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Homeworld 2:High fps FIX

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    Homeworld 2:High fps FIX

    My Homeworld 2 (running on win 7 64bit)

    has a FPS of 450 - 500

    this causes the camera to stop responding to movement.
    the first Fix i had for this was to Run FRAPS and record my game, this limits the Framerate at 60...

    and makes 15 min files at 5gbs each.

    Heres a new Fix:

    -SNIP- it seems that i can't post URL's

    i suggest you Google an external application to limit your FPS.

    I found one linked on a gamespot Thread, posted by Gaunlin
    if you find and use this one i recommend 60 FPS.

    Please note, when you run the .bat file, you'll need to change your game res/graphics in order for it to take effect (or so i found)

    Good luck

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    The no URL thing is a forum hack we have in place for your first post as a way to help fight spambots. Now that you have posted once you can post URLs, so if you reply to the thread again you should be good to go.

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    Did you try the -refresh 60 command line switch?

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    or vsync?

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    Like i posted in the general section (by accident -.-'') try enabling vsync and then use the -hardwarecursor command line option. Solved my problems.

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