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How to get this new mod pls? HW2: Citidel of Demon(?)

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    How to get this new mod pls? HW2: Citidel of Demon(?)

    Guys, I just found out about this mod.

    Featuring an entire new race with new ships with it.

    However its in Chinese. HW2: 妖都MOD <--Demon City?

    妖都MOD MOD作者: 妖都镇魂曲
    作者:妖都镇魂曲 <--Author

    作者:妖都镇魂曲 <--Author

    妖都 0.5 ... t-%D1%FD%B6%BC.html
    作者:妖都镇魂曲 <--Author

    妖都0.4 ... D1%FD%B6%BCmod.html
    作者:妖都镇魂曲 <--Author

    The problem of RayFile is its not stable and takes forever to download.
    Hope u guys knew any alternative then.
    I wonder is there anyone try this out already and how is it?

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    another pic ....

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    WTF??? Where did you find this??? Are you allowed to share this??? Looks interesting...

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    Currently downloading it 7 mins left.
    Pretty fast speed from china actually, on that download site u need to try out the 3 links one of em is always faster then the others but depends on your location and time of day.
    (use chrome auto translate, works wonders)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draakje View Post
    Currently downloading it 7 mins left.
    Pretty fast speed from china actually, on that download site u need to try out the 3 links one of em is always faster then the others but depends on your location and time of day.
    (use chrome auto translate, works wonders)
    Hi Draakeje,

    Are u using the u.115.?om to do the download?
    I can't use it.
    1. Super lag/connection.
    2. Unstable.
    3. Need to download the u.115 dedicated downloader prog. (Incompatible to my pc system, crashes X( )

    Wonder if I could get a copy from u?

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    Short Mod official background story

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
    WTF??? Where did you find this??? Are you allowed to share this??? Looks interesting...
    Well, as for right to share, I dunno am I allowed to share?

    But I think that's not about the main issue here.

    I am not claiming it as mine. I do pointed the mod to its original website.

    This is a HW2 mod, I think it does no harm to keep the game going with everyone enjoying any new stuffs coming out?

    Also, because I feel it is so cool that I need to share it?

    I guess there is a problem with HW2 mod players with different mother tongue. Everyone rarely shares out new stuffs or ideas due to language barrier and culture preferences!

    The Macross: DYRL mod, gundam 0083 mod, gundam seed mod and exceptional mod but they don't get too much attention because popularity of themes and ideas.

    Many English speaking players are more familiar with Slipstream, Battlestar Galatica, StarTrek, StarGate, StarWars, Halo or AFF...
    These themes are more relevant as it is English based.

    This mod makers or team is really passionate enough to design and create a new mod with its own dedicated website (Called Fre'liya/Elven Empire btw.) and a mod's history of the race origin.The ship also looks cool, with design concept explained.

    妖都MOD官方背景小说:妖精帝国年代记 (official "YaoDu/Demon or Elven Citidel" Mod background story: Chronicles of Elven Empire)

    the u.115 download here <---link expired.

    Alternate Site: Pls do use a translator!

    The author has wrote this stuff with approximately 10million Chinese characters/words. Explaining the reason why they left this galaxy, their search for new home in the new galaxy, how they survive in another galaxy, dark age and rediscovery of their identity as stars-worthy race, rediscovery of Balcorra gate, 1st contact with S'Jet at the gate, reasons for intervention back into the original galaxy and as Higarra ally.

    It took me some 5 hours to read the whole stuff....
    Here are some really short version of the whole writing.

    Short version here:

    In Higarran language, Fre'liya means Elf. Thus, Fre'liya Empire are also called Elven Empire. The use of word Elven is due to great respect of the galaxy nations toward the queen of Fre'liya Empire.

    When they 1st appeared in this galaxy, no one understands their existence. Where the Fre'liya/Elven Empire originated, its people or its location in the starmap. Their space fleets are not battle worthy, clumsy with really thick armor and crude in weaponry... Laughable even by comparison of any neutral nations' frigate. However, after series of battles, their ships design and battle tactics has begun to systematically refine and improve.

    What truly put Fre'liya Empire into everyone attention is its participation as ally with Higarran during the great siege of Higarra capital star by Vagyr forces after Makaan death (by Sajuuk).

    During the heat of the siege, Higarran fleet was already in dire situation. At this moment, fleet after fleet of significantly advanced massive Fre'liya Capital ship had jumped in, shielded most of the attack by Vagyr with their thick armor. With their powerful armor, they withstand waves after waves of Vagyr capital weapons and prevails with minor damages only. Their fixed iron cannons however never fails to tore out every decks in Vagyr capital ships. As more and more Fre'liya Capital Ships reinforcements arrives, Vagyr forces finally succumbed from heavy losses and retreated.

    Months after the siege was thwarted, the battle details had eventually released and the pivotal role the Elven Empire fleet had played drawn everyone attention.

    When, where, how and why the Elven Empire rises in this already explored galaxy with such a powerful fleet is an unknown secret.
    Many version of their origin and existence was rumored.
    Some said they are of Taidanian descent for similar ship design. Some believes they are from the Higarran Great Exodus fleet for their alliance with the Higarran. Some even connects them with the Bentusi.
    As the Elven Empire's military, diplomatic and trading relationships begin to flourish with the Higarran. Elven Empire has finally released limited materials regarding its origin and history without revealing its true location and strengths. These materials reveals Fre'liyan are originated from this galaxy and explained it rises as an empire. The Chronicle, after being translated and scripted in standard galaxy language with the help of Higarran scholars, is then released to every one throughout the galaxy...

    The general background begins before the verge of Taiidan-Higarran Empire all out war (of HW1) where a neutral nation (C'wyeion Dukedom?) sandwiched between two super power discovered a functional balcora gate relic at its space.

    After decades of studies and restoration, the Dukedom scientists discovered its true usage as hyperspace gateway through a database within the gate's core processor unit. It is part of a complex networks of intergalactic gateways that even stretched to some other galaxies built by ancient space civilization for trading and traveling . However, most of these gateways are now dead after eons of years. Thus, a useless relic.
    It still has 1 more important function, to make single far hyperspace jump granting its user and the gate could provide the needed activation energy

    This means most valuable asset to the tiny space dukedom. To travel to any location given the coordinate is known.

    Afraid of eventual lost of sovereignty and fate of its people, they decided to restore the gate to escape before the peril of war clashes. At Year 6552, a Mega Project called "StarGate" was initiated. The dukedom planned for a scheduled single mass migration of its people from this galaxy to other galaxy. This was their last resolve and hope to preserve their doomed sovereignty, culture and freedom even though chances of successful journey was slim. From the gateway E71A9 database, they had chosen gateway K49E3, a location few million light year away from their galaxy. It shown high possibility of habitable planet/s at that location. It was a big gamble, for there was no guarantee gateway K49E3 was still functional, but the hyperspace journey would be relatively safe. It was a blind jump with no clue awaiting them at the other side.

    To maximize the chance of survival of its people, they begun to amass everything they could to build the most massive and durable ship at their nation which they named "Galaxy Ark". The project went on in utmost secrecy, so that the warring empires would not aware of the gate existence nor their great ship.

    As if its the calmness before the storm, both empires saw the dukedom's abnormal activities, but no attention was given. They saw many similar abnormalities by all neutral nations at their mutual borders and both are in last prep for the great war.

    Bentusi realized the C'wyeIon Dukedom's plan and decided to help; for the great ship is to escape peril, not a threat to them. With guarantee by dukedom of non-armament, they provided some key designs and resources to hasten the shipbuilding progress.

    Thus, the ark finished months before the war started.

    It is only 1 giant ark with enough place for its finest people to survive the long travel. The royals, scientists, officials, engineers, experts in every field of practices are selected, with a small percentage of lucky normal citizens.

    Year6560, May 13th, the all out war between the 2 empires had begun. The battle broke out at all fronts, many neutral border planets/nations were occupied, destroyed or forced to take side. These planets had became front bases and anchor points for the vast empire fleets. Eventually, they were integrated as part of each empire's borderlands.

    As for the dukedom, there was no exception, it sovereignty was lost at the 1st wave of clashes. The dukedom ceased to be. However, its project StarGate had already reached its goal. On the same day the war broke out, the ark had passed through the fully energized hyperspace gateway for the far-off place.

    As soon the jump was made, the massive was scuttled into million pieces of space junks, to prevent from becoming a threat to the ark itself or at the wrong hand. Thus, the secret ship won't be pursued nor being even knew by almost anyone in the galaxy.

    As for the old dukedom, all records of its existence were slowly faded away like the Cobblestone in the river. Nor it being fully remembered by the Fre'liya Empire after few thousand years.

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    Has anyone tried contacting the mod's author for permission to host it at FileFront or moddb? It would be great to have the mod available here...
    10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is what you DO about it

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    Just discover the mod is still download-able, but possibly will not be stable depending on how busy is the server in PRC.

    Official website download location here...

    u will see 5 link here. with upload date behind.
    1st link goes to HW2 1.1 Chinese .big
    2nd link = latest link, YaoDu-Mod 0.705
    3rd link = YaoDu-Mod 0.701
    4th link = YaoDu-Mod 0.7 (official download version) = which means officially download-able by anyone.
    5th link = YaoDu-Mod 0.6

    all links will go to the u.115com d/l service.

    the is on timer set for free download... apparently it provides free d/l during PRC off-peak hour. That's 6pm to 6am Beijing time...

    u will a clock counting down on the page, ignore it. (at present, all the links will be alive for 6 more days only)

    check for 3 separate clickable link at bottom, sandwich inside a download icon with egg-eye shape icon at the side.
    these 3 r identical link with different servers within the u.115 service. choose only 1.
    its in rar format.
    for non chinese window, the file name will look like this:
    pls rename it as ??MOD 0?705??? (YaoDuMOD_0.705Rebalanced|UpgradeVersion.rar)

    unpack it, it should be a .big file. pls re-path and rename the mod urself.

    warning here, the game is in Chinese. Enjoy~

    do send in ur gratitude to the author...

    hehe~ let the modder know we appreciate it?

    if every thing goes smoothly, u should get it within 1 hour.

    I had tried to email the author, but no reply yet. X_X

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    jus tried it the multiplayer... U really need a Chinese language pack here...
    Btw, it has new UI menu page, and also very "Elven" feel sound track. the ship look neat too

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    I tried to download from the site twice and both times got corrupted archives....

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    Right. Well, as luck would have it I already had the u115 downloader installed, so here's a Filefront link:

    If the devs want it taken down for whatever reason, I'll do it. Otherwise, enjoy!

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    thank you.

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    Wow just ending playing a game, keeping enemy alive to fully research all stuff and build everything. Its impressive how the ships' design are efficient in awesomness using few poly and no uber detailled textures.

    I also like the way you can spam frigates and fighter at the begining of the battle :P, it could result in never ending war on multiplayer games ^^.

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    There are 2 options for race.
    One is the fixed everything like a normal race, second option is like the combination mod 9ccn did.
    All the ships there but u have to pick weapons, armor, engines etc.
    Without translation its impossible to really know what your picking.

    In regulair mode when u build the biggest ship it says something in the middle and from that point on u have a music track playing.
    And that ship, wow just wow, can take out fleets on fleets and not take a scratch, its an game ender pretty much.

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    The 52K one? Actually how do you build it? I researched all the ships in between but it remained greyed out.

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    u have to build a certain subsystem i think, or it was a certain ship that unlocked it.

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    Yep, i made it via the second better comba ship (a uber weaponned construction ship). I was researching everything and building everysubsystem, and at a point, the last subsystem of this ship was able to be build, then i built it and unlock the god ship.

    You are supposed to build the godship also via carrier it seem, but i didn't even get the last research module unlocked on them, so that why i beleive the godship was still grey on them.

    The tricky thing is that i would not have think that you could build thing with this second better battle ship, it was almost by accident that i discover this possibilities.

    So in an easy way, upgrade everything and build every kind of ship and subsytem.

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    mmm....yep that's the ultimate mother ship... Elven Queen Class Super Capital... since in the author storyline, he mentioned this ship is modeled after the crashed "Galaxy Ark" about the same time after Hiigara-Taidan Empire War 1st ensued during the HW1 timeline. Only 12 Elven Queen Super Cap are built for any given time and generation. Its the moving fortress and Royal Chariot. I guess that's why you allowed to built only one.

    For getting this ship, you need to fully research the factory ship tier. ( got 7 tiers) Plus, build every slot in the factory ship.

    What is factory ship? The initial gigantic mothership with 12 mini blue pulse machine guns you got at game start.
    You need a fleet of Battlecruisers and swarms of Ion frigates to even start to scratched its paint. =)

    {Back ground here....}
    From the farjump inside the great ship "Galaxy Ark". the Fre'liyaan reached another galaxy and progress slowly searching for suitable/sustainable planet.

    During the process, they suffered severe power shortage as the far-jump drain too much juice, allowing 1 final jump with their hyperspace module. Travel with conventional drive, its hopeless to reach any star system for centuries.

    Relying on the Balcora gate eons old database about this galaxy, they believe there will be a habitable planet within reach. Correction, having faith and a last hope as the jump had no preplanned surveillance.

    They launched out all their Hyperspace transmission-capable telemetry probes in every directions, pacing uneasily away from this new Galaxy Balcora Gate, up to the point of near exhaustion of everything inside the huge citidel ship; before 1 of great many probes finally responded with good news.

    They found a planet veiled by a purple atmosphere, with 70% land mass, 30% sea/water, with perfect orbit position and stable tectonic condition. No harmful toxic or deadly predators, abundance of vege and protein source, it was decided this will be their new home.

    They jumped into the star system coordinate. However, given that they already suffer power shortage and indeed makes life support and ship systems beyond miserable, their final Hyperspace jump was cut short and total system failure entailed. They reached the star system outermost orbit, grappled by its gravity pull, making a corrected but slow pace toward the planet before all fusion fuel ran dry.

    At this point, the ship was a big ark of flying coffin. So, they had no more control on how to attain orbit with the planet. Rather they were making a fiery touch down. Crash-landed style.

    The ship sliced through the atmosphere like meteor, smashed a mountain and rolled to a halt. Imagine Tunguska 1908 SIBERIA explosion 1000times greater. =)

    Thank to the ship enormous size, fine steelmanship and Bentusi superior structural design. The ship did not exploded in mid air. It only broke into half. They crash-landed with initially +/-40% survived, th percentage dwindled as portion of them were trapped within the wreck heavy door design to survive plasma bombs. With many equipments broke loose, low on power and damaged during disintegration of the ship hull. Sadly, some of them made landfall but never made it ashore in the dying ship.

    For the survived. they faced immediate crisis.

    1. Loss of Chain of Command.

    2.Food and energy.

    The land-fall was a bumpy-ride. Though many survived, but the royal family of the Dukedom and most of the critical government officials did not. Entire Royal family was wipe out as the ship break in half with the command bridge and Royal cabin areas were the breaking points.

    The ship was already low on every resources during the journey. With chain of command gone, anarchy almost ensued. Ad-hoc council was formed to take care the ugly mess of surviving. (Like Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans?) Survivors made factions and try to put up to survive in an uneasy harmony.

    Months later, they managed to survived the initial shock and survivors must decides and predict what future they'd have as race now. The crashed site could no longer support all of them, food scavenging and available farming land from immediate areas were already over utilized. Living standard was nil. Riots, famine, crimes and factions war was growing, Furthermore, the final tiny reserve of energy they could scraped had dried.

    No energy = No power = Social disintegration = Loss of Knowledge and Technologies = Loss of pride as an Space-traveling race and identity.

    To prevent total failure of society and end of the race in their generation, they decided to venture out. Fanned out all directions with any usable equipments and by factions, they left the crashed site. Only few left behind, and it became a metal relic for most of time later.

    The space-traveling race had now reduced to survivors, with most of their technology and knowledge already diminished.

    Education was impossible for the 2nd generations after land-fall where tools, equipments, teaching staffs and methodology and trainings are gone. Anticipating this, the surviving scholars and scientists alike began to mass produced scrolls of knowledge that will survived for generations and handled out to everyone for safekeeping while stashing even more knowledge tabs. memory cards, books or data pads in secret locations around the planet as colonization continued. Believing one day, their lineage will finally regain enough intelligence to interpret and utilized the ancestor wisdom.

    Thus, with the 1st caravan of pioneers heading out the unknown, Dark Age for the Fre'liyan had begun.

    Only a few had choose to left behind, and the crashed-site had became a shiny metallic monument of ancestral achievement and a religious relic for most of time later.


    A note here, the Uber mothership with music is the Elven Queen Class Super Battle Ark
    Use a translator here pls!

    Elven Queen Class Battle Ark ????????——?????

    Guardian Class Heavy (Armor) Cruiser ??????????

    Defence Frigate MKII ?????MKII?

    Wasp-Drone (or TwinBee?) Unmanned Combat fighter Group ??????

    Mod 0.705 Update Readme, ??MOD 0?705???????
    picture within the link:

    picture 1: 2 curve ships = Dawn Breaker Class Battleship
    picture 2: Dawn Breaker Class Battleship shooting
    picture 3: Broadsword Class Assault Frigate (Orange) & Griffin Class Carrier (Far left)
    picture 4: Broadsword Class Assault Frigate (Orange)

    The author mentioned the game can be in multiplayer mode. with parts of original race properties altered.
    Anyone have try out player vs player game before?


    A note here, the Uber mothership with music is the Elven Queen Class Super Battle Ark
    Use a translator here pls!

    Elven Queen Class Battle Ark ????????——?????

    Guardian Class Heavy (Armor) Cruiser ??????????

    Defence Frigate MKII ?????MKII?

    Wasp-Drone (or TwinBee?) Unmanned Combat fighter Group ??????

    Mod 0.705 Update Readme, ??MOD 0?705???????
    picture within the link:

    picture 1: 2 curve ships = Dawn Breaker Class Battleship
    picture 2: Dawn Breaker Class Battleship shooting
    picture 3: Broadsword Class Assault Frigate (Orange) & Griffin Class Carrier (Far left)
    picture 4: Broadsword Class Assault Frigate (Orange)

    The author mentioned the game can be in multiplayer mode. with parts of original race properties altered.
    Anyone have try out player vs player game before?

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    any 1 doing a English translation

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    Hello everyone~
    Thank you concerned about the YDMOD Very Much
    please allow me on behalf of the moder to say thank for your attention the MOD
    Then ,i have more hope everybody put forward valuable opinion.
    Welcome to Fairya Empire BBS~

    ps,oneself english is not very good, please forgive me


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    as an administrator in this mod's official site, i got to say: we are more than happy to share this mod with anyone in this friendly homeworld. however there are some rules that author had set for her copyright.

    1, do not unpack this mod without permission from the author
    2, do not modify this mod under any reason.
    the lates mod is 0.705 YDMOD. 0.8 are coming soon.

    the official site: yaodumod.iego
    [chinese sites, so ready for translate]
    [ with .cn]

    we might develop an official translate base on you guys' interest.

    - by DM

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    Been playing this and seed constantly.
    Great work on the ships.
    A translation would be nice but i can still play without.

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    I love this mod so much years.

    In fact,you should call it "Fairy Empire Mod".

    Yaodu just abridge the author's nick name.He's nick name is Yaodu Zhenhunqu,in English it's mean "Requiem of Castlevania".

    Last edited by rain319415; 3rd Apr 11 at 10:06 AM.

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    the author has released V0.8
    -new Fairy Queen Class Battle Ark
    New Fairy Queen Class Battle Ark has joined the Imperial Navy.She is the backbone of the fleet.

    -new models for the Fairy Empire units

    -new units
    Vaygr battlefortress?light cruiser?laser frigate and Hiigaran superdreadnought

    -A race called AIOS Empire

    -AI system
    New races can fight in man vs cpu game,Hiigaran and Vaygr are able to build new added ships too.BUT the AI for race "
    " is still in progress,so do not choose it as cpu player
    -new survival mode
    You are now behind enemy line.Our heavy units are NOT available and there is NO resource to collect.Every enemy ship you destroyed will earn yourself some RUs as bounty.Try to survive,destroy enemy stronghold and get out here.
    Last edited by woyaori; 13th May 11 at 4:16 AM.

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    Played a bit, the new race needs some tweaking.
    The damage output seems a bit low, they get defeated by Vaygr quickly if they have that cruiser.

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    I am grateful of all your care and support toward the development of YaoDu Mod. My special gratitude to ???? (Stellar DemonKing),??(mouse),???(shirakawa shyu) in mod progress.

    I've been busy in work ever since Spring break. Whatever time I've left I spend it all on the Mod. In conjunction of a 3month long 10thousand words background story of Fairy Empire Chronicle. All of this had bogged down the mod development. Though version 0.8 was a laborious and difficult release, I believe every time i spend on it is to make mod a better game...



    finally, I again thank you all for your support, and I will keep on improving the mod.



    1.Entirely New Fairy Queen Flagship.

    The New Fairy Queen Flagship is now in active service, she is the core of the empire fleet.

    2.New Empire Ships and models.

    ver0.8 is inclusive of New model of fighter, Gunship, Frigate, heavy assault ship, pocket battleship, heavy cruiser, 2nd Gen. Fairy Maid Freighter, Carrier, Factory Ship
    ??0?8??????????????????? ???? ??????????? ??????? ?????? ????????? ???? ??????

    3.Vagyr: New battleship model & Higarran Dauntless Class Main battleship

    4.Aieos Empire: New models (concept/design by Stellar DemonKing, model by mouse)

    Aeios Empire appeared around 9521 Galactic Year at the fringe of one the Higarra Galaxy Arm. It fleet relies on gravity as energy source, employing Electro Magnetic based projectile as primary and missiles as secondary weaponry.

    5.Skirmish: Note on A.I system for various races.

    Except "Fairy Heavy Industry/Yao Jing Zhong Kong", all other 4 races have integrated Combat A.I. They will amass every and any ships to attack. The Higarra and Vagyr race will have newly designed ships auto joining the fun too. =)
    (Achtung! "Fairy Heavy Industry is lacking any A.I response, its ur fault to choose it as ur computer player.)

    6.New Mode: Survival~~

    In this mode, you are commanding a special warfare combat carrier behind enemy line. You can't get help by hyperspace or produce any main battleship class in hostile region. Worse still, there is no RU operation available. You may try to destroyed any hostile ship to gain certain bounty RU points, but your priority is to get the hell out of enemy encirclement while attempt to destroyed the target fortress.

    7.Re-calibrated Defense Mode

    New combat model for the Enemy fleet In defense mode. This is to lower pc hardware requirements (if ur pc sucks, it will still very laggy) I will place more attention in the defense model calibration...
    ????????????????????????????,????????????(????????????) ??????????????

    Author: Requiem of Castlevania Source: Original Design

    original download source site :


    ver0.8 patch download location:



    Created by Bishop Sajuuk, Authorized by YaoDu.
    Fixing Bug: system crash after making a game save.

    How to use:
    place it inside the same data folder as of YaoDu.big file. add ""-mod yaoduMOD.big" and "yaodu??bug????.big" into shortcut link.
    Beware of the naming order, yaoduMOD.big 1st before the bugfix big file.
    ????????MOD?big??????data?????????????big?????"-mod yaoduMOD.big"??",yaodu??bug????.big"????????big???????????

    Well, Enjoy!!!!

    I hope you guys could keep me update!
    I am still unable to play the HW2 and the mod due to HDD storage problem and time constraints.


    why all my chinese character become question mark?!

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    I don't suppose there's any chance of this ever being translated into English? It looks pretty cool and the new race seems to have good capships (which is right up my alley!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeshi View Post
    I don't suppose there's any chance of this ever being translated into English? It looks pretty cool and the new race seems to have good capships (which is right up my alley!)
    Well, according to the Author Development Team, they are low on manpower for Chinese-English translator.

    Pls look at this thread:

    A member in their official mod forum had suggested English mod release, similar to FxMod.

    They are looking for volunteers too... So that they can release it on Moddb.

    Entire archive, concept and background story is based on Chinese/Mandarin Language.
    You needa be fluent in both Chinese/Mandarin and English, preferably be able to speak both to communicate directly with the author.

    Just something extra here....

    The Main In-game Song theme is of ?????SAKIYA=RUMEI Ar TonelicoIII hymmnos concert side.?? 08 - KOKIA - EXEC_COSMOFLIPS-

    Which is a great game sound track of Ar Tonelico series 3.

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    Sorry for kinda necro-ing this thread. I left a message on the Yaodu forum using the link ecststory provided above about trying to translate some of this mod into English. Will keep everyone posted!


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    Can someone PLEASE host this mod on ModDB for the author? This is the BEST mod I have ever seen so far. Can someone upload this to ModDB please? I would really appreciate it. (I can't read the words on the 115 page).

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    @Imsmi1: I successfully d/l the mod today using the 3 RAR links hosted by MediaFire in post #24 above:


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    Which one would I download? Part 1, 2, or part 3?

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    All three. Part 1 is only part of the whole. Same goes for parts 2 and 3.

    Homeworld 1 Remastered (ModDB link)
    CFHodEd (newest version,

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    Are they all just 3 BIG files? If so, would I just add three command lines to the homeworld 2 shortcut that read "-mod <mod name>"?

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    How will I load all the BIG files into one game session then?

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    1) Download WinRAR.
    2) Download Parts 1, 2, and 3.
    3) Right click on Part1.rar and click on "Extract".
    4) Select the location you would like the mod to be located.
    5) Sing the alphabet song as loud as you can over and over until the extraction process is complete.
    6) Now that you've made a fool of yourself singing the alphabet song as loud as you can, you can now enjoy the mod.

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    Superbike Enthusiast lmsmi1's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Karos Graveyard
    OK, seriously? I just extract the mod and thats it? I don't have to make a shortcut or anything? I just magically play it? lol What would I add to the shortcut line? I'm thinking that I would rename all 3 BIG files as YaoDuMOD1.big YaoDuMOD2.big and YaoDuMOD3.big, then I would add -mod YaoDuMOD1 -mod YaoDuMOD2 -mod YaoDuMOD3 to the shortcut line. Is this the proper way?

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    Ok, let's try this a fourth time.

    The .rar is split into three parts. That's what the "part1", "part2", and "part3" mean.

    Shortcut line is as follows: Homeworld2.exe -mod yaoduMOD.big

    Last edited by ajlsunrise; 12th Sep 11 at 8:22 PM. Reason: edit

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    Superbike Enthusiast lmsmi1's Avatar
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    Thanks for explaining it AGAIN. I get it now. Thanks ajl. By the way, is anyone planning to translate this mod?

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    @ajlsunrise: Good Heavens, thanks for going through that! I assumed, wrongly it seems, that the whole RAR "parts" thing was old hat to most folks on the boards.

    @lmsmi1: Anyway, hope you have been able to get some playing in on the Mod. It is definitely a bit challenging playing in Chinese, and my Mandarin generally doesn't include things like "battlecruiser" and whatnot! Game play is pretty intense, and some of the ships are crazy-powerful.

    As I said, I posted on their website to the "translation" thread, but haven't heard much yet.
    Last edited by Duke of Shao; 19th Sep 11 at 2:08 PM. Reason: added reply

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    New version of the mod.

    I tried to download but i have not broadband to manage this. Someone can load to another host please?
    Last edited by dandileon74; 21st Jan 12 at 11:38 AM. Reason: correct

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    I agree. Someplease download and rehost on rapidshare or better mediafire.

  44. #44
    I too would like to explore this one.
    Maybe they can just use google translator and leave it at that.

    Sail your ship as part of a fleet. Devs previously worked on: Darthmod, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks, RaceRoom, IL2-Sturmovik, Metro, STALKER and many other great games..

  45. #45
    Well, uh, downloaded it only to see it's the same version that's been up on Moddb for months. -_-

    Just get it from there.

  46. #46
    Had a go and its very impressive. But I have no idea what anything does. The AI even on easy seems to pump out battlecruisers right away.

  47. #47
    where are the files I need to look at translating? I do not speak chinese but was thinking that perhaps I could translate at least the names somehow.
    Obviously its in the .big and we are not allowed to extract it? Its a mod obviously so the maker has no rights, but we must respect their wishes.

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    just checking out the YaoDu mod official website.
    New version is in closed-beta testing.
    The author had redesigned his website and erased all linking to the mod download. I guess u will have to rely on to get the mod.
    Also new release info of the latest ship models and conceptual picture and some in-game .gif & .jpg pictures.
    well, if u guys still love this mod juz go check it out~ <---change the numbering from 1 to 18 <--some action~


    i personally found this picture nice~ <---China Video website, 5 mins plus in game video laced with Macross Frontier song.

    official website forum:

  49. #49
    The newest version came out recently; I uploaded it onto Filefront:

  50. #50
    Mordja... any English translation yet?

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