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HW 2 emulator conflict problem

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    HW 2 emulator conflict problem

    Homeworld 2 - WIN 7

    I have a huge problem
    I have REinstalled my game and when I install the patch and try to launch the game before installing

    "Conflict with disc Emulator Software detected. See for more details

    Never had that before...

    So I resintalled everything,
    when starting game without patch it works without any problem then when I reinstall the patch I have this message again.

    Its not the first time I reinstall this game after reformating my computer, I never had problems before....

    So all help is welcome thanks

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    Did you contact Securerom?

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    nope not at this time, whent to see on securom website but euh the solution is not really working

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    I usually find that setting the compatibility mode of the game to Windows NT fixes this problem.
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    ill try this but never had that before....

    the strange thing is that my game works without the patch 1.1 .... ?
    is there an issue now with that patch?

    I have installed this game a lot of times and always worked properly

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    I usually find that v1.0 runs fine without that setting, but often if not always I have to apply that setting to get v1.1 to run on Vista or a Windows 7.

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