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Homeworld 2 screen resolution

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    Homeworld 2 screen resolution

    I recently switched to a widescreen (16:9) monitor. All the resolution options for Homeworld 2 are 4:3. A while back, I read that there's a way around this and get 16:9 (1600x900 or something), but I can't remember how.

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    Go to the shortcut that you run HW2 through, and add the following to the end of the target line: -w 1600 -h 900
    So your target will look along the lines of this:
    C:\\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Homeworld2.exe -w 1600 -h 900
    Except obviously with your own location of the HW2.exe, instead of this one.

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    Thanks a bunch. This is a different method from what I read before. I remembered. It involved opening playercfg.lua in notepad and changing the screen resolution at the bottom. However, this method works great, and easier too.

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    Both ways work. Doing it with the shortcut means it only works with that shortcut and doing it in playercfg means it only works with that profile, though.

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    Has anyone made taskbar and menu images for 16:9 res?

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    No, the game UI is designed for a 4x3 resolution, and as a result does not scale properly. (in other words, it can't tell it's in 16x9 and just stretches)

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    It is possible to custom make a UI for widescreen resolutions, but as ÜberJumper wrote, the game can't tell if it's running in widescreen, so it'd have to be installed in place of the normal 4:3 interface, which could give synchronization problems in multiplayer.

    As of yet, no-one has released a widescreen interface mod.
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