing Grenade was granting 10x as much health regeneration as it should
    -Sanguine Chainsword tooltip said it does power damage, it actually does melee

    -Health increased from 900 to 1000
    -Can now issue attack-move orders with lightning claws
    -Eternal War no longer shows a targeting circle (cosmetic)
    -Eternal War energy cost increased from 30 to 40
    -Lord of Terror energy cost increased from 20 to 40
    -Let it Burn DPS increased from 25 to 47.5
    -Let it Burn cooldown increased from 15 to 30
    -Kill the Weak damage increased from 45 to 75
    -Kill the Weak healing increased from 22.5 per hit to 50 per hit
    -Kill the Weak energy cost increased from 20 to 25
    -Hemorrhage DPS increased from 15 to 25
    -Hemorrhage HPS increased from 7.5 to 12.5
    -Dark Halo melee thorns damage increased from 15 to 25
    -Dark Halo range thorns damage increased from 7.5 to 12.5

    -Guide duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Guide cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Fortune duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Fortune cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds

    -Health increased from 900 to 1000
    -Fixed tooltip for Rally
    -Fixed tooltip for Battle Cry which said it taunts enemies. It doesn't actually do that.
    -Battle Cry cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
    -Battle cry energy cost increased from 25 to 40
    -Assault Jump energy cost increased from 20 to 25
    -Charge damage increased from 25 damage/hit to 75 damage/hit
    -Flesh Over Steel is now available when using the Lightning Claw or Power Fist

    -Ignite soul no longer deals friendly fire to turrets
    -Veil of Time duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Veil of Time cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds

    -Skorch da Gitz DPS increased from 25 to 47.5
    -Skorch da Gitz cooldown increased from 15 to 30
    -Mines now explode properly
    -Mega Rumblah stun now only affects infantry
    -Mega Rumblah now has infinite range
    -More Dakka DPS increased from 75 to 150

    -Changed the DoT component of the Sword of Flame into instant damage
    -Chains of Torment no longer affects targets that walk into the area after the spell is initially cast
    -Warpfire range increased from 44 to 50
    -Chain of Destruction range increased from 30 to 38
    -Chain of Destruction now grants 50% damage reduction while active

    -High-Powered Shot (Plasma) now actually works
    -High-Powered Shot (Bolter) range decreased from 44 to 38
    -High-Powered Shot (Melta) damage decreased from 60 per hit to 30 per hit
    -Orbs of the Omnissiah now properly restore energy
    -Plasma Gun DPS reduced from 90 to 80
    -Overcharge now increases weapon DPS (by increasing rate of fire) by 50% except for with the Master-Crafter Bolter which only gets +33% (which is still more DPS than his other weapons)

    -Health increased from 900 to 1000
    -Charge damage increased from 25 damage/hit to 75 damage/hit
    -Fixed tooltip for Waaagh!!! which said it grants suppression resistance as it does not. Note that Now I'm Angry grants suppression immunity though.

    -Removed the charge visual effect on his leap attack (cosmetic)
    -Fixed a bug where Heart of Darkness was draining 10x as much health as it should
    -Immolate now causes a 25% speed reduction
    -Immolate now does 25 DPS (the tooltip said 20 but the ability was actually doing 30)
    -Removed the Immolator Blade, it didn't really have a reason to exist


    -Removed squad decorator
    -Was spawning prematurely due to the absense of Khorne Beserkers

    CHAOS LORD (enemy)
    -Reduced the frequency the Chaos Lord tries to use abilities from every 15 seconds to every 20 seconds

    -Grenade Barrage will now prioritize nearby turrets
    -Grenade Barrage damage reduced from 42.75 to 28.5
    -Grenade Launcher DPS reduced from 15 to 10
    -Gun DPS reduced from 8 to 5
    -Sword DPS reduced from 10 to 8
    -Fist DPS reduced from 5 to 4
    -Doomblast suppression reduced from 200 to 90

    -Missile Barrage will now prioritize nearby turrets

    -Added this unit to the spawn list, I seemed to have missed it before (though still eagerly waiting for Shuma to finish the model for this)

    -Removed squad decorator
    -Removed the passive slow effect of bile flamers

    -Explosion on death changed from ability knockdown to light knockdown
    -Removed the passive slow effect of bile flamers

    SORCERER (enemy)
    -Removed squad decorator
    -Doombolt will now prioritize nearby turrets

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    THE INFANT Shuma's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    what version of chaos rising does this mod support? I'm still on original 2.1 and was wondering if it'll work or do i need to update to play the mod.

    That's impossible, Steam should've updated it to the last version are you not using Steam?

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    That's impossible, Steam should've updated it to the last version are you not using Steam?
    I'm using steam just playing offline mode as the net here is quite unstable.

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    If you open the module file and remove the lines referring to patch 2.2 content it should probably work I imagine. The lines look like:

    archive.01 = GameAssets\Archives\220_sound.sga
    archive.01 = GameAssets\Locale\English\English_220_speech.sga
    archive.02 = GameAssets\Archives\220_data.sga

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    After playing a bit, we have found a technical issue that is responisble for lag (The intensity may vary from detail settings). Techmarine Artilery strike is doing AoE damage and destroying terain. Problem occurs when this ability is used frequently causing massive terain obstruction (That must be generated by our PC) that in turn Lag us becouse most PC's can't handle such intensity. Similiar problem is with Mekboy Rokz in Last Stand game mode. Arty strike should be modified, to stop destroying terain in such way, causing massive Lag.

    Most prevalent with medium/high terain detail.

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    Quick hotfix because of the performance issues caused by crater formation. Has a few other random fixes I had done last night plus includes the new khorne models made by Shuma.

    Killteam version 1.2:

    v1.1 -> v1.2


    -Removed crater formation from all abilities due to performance strain


    CHAOS LORD (enemy)
    -Sweeping Doom wasn't doing knockdown as intended, it now has heavy knockdown

    -Missile launcher area of effect increased from 3 to 7
    -Missile launcher accuracy decreased from 100% to 0%. This was a bug, the missile launcher was intended to barrage an area.

    -Now use a custom model made by Shuma (
    -Removed knockdown on charge

    -Fixed a graphical bug with Lightning Claws
    -Autocannon no longer causes suppression

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    love the chaos bezerkers thanks for the release

  50. Gamers Lounge Senior Member Company of Heroes Senior Member Dawn of War II Senior Member  #50
    Some initial feedback after a first game with version 1.1:

    Give some incentives or force the players to diversify their hero roster. Playing with TM, Lib, Sorc, Mek and WL was ranged overkill with basically no drawbacks. Backed by 4 turrets and plenty AOE abilities, the game didn't pick up until around wave 30 (one player crashed at 34), being quite boring up to that point.
    Maybe the boss encounters will change this, and maybe you don't want to force players into certain group templates, but this heavy ranged force felt way too powerful and not challenging at all, even making melee heroes seem pointless.

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