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Buildings with special units

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    Buildings with special units

    I was building a map and when i tested it I found that one of the buildings could only be garrisoned by Americans. When the Americans garrison the building they have the ability to build Snipers, Rangers, Rangers and Airborne from the building. I was wondering if other buildings can do the same for the other factions in the game?

    The Building i am talking about is

    any information on other objects with special properties would be very welcomed!

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    Hi CatttDaddy,
    are you sure you used plaster02_6x3_civic_01 and not plaster02_6x3_civic_02? Because plaster02_6x3_civic_02 has a special version.
    But to help you, click on the [+] in front of the buildings name in eps\environment\art_ambient\buildings\normandy_urban\buildings\ and look if there are more buildings below. If there is more than one building then both are looking the same in the Worldbuilder and in game. But one version will have special properties. This is the building with "sp" or "hq" in the name.
    You can find out more about this issue by downloading the "Worldbuilder Object Catalogue" from here (or from the german forum with the link in my signature )
    Buildings with more than one version have a footnote on the page where they are listed.

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