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Mutual Mod Testing Program (MMTP) Announcement

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    Mutual Mod Testing Program (MMTP) Announcement

    The MMPT aims to provide quality feedback and testing to mods by involving and rewarding the modders themselves. Any modder can submit a mod for play, and have equal chance of getting feedback, and all the program asks is that they be available to play and test the mods of others in kind. Non-modders are encouraged to participate as well, to get a chance to play the excellent mods the community is producing with other fans of the game.

    The first MMTP game will take place at 1:00 GMT, Saturday, February 26. For those in the united states, that translates to FRIDAY FEBRUARY 25, 5pm on the Pacific coast, and 8pm on the Atlantic coast. The deadline for submission of mods for playing is 1:00 GMT, February 25. If you need help determining what these times mean for you, there are time zone calculators available online. Games will continue as long as the participants present are willing. Latecomers may join in, but may miss out.

    We will be using IRC and/or Mumble to coordinate. IRC is a text chat program, you can choose a client to download or use a web client. We will be using the #modding channel on Mumble is a voice chat program, but if you don't have a microphone or don't want to use one, it has text chat features and you are free to sit in and listen. The server is, and on the day there will be a MMTP channel.

    I intend to use Hamachi to establish games. While we can try regular direct connect, I find Hamachi far more reliable in getting things to work. Get it here. I ask that you install this and the other mentioned programs as soon as possible to ensure that there are no difficulties. The Hamachi network is "MuMoTePr" and the password is "Tanis".

    The mods to be played are as follows:
    Bloodfleet's Homeworld:Cataclysm Remix, download here
    Bloodfleet's Freespace: Fleet Command, download here and moddb page here
    Homeworld:@ MMTP.03032011 build, download here
    Homeworld Universe testing release, download here

    Please download and confirm their working status as soon as possible in advance of the game, to minimize delays. Mod selection will take place by me at the time of play. It will be random among the mods that have team members are present.

    Players are strongly encouraged to make note of any reactions they have, problems they encounter, or suggestions that occur to them and send them to the creator(s) of the mod in question after play has concluded. Be candid, but civil.

    Please direct discussion and submissions to the discussion thread.
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    Just recently i found a program that is far better than Hamachi its called Tunngle, all you have to do is download it, sign up for an free account, then find the game lobby you wanna play in ex HOmeworld 2 lobby, and in tunngle most game lobbies has a max of 255 people in each one. Also you can add friends on this etc by clicking on their in game name and click add as friend and its done when they okay that. Anyways heres the program.

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    I need someone to help me test my mod. Basically, we'll just be systematically testing gametype options to see if they crash the game.
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    Just so you know, this post is from last year >.> probably be better to make a new thread...

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    Ironically, the fact that is sticked might make it less visible.
    Maybe Mikali could create a post in his MOD thread pointing it to here. Like mention it there and all interested answer here.
    But I see no reason to recreate a thread that is sticked.

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    Woah, what kicked this back into life? Is the next wave of youngbloods here?
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