Hi, I have looked for a long time on the forums and cannot find the answer to my problem,I guess it's here somewhere but although I have seen similar,I haven't been able to find the solution.So sorry for new thread.I purchased the game over 4 years ago and had the same problem back then.I have recently had problems with my pc and as a result have replaced the hard drive,windows installation and graphics card,so thought I'd try again.The game installs fine,the graphical render check works but when I click "play game" on the launcher screen it just comes up with this...
Microsoft Visual c++ Runtime library
Runtime error!
Program c:\ProgramFiles\THQ\DawnOfWar\W40.exe
abnormal program termination
then the cursor changes to a rotating CD ? and is stuck like it.
The pc is a core 2 duo 6400 @2.13 GHZ with 4GB RAM(only just over 3 utilized of course) running windows XP media centre edition SP3 on an NVidia 8400 gs 512mb(formerly a 7900 gs 256,but same message)I'd love to have a go of this game,used to play original warhammer when I bought one of the first copies in GW hammersmith back in 83,how times have changed hope one of you teccy guys can help this old dude,be very grateful if you could,Cheers!
P.S.Here's dxdiag if it helps DxDiag.txt Thanks once again.