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Road To Victory [1.4 Update Coming Soon]

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    Road To Victory [1.4 Update Coming Soon]

    Road To Victory

    A Mod for Company Heroes.

    Road To Victory aims to balance the four Armies, increase the importance of team play, and increase the importance of combined arms and infantry tactics. As well as add new depth to Commander Trees.

    Units and Vehicles all have a role to play and need each other to survive and win the battle.

    Commander Trees work much like the Reward Vehicles in Tales of Valor. You gain units, but lose others. Team play and cooperation are vital in Road To Victory.

    Changelog included in the download.

    Requires the latest Company of Heroes patch, 2.601. Installation instructions are included. It is playable with any of the three products, individually or combined.

    If you like Road To Victory, or don't like it I would love to hear why and hear any other feedback or reports of bugs/glitches/errors.

    If you want to contact me, my AIM and MSN are on my profile or you can just PM me here.

    I hope you will download and enjoy Road To Victory!

    -Mediafire link
    -Strategy Informer link
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    how do u setup the launcher fir a 64 bit windows 7 cuz the one u put in the readme didnt work

    ok i loaded the game up with crosix but it still gave me vanilla Coh
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    There's not a lot of drastic changes in the mod. No new skins or anything. So you might not have noticed anything right off.

    But are you trying to play it on Steam?

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    It works, also on win 7 64 bit.
    He change several values of the weapons.
    Rangers get buildable after unlock
    He moved all upgrades to the "Nachschublager" (dont know english word) buildings with upkeep reduction
    Bazookas are worthless vs tanks now =/
    M18 is much better vs Hetzer than M10

    ... a few things i noticed
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    I reduced the scatter the Bazooka had before. You think they need a buff?

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    i have it on CD

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    Bazooka sucks in the match i played...

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    u said that there are reworked doctrines but i found none

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    Reworked. They give more units, take away others. I didn't say new haha. The main purpose is to balance the game more, not bring in a lot of new things.

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    I played it briefly today and noticed an example of something taken away after something else was chosen. At one point my pioneers could build the German howitzer pit thing, until I apparently chose the 88 flak gun in the defensive tree (either that, or it went off the build menu the moment I chose the doctrine, not sure).

    I was so busy trying to get some stuka rocket support at one point, I didn't notice much beyond that. I sorta fought to a standstill on the 4v4 Ithaca map.

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    Yes the moment you pick doctrines, you lose the units, and you have to earn the new ones. Upgrade costs, some unit costs, unit stats, weapon stats. I edited a lot. There's just not new flashy skins or models or new commander trees.

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    The lack of fancy skins to me, is secondary to decent game performance. Besides, that stuff is icing on the cake for after you've reached the unit action that you want. I'm glad that your mod has a decent overall pop cap though, since my standstill game wouldn't have been standstill without it.

    I found it tough to try to get on the offensive on that particular map as I said. The duel-use quality you gave to your 88 gun helped a good deal too, I just had to try to figure a way to hold my line with stuff like that while trying to muster up my forward momentum.

    For the record, I split both sides up so that it was 2 Wehr/2 PE vs 2 U.S./2 Brit. I figured that the problem I had later on was that the Brit AI I was up against actually used their trucks great on this map. My AI opponents couldn't take that mid territory point because a truck was planted there.

    I think (unless I missed a unit that does it well) a unit that could spot well might have helped my chances - AI teammate-wise.

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    For the Wehrmacht?

    Motorcycle ;]. They're just fragile, but so is every fast-recon unit in the game. You usually lose them, but they last long enough to sight for artillery.

    I'm gonna post an update here in a few days.

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    1.1 update posted! Enjoy the mod!

    Edit: Quick fix, had a few bugs I caught tonight playing. Fixed version uploaded!
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    Okay, now I've frustrated myself. I'm taking it down for now until I'm sure I've fixed some things.

    When I do post it will be 1.3
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    Update is up!

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    i give it a try again

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    Thank you.

    Hotfix is up, I love how everytime I post it something goes wrong.
    Axis Sniper is no longer a pink box.

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    No link for the update?
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    it's up at the top. =]

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    there's no link, man. check

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    The only link in the first post is a link to this same thread.
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    oh my gosh. well now I have both links up there. I'm sorry folks.

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    I am download and watch very nice links and best movie. Lot of thanks

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    Glad you enjoyed it! Update coming soon. =]

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    Road To Victory balances the four Armies, adds new units, abilities, and upgrades. Commander Trees have a new depth in Road To Victory. Units are lost, and gained. This makes Team Play vital in Road To Victory. Compatible with Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts, Taless of Valor, and requires the latest patch.coming soon update 1.4.

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