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2 vs 2 Farming Valley

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    2 vs 2 Farming Valley

    Hi everyone I have now made my second map. This time with the model of Lake that lost it,s source long ago. Then people started to come and now it is a healthy farming valley. But will it survive to be that healthy again?

    This map is much smaller than my first and there are now objects that you can,t destroy with a heavy tank. And due to its size the battle will be at every place of the map at least once if you meet a good enemy.

    there is a total of 10 manpower points, 6 munition points and 7 fuel points. The last of the fuel points is placed very central so some of the fighting will be there but it is in one of the most easily defended areas of the map.

    And reinforcements that you send for like the tiger tank those things don,t come at your base on this map they come in from the middle side of the map. So you can now destroy your enemies heavier troops in a ambush as soon as they enter the map.

    Download link for the map

    Farming Valley
    Entry point
    Cow farm
    Wheat Farm
    Cross road
    Light forest
    Apple Farm
    Smal town
    Entry Point 2 Horse Farm
    Base (all the bases have the same size and style
    Tactikal Map

    I have also made a night version of the map but it wont show
    up so I have,t been able to test it yet if anyone know why maps won,t show up so you can play them or can take a look at the map and see what is wrong. It is the same but in everything except that it have other lightning textures and stuff like that.
    Here is the download link:
    Farming Valley Night (dont work for some reason)
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    this looks nice,gonna try out
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